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The Top 11 Alternatives To KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Looking for an alternative to KnowBe4 security awareness training? We’ll take you through its top competitors.

The Top 11 Alternatives To KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training include:

KnowBe4 is one of the most well-known Security Awareness Training (SAT) vendors on the market. The company delivers effective and engaging training modules that grant admins insights and statistics into pass rates. This gives admins a clear understanding of how effective the training is and how robust their human line of defense is. KnowBe4, however, is not the only effective SAT vendor on the market.

Before you decide to invest in a training solution, it is worth considering all the options available to you. Every organization will have specific vulnerabilities and requirements that they need the SAT solution to address, so the ideal solution for one organization might not necessarily be the right one for yours.  Before selecting a solution, you should identify the benefits that you want from the platform; it may be that you need training modules that focus on phishing identification and response, financial crime, or data protection. Some platforms will offer a broad range of modules, whilst others will focus on a specific topic or vulnerability.

When considering an SAT solution, there are a few features that you should look for: The platform should have effective reporting capabilities; admins should be kept abreast of user progress, allowing them to identify employees who may require further training; and admins should be able to deploy and schedule phishing simulations to test how employees respond in real world scenarios. Those who fail the training can be asked to repeat modules or to complete more training. Some solutions also utilize behavioral science to drive real, organization-wide change and keep your network safe.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top alternatives to KnowBe4. In each case, we’ll highlight the key features, and elements that make them stand out from their peers. We will also offer a recommendation as to the type of organization that would be best suited to each solution.

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SafeTitan Logo

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training is developed by TitanHQ, a leading vendor that specializes in email and web-based security, as well as data archiving. SafeTitan Security Awareness Training is a behavioral-driven SAT platform that engages users through relevant and interactive content. The modules and content are customizable, allowing organizations to tailor content to match their needs.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training has a large library of training courses, videos, quizzes, and gamified content that can be used to build training courses. This content can be customized to fit specific organizational use cases. The expansive library also houses phishing simulation templates, allowing admins to deploy realistic and plausible phishing attacks. Any user who fails to respond appropriately to one of these simulations can be enrolled on further courses.

One feature where SafeTitan Security Awareness Training really stands out is its real-time intervention training. The platform constantly monitors a user’s behavior and flags (in real-time) any instances where they exhibit risky behavior. As well as informing admins of this behavior, the solution can warn the user of the action they’ve taken, as well as assigning them relevant training modules. This ensures that risky behavior can be addressed before it leads to a breach.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training is best suited to medium to large enterprises in need of a powerful platform that can provide users with relevant, engaging content, with the added benefit of real-time intervention training. This platform is also suitable for MSPs looking for a robust and reliable solution.

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Hook Security Logo

Hook Security is an innovative SAT provider that uses psychological and behavioral science to enact genuine change across users in response to the training. The platform provides simulated phishing campaigns and ongoing awareness training, alongside high-quality, engaging training content. As employees complete the training, they are given a risk score that they can improve over time. This helps both employees and organizations overall understand their risk profile and the threats they face.

Hook’s library of training courses is continuously updated to ensure that organizations and employees can be exposed to prescient and relevant threats. All the while, Hook ensures that their content is focused on humour and repetition; this way, users can easily engage with the content. Admins are kept up to date with robust reporting on user behavior and improvements over time. These metrics can be delivered to SOCs and integrated with dashboards.

Admin can deploy advanced phishing simulations alongside the training modules, which helps admins to monitor the effectiveness of the training and assign further training to more vulnerable users. Admins can also deploy follow up training modules to help continuously improve their cybersecurity risk score. The platform is easy to deploy, with users frequently commenting on the quality of the engaging content and authenticity of phishing simulations. Finally, because Hook’s training content satisfies CMMC, CO11, CO12, and NIST 800 frameworks, the solution is suited to regulated environments with stringent requirements. We would recommend Hook Security SAT for MSPs, and businesses of all sizes in need of an engaging SAT solution that meets a host of compliance requirements.

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ESET is a global provider of cybersecurity solutions and services; their products span endpoint protection, SAT, and MDR services. The company is responsible for protecting over a billion users worldwide. The platform lets users report suspicious emails to ensure that dangerous emails are dealt with appropriately.

ESET’s training modules help users to understand the importance and relevance of adopting specific, secure behaviors, whilst ensuring that users are engaged with gamified quizzes, role-playing, and interactive sessions. This training is reinforced through ongoing phishing simulation testing and refresher courses to ensure that users stay on top of the latest trends and threats.

The modules cover a broad range of security topics including threat overviews, password safety, email protection, web protection, and how to respond to each threat, and ESET ensures that all content is updated regularly. Admins are able to look into the details of individual users, their test scores, and training progress. These metrics are accessed through a user dashboard. This is also where admins can configure and deploy phishing simulations from prebuilt and customizable templates.

The ESET platform helps to ensure that organizations are acting in accordance with compliance standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, NIST, ISO/IEC 27001(2), GDPR, and CCPA. ESET’s platform is easy to set up and configure, allowing admin to smoothly onboard new users. We recommend this solution to organizations of all sizes looking for effective, engaging security awareness training and phishing simulation.

