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Redflags™ Real-Time Security Awareness

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Redflags™ Real-Time Security Awareness Overview

Redflags™ is an award winning security awareness software service;applying behavioural and learning science to deliver ongoing, context-aware and real-time security awareness at points of risk. In short, Redflags™ reaches the parts other awareness simply cannot reach, allowing you to target awareness at specific behaviours.

Redflags allows our customers to: manage operational risk from cyber-attacks targeting staff; drive secure behaviours; keep security 'front of mind'; measure engagement; meet compliance goals; keep content refreshed and relevant, rapidly delivering up to date and topical content. All this whilst still allowing staff to get on with delivering your business goals.

Real-time triggers include interaction with emails links, websites, USBs, applications. For example clicking a link from an unknown sender, adding an attachment to an email, visiting social media. Interventions support the creation of campaigns to educate and steer secure behaviours.

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Security Awareness Training

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London, UK

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