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Hoxhunt educates employees about cybersecurity threats by sending personalized phishing simulations. You will learn how to react to these threats to protect not only your company’s data, but also your personal data. Hoxhunt sends you personalized emails based on your role and behavior. The emails mimic the latest real-life attacks in the wild. You can see your own performance, and also how your results compare to others. When you report Hoxhunt emails, we’ll engage you in micro training moments to show you how to detect a harmful email, and this helps you to avoid them during and after work. If you see an email that looks suspicious, you can report it with the Hoxhunt plugin. Our system will give you feedback whether it’s a Hoxhunt simulation or an actual malicious email.

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Security Awareness Training

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Helsinki, Finland

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Cloud, On-Premise

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SMB and Enterprise

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