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By Craig MacAlpine
Updated Apr 23, 2024

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ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training (ECAT) is a streamlined and effective security awareness training and phishing simulation solution. A wide range of training modules can be selectively deployed generally or to specific users, as their job role dictates. The modules themselves are short and specific, ensuring that users are not overloaded with information. ESET has focused on creating gamified content; this is interactive content that is fun to engage with. By ensuring the user experience is positive, outcomes are improved. From an admin’s perspective, the solution is easy to configure, with most features being deployed within a few clicks.

  • Engaging, gamified content
  • Extensive library of phishing simulation emails
  • User reputation scoring
  • Adheres to a range of compliance regulation

  • Does not support multiple languages


Engaging Content

The training solution is designed to actually change behavior, rather than let users sit through the content without taking any of it on-board. ESET have made all of their content gamified, meaning that it is interactive and fun. This turns the training from a one-way lecture to an interactive and responsive learning tool.

In each training module, ECAT will explain the context of a scenario and illustrate why certain behaviors are important. By ensuring that users understand the consequences and reasons, they are more likely to change their behavior. Throughout the training course, users can connect the lessons to their own workplaces, environments, and scenarios. By understanding the risks in context, it is much easier for a user to visualize how they would, and how they should, respond.

ESET’s content covers a broad range of topics and operates on several levels. Even the least tech savvy employees can understand the principles and concepts behind cybersecurity awareness training, and the risks that cyberattacks pose.

ESET Training Features

ESET Training Features

Phishing Simulation Tests

Realistic phishing simulations allows admins to assess how effective the training is and identify any users who require further instruction. Through using a database of phishing templates, admins can roll out realistic simulations to ensure that users are making hygienic decisions to keep their organization safe. Customizability is at the heart of this feature, with admin’s having the ability to deploy training courses as they wish, without any limits. They can be prescheduled or rolled-out on demand. This ongoing training and assessments ensure that users are always ready to respond to a phishing attack.

Reputation Scoring

Depending on how well a user does during the SAT quizzes, they will be assigned a reputation score. This indicates how much knowledge a user has picked up, and areas for improvement. Users can see this score and watch as it changes and improves through subsequent quizzes. This score encourages users to perform better and see that score increase. By incorporating a personal score, ESET enhance the gamified aspect of the training. Individual and departmental leader boards can be created, encouraging users to boost their scores and improve their knowledge.

Screenshot Of ESET Training

Screenshot Of ESET Training

Tracking And Reporting

The admin dashboard easily tracks and reports on behavior from lessons and phishing security tests. Any user who fails a test or phishing simulation can automatically be enrolled in a refresher course. This type of automation reduces the admin’s workload, whilst ensuring standards remain high. Admin are given analytics tools to drilldown into trends and identify vulnerabilities. From this dashboard, certificates and LinkedIn badges can be created and awarded to users who complete the training or meet a certain standard.

Compliance Compatibility

ECAT’s high quality training is recognized by several insurers and regulatory bodies across multiple sectors. These compliance bodies include HIPAA, Texas DIR, PCI DSS, SOX, NIST & ISO/IEC 27001(2), GDPR and CCPA. Some insurers will require your employees to undergo security awareness training before they agree to extend cover to your organization. In some cases, having completed this training can reduce the cost of your premiums.

Safeguarding Your Email

Safeguarding Your Email

Ease Of Use

ESET ECAT is an intuitive and user-friendly solution. From an end-user’s perspective the training is clear and easy to engage with. This allows users to get the most out of the modules and improve their cyber hygiene.

From an admin’s perspective, the solution is simple and quick to deploy. It is easy to assign specific modules from a large database to specific users or groups. The dashboard allows admin to create and deploy realistic phishing tests from a database of templates, with the ability to customize these as they see fit. These simulations can be deployed to specific users or groups, and there are no limits as to how many phishing simulations are deployed.

ESET’s licensing model allows you to reassign ECAT accounts to new users if an employee is offboarded. This gives admins flexibility and ensure that organizations get value for money.

Pricing And Plans

ESET offer a free cybersecurity awareness training plan that lasts approximately 60 minutes. This plan does not have all the features of their Premium plan.

The Premium plan includes gamified content, phishing simulation tests, certification, and analytics dashboard. This plan starts at $250/10 users, with discounts for plans with more users.

Final Verdict

ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training is an effective and flexible solution that can improve employee behaviors and satisfy regulatory or insurance requirements. ECAT is efficient and intuitive to set up from an admin’s perspective, with a granular control and customizable content. Each step of the journey is designed to be as simple and quick as possible – employee emails can be efficiently imported as a CVS file, while training courses and phishing simulations can be deployed within a few clicks.

The solution is easy for users to engage with and, therefore, learn from. The engaging, gamified content makes the experience enjoyable and memorable, resulting in more effective training. Modules are short and focused, ensuring that fatigue does not set in, and that admin can set specific modules to users who need them.

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