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Proofpoint Logo

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Proofpoint is a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance products, designed to protect users from email, web, cloud, and social media threats. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (formally ThreatSim from Wombat Security, acquired in 2018) is an effective cloud-based training solution that combines phishing simulation testing with modular content, risk scoring, and granular reporting.

Proofpoint’s SAT content is designed to be engaging, memorable, and fun. The platform is designed to prepare users to identify and respond to all manner of cyberthreats, including targeted spear phishing attacks. One of the main ways that this is achieved is through the platform’s ThreatSim feature – this trains user’s on how to respond to email, USB, and SMS-based phishing threats. This feature really sets the platform apart from other solutions, which tend to focus exclusively on email-based threats.

Users can use Proofpoint’s PhishAlarm button (available as an email plugin) to report suspicious emails. When admin set up and configure phishing simulations, they can choose from a library of over 700 real-world templates. Admins also have the ability to produce Very Attacked People (VAP) reports, highlighting the most targeted and at-risk users.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a good alternative to KnowBe4 due to its effective content and user-friendly reporting capabilities. It is particularly suitable for SMBs looking to provide comprehensive training (including email, USB, and SMS-based) through engaging and fun content. We would also recommend this solution to organizations already using Proofpoint’s email security tools.

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Barracuda Logo

Barracuda is a leading email and network security vendor that focuses on providing multi-layered security solutions for enterprises. Barracuda Security Awareness Training delivers training content, phishing simulations, and admin reporting capabilities. Barracuda promotes continuous training through releasing monthly ClickThinking content bundles – these contain relevant infographics, posters, and supplementary training campaigns to keep on top of training and compliance.

With Barracuda Security Awareness Training, admins can create custom training plans from scratch or use the inbuilt templates and Quick Launch tool to set up a campaign in minutes. Admins can also deploy simulated phishing emails, as well as SMS messages, voicemails, and physical-based (USB and SD card) phishing simulations. Advanced threat simulation features such as time-stamping, phone home macros, geolocation, and more help make each scenario unique and effective, while their Content Center Marketplace serves as a hub for browsing, selecting, and importing the most relevant content for evolving security campaigns. The solution comes with a dedicated email plugin that allows users to report phishing emails, and gathers information in granular detail that enables admins to monitor how users respond to phishing attacks so training plans can be adjusted as needed.

The Barracuda platform leverages threat intelligence and real-world phishing examples to provide effective, tailored training that improves an organization’s threat response and outcomes. Barracuda Security Awareness Training can be bought as a stand-alone solution or as part of Barracuda’s complete Email Protection stack. We would recommend Barracuda Security Awareness Training for organizations of all sizes that need a responsive and granular SAT solution.

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Cofense Logo

Cofense PhishMe is a phishing awareness training and simulation platform that trains users to identify instances of social engineering and respond appropriately. The solution is a SaaS platform that immerses user in real life examples to ensure the training is as effective as possible. Admins have the power to adapt and customize real world examples across a range of threats including BEC and phishing.

With PhishMe, admins can configure and schedule a phishing training plan and follow ups 12 months in advance. These courses can be built and customized through using a library with over 1,500 industry-specific phishing email templates, landing pages, attachments, and AI-based recommendations. The platform also delivers an email plugin – Cofense Reporter – which allows users to report suspicious emails so that admin can track campaign success. Cofense PhishMe is ready to go with education modules on all key topics, including social engineering, password hygiene, data protection, and physical security, as well as a SMiShing (SMS phishing) simulator.

The platform also provides the extensive, granular reporting capabilities that you would expect from an effective solution. Admins can track user progress through the course and then modify the training program accordingly. We would recommend Cofense PhishMe for organizations of all sizes looking for a powerful phishing training and simulation solution that is kept up to date with relevant content. The solution also integrates with Cofense’s other phishing detection and response products.

Cofense Logo
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Infosec Logo

Infosec is a Wisconsin-based cybersecurity vendor that has worked with over 70% of the Fortune 500. Infosec IQ is their awareness training and phishing simulation tool that delivers relevant, engaging, and personalized training to help users stay safe at home and in the workplace. Infosec IQ houses an extensive library of training resources that are updates weekly, including dozens of industry and compliance-based training modules and role-based training resources that deliver fresh, relevant training to employees in a range of styles and tones. Admins can select from pre-built training plans or create their own, ensuring that it meets their organization’s unique needs. Infosec have even developed a training programme for staying safe when using ChatGPT.

When it comes to deploying phishing simulation campaigns, admins can choose from a library of over 1,000 templates. They can select from pre-built simulation campaigns or create a custom campaign to run automatically. Users can install the “PhishNotify” email plugin that allows them to report suspicious emails directly to their IT team for review. Admins are also able to track trends, identify risk groups, and enroll users in further training courses. This can be done at the region, department, or employee level to identify vulnerabilities and top performers. High-risk employees can be automatically enrolled in further training courses.

