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Expert Insights’ technical review of Libraesva Email Security Gateway.

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By Craig MacAlpine
Updated Jan 31, 2024

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Libraesva Email Security Gateway is a strong solution for medium and large enterprises or educational clients looking for cost-effective protection against email threats, with high levels of customization.

  • Libraesva ESG is highly flexible, both in terms of configuration to suit a variety of environments, and in terms of customizing its powerful feature set—ideal for technical enterprise support teams.

  • This is a strong service, but lacks the brand awareness of competitor email security services.


Libraesva Email Security Gateway supports both inbound and outbound protection, with configurable data loss prevention policies, a phishing domain blacklist and a Whaling Protection List toprevent more sophisticated social engineering attacks as well as spam and graymail. The remediation feature also removes phishing emails from user inboxes if identified. post-delivery.

The platform also offers in-built antivirus scanning and URL and attachment scanning.

End users are informed of blocked emails via a quarantine digest and can release emails themselves or request that an admin release them, depending on their access permissions.

Admins can easily search logs with support for saved searches and wildcarding, as well as instantly generate reports based on a wide variety of metrics, including top senders/sending domains, hits on spam rules, and Mail Transport Agent (MTA) statistics.

Finally, Libraesva ESG offers an Outlook plugin, support for two-factor authentication, and mobile app support for iOS and Android devices.


Libraesva has recently updated it's entire management interface, providing some impressive improvements to usability. The UI has has been comprehensively modernized, making the platform easier to navigate. Libraesva's admin portal is now condensed into one easy-to-use, well designed dashboard.

The Search UI on Libraesva has been improved significantly, allowing for easier log searching while keeping more in-depth search options available to use. Additional conditions can be added with the click of a button, and it’s possible to filter based on highly specific criteria such as delivery information, spam score, and more.

Another helpful feature available in Libraesva is the ability to remediate emails post-delivery as well. This functionality can be deployed to O365, Google Workspace, Exchange, and Zimbra by creating a special connector. Administrators can choose if they would like any recalled emails to be sent to the recipient’s recycle bin, moved to their spam folder, or permanently deleted.

Most of the system’s features have been moved or adjusted slightly to improve ease-of-use, but still work similarly to the old version. For instance, if configuring DLP or content-filtering policies in Libraesva, Regex still needs to be used to construct these.

Overall, Libraesva offers a wide range of powerful features with granular configuration options and in-depth reporting. Due to the sheer quantity and specificity of options that can be configured, this is a technical platform designed for skilled administrators.


Libraesva ESG comes with some data loss prevention policies set up by default and admins can build further DLP rules through regular expressions. ESG’s blacklist of phishing sites and domains is updated hourly, and its Whaling Protection List enables admins to add further impersonation checks to emails sent to or from high-value users.

The search and reporting capabilities are strong and relatively easy to navigate via the platform’s web-based console, and reports can be exported to PDF and shared via email.

The platform includes ClamAV antivirus scanning by default, and Avira and BitDefender are available as optional add-ons for additional virus scanning.

The ESG itself doesn’t contain a direct link to support documentation; the Support hyperlink at the bottom of each page directs users to their own domain. The documentation hosted on Libraesva’s website contains a knowledge base, how-to guides, and downloads to upgrades and utilities—but only for version 4.0, with no information on the new features offered in version 5.0.

ES5 Dashboard

ES5 Dashboard

ES5 Message Info

ES5 Message Info

Ease Of Management

Libraesva ESG takes around one hour to deploy whilst on a call with a Libraesva engineer. The same goes for deploying many domains at once.

The solution offers lots of granular configurability. This can be difficult to navigate but, once configured, the solution requires little maintenance. For Microsoft Office 365 users, Outbound mail is routed through Office 365 before being sent, meaning that DKIM and domain reputation aren’t affected.

From the web-based console, admins can customize most aspects of the ESG, including status, appliance, mail transport, content analysis, authentication and integrations. Integrations are straightforward to set up, with LDAP support and support for both IMAP and POP3 for authentication. However, some customization options are difficult to find due to the number of options available.

The user access control policies and end user self-service options allow users to control their own message logs, white and blacklists, and quarantine digest report delivery.

Best Suited For:

Libraesva Email Security Gateway is a sophisticated product for an admin with lots of technical knowledge. Though the platform can be difficult to navigate, the levels of customization and analysis that it provides are impressive.

Organizations can deploy many domains at once, and Libraesva offers support for hosting your tenant in their cloud or your own cloud, as well as support for clustered and multi-tenant environments, and for email hosting companies such as Office 365 and Google Workspace.

This flexibility, along with the platform’s deep level of configurability, makes Libraesva ESG a strong, cost-effective email security solution for large organizations with technically knowledgeable security staff that they can dedicate to the solution’s management.

ES5 Quarantine Report

ES5 Quarantine Report

Final Verdict

Libraesva Email Security Gateway is a strong solution for medium and large enterprises or educational clients looking for cost-effective protection against email threats, with high levels of customization.

The platform offers a wide range of powerful features, highly granular search functionality and effective end user permissioning that enables admins to control how much influence end users have over their own email.

The ESG’s main drawbacks are its lack of documentation for the latest version, and its difficulty to navigate—but for a large organization with plenty of technical resource, this shouldn’t detract from the powerful protection Libraesva ESG offers.

CEO and Founder, Expert Insights

Craig MacAlpine is CEO and founder of Expert Insights. Before founding Expert Insights in August 2018, Craig spent 10 years as CEO of EPA cloud, an email security provider acquired by Ziff Davies, formerly J2Global (NASQAQ: ZD) in 2013, which has now been rebranded as VIPRE Email Security. Craig has extensive experience in the email security industry, with 20+ years of experience helping organizations to stay secure with innovative information security and cyber security solutions. Craig delivers these insights to readers with detailed product reviews, comparisons and buyers’ guides.

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