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Why Trust Expert Insights?

Expert Insights reviews are always impartial. Our editorial content team and technical experts never allow anyone to influence our opinions, rankings or scoring of software solutions. The data we collect, our editorial expertise and customer feedback determine our rankings and product scores; not our partnerships with software vendors.

When we research and review a product we do so fully independently, with the needs of the end-user front and center in our mind. We endeavour to explore solutions from every angle and consider the needs of each customer when we’re evaluating solutions. You can find out more about how Expert Insights conducts research and reviews products here: About Expert Insights’ Scoring.

All opinions presented on this site are those of our editors and writers with full editorial integrity.

Advertiser Disclosure

Our goal at Expert Insights is to become a trusted resource for organizations and businesses around the world to research and compare cybersecurity solutions. As part of this goal, we want to be open and transparent about when and how we work with software vendors, and which vendors we have a commercial relationship with.

Expert Insights is free for all readers because when vendors receive web traffic and sales opportunities from our website, we may receive compensation from them. Our buyers’ guides and review pages list the top software vendors – not just those that pay us – but the ranking and ordering of these products may sometimes reflect vendors from which we receive compensation. However, all review content, scores, and our editorial content (aside from designated sponsored editorial blog/reports articles, which are always clearly marked as being sponsored) is completely and fully independent from software vendors.

Sometimes we designate certain solutions as ”Top Products”.  The designation “Top Products” means the entities in this section have compensated Expert Insights for placement. We may receive compensation when users click through affiliate links or visit landing pages from these products.

We also offer sponsored editorial content to vendors, meaning they commission us to write articles covering their products or services. Expert Insights retains full editorial control of these articles, and any analysis or content included within them reflects our honest opinion. These articles are always clearly marked as sponsored. Our interview articles with industry experts are not sponsored, and fully reflect the integrous work of our independent editorial content team.

Working with software vendors allows us to continue to grow our editorial team so that we can create industry reviews and analyses to help you compare solutions and make the right purchasing decisions for your organization.

By using Expert Insights in any capacity, you are hereby consenting to our advertiser disclosure.