Automation is an essential aspect of Infosec IQ’s platform, as it integrates with existing employee management and security tools to streamline the security training program. Infosec IQ is an effective and reliable alternative to KnowBe4 and is suitable for organization of all sizes. The platform provides fun, engaging, and memorable training content alongside powerful phishing simulation.

Infosec Logo
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Ninjio Logo

Based in California, NINJIO is a security awareness training provider known for its award-winning, anime-style training videos. Their solutions provide engaging training, personalized testing, and insightful reporting. NINJIO’s SAT offering includes NINJIO AWARE and NINJINO PHISH; NINJIO AWARE is a powerful SAT platform that offers a wealth of bite-sized training content, with access to an extensive library, as well as new content being added each month; NINJIO PHISH is their phishing simulation tool.

NINJIO AWARE uses behavioral science to build effective training programs that truly change user behavior and habits for the better. The platform ingests data from phishing simulations to understand users’ risks and vulnerabilities, then provides a tailored SAT programme. NINJIO AWARE is a highly customizable solution that can be configured to suit your environment and users’ learning style. For example, AWARE Anime uses anime-style characters in the training content, while AWARE Corporate uses a more traditional animation style. Each training video lasts for between 3-4 minutes and is based on a real-life phishing or cybersecurity event.

You can integrate NINJIO PHISH into the NINJIO AWARE platform. This is a phishing simulation and testing service that allows admins to understand how users are responding to the training and assign further modules to anyone who fails phishing simulations. NINJIO PHISH is a managed service, where simulations can be customized and scheduled on an organization’s behalf (or with admin input). Admins have full access into results and statistics to understand organization-wide risks and areas for improvement.

NINJIO is a strong alternative to KnowBe4, especially for midsized and enterprise organizations in need of engaging, entertaining, and memorable training content with phishing simulations as a managed service.

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Sans Logo

SANS Institute Security Awareness provides cybersecurity training courses and certification. Their security awareness products (EndUser Training and Phishing Platform) are designed and developed by a team of security experts. These two solutions, combined, provide a comprehensive and holistic security awareness training course for all types of users.

SANS EndUser Training is designed to educate users of all skill levels on how to improve their cybersecurity hygiene. The platform offers more than 50 modules with content including animation, videos, interactive games, and illustrations. Admins can select a learning style that best supports their users and deploy it across their training modules. Training courses can also be scheduled over a 12-month period, ensuring that users are continually improving their security awareness. Admins can select pre-made templates, across five difficulty levels, thereby streamlining the deployment process.

A data dashboard allows admins to track user progress and adjust the training content, based on SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model, to ensure that it remains effective. They can also monitor progress, identify risky users, and produce C-suite level reports. Overall, SANS Security Awareness is an excellent alternative to KnowBe4 for mid-sized and enterprise organizations, particularly those looking for a high-quality SAT solution with the flexibility to find the right learning style for your users.

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Hoxhunt Logo

Hoxhunt is an awareness training platform designed to identify vulnerable users and modify their behavior to improve security ROI. This is a human risk platform that goes beyond regular security awareness and combines AI, behavioral science, and advanced automation to drive real changes to behavior and create a measurable reduction in overall risk. Hoxhunt used individualized micro training experiences to support employee learning, allowing them to better detect and report advanced attacks.

The platform offers personalized learning paths catered to each user, focusing on measurable behavior change instead of mere awareness. The platform employs a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence to efficiently detect and neutralize sophisticated attacks.

Hoxhunt’s AI Engine adapts the training program based on the user’s location, role, and skill level to create a tailored path for organization-wide resilience. The platform enables security teams and employees to join forces in strengthening an organization’s security posture. By using Hoxhunt, organizations have witnessed increased reporting of real threats, while simultaneously reducing false positives. This reduction has resulted in significant time savings, equating to roughly 900 analyst hours and the workload of five SOC personnel per month. Overall, Hoxhunt is a strong solution that is designed to enhance the protect-detect-respond capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

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CybeReady, founded in 2015 in Santa Clara, California, is a global leader in computer and network security. CybeReady provides a cybersecurity training platform that offers comprehensive employee education on AI-related risks, available in 13 languages.

This platform provides monthly training for every employee in 42 languages, deploying eight times more phishing simulations compared to the industry average. This ensures continuous workforce training while increasing engagement through automatic personalization based on employee roles, locations, and performance. The platform eliminates the need for spreadsheets, giving real-time data monitoring and improvement tracking through its powerful dashboards and reports.

CybeReady is proven to change employee behavior by reducing high-risk groups by 82% and increasing employee resilience scores by five times within months of training. In addition to its robust training features, CybeReady delivers accessibility options for users with support for vision, motor, or cognitive impairments. The platform meets WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance Standards with its customizable accessibility interface, accommodating a wide range of users and promoting a more inclusive cybersecurity training environment.

CybeReady offers a comprehensive solution that is designed to engage employees in cyber security learning more effectively, frequently, and effortlessly than outdated learning methods. We would recommend this solution as particularly well suited to organizations looking to take an adaptive and flexible approach to security training that promises to significantly reduce organizational risk, while requiring minimal IT effort.

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The Top 10 Alternatives To KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training