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Top 10 Security Awareness Content And Development Solutions

Discover the best Security Awareness Content And Development to protect your employees.

The Top 10 Security Awareness Content And Development Solutions Include:
  • 1. Hoxhunt
  • 2. Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness
  • 3. AwareGo
  • 4. Curricula
  • 5. Cybermaniacs
  • 6. Infosec IQ
  • 7. KnowBe4
  • 8. NINJIO
  • 9. SANS Institute
  • 10. TitanHQ SafeTitan

Security awareness training is a valuable tool for sharpening your employees’ defenses and creating a company-wide culture of security. When research suggests human error is involved in 90% to 95% of all security breaches, your first line of defense should be to reduce the window for error as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in educating your employees and boosting cyber awareness, which can be achieved by using a robust security awareness content and development solution.  

There are a range of security awareness content and development solutions available, each with their own strengths and priorities when it comes to improving cyber security awareness. Many value strong engagement with the content, and aim to achieve this by keeping their training content fun, interactive and digestible. Others prioritize customizability and flexibility, so that employees can boost cyber awareness and better protect themselves without becoming overburdened by the task of learning. The right solution for your organization will be the one with the content and approach best suited to the workforce whose cyber security awareness you are looking to nurture and grow. 

To help you find the right solution, Expert Insights has identified some of the top security awareness content and development solutions. We’ll take you through their features, their functionality, and our recommendations for who these solutions are best suited to. 

Hoxhunt Logo

Hoxhunt is a security awareness training provider that specializes in phishing training and simulations. The platform’s main focus is fostering positive behavior changes amongst end users, which it achieves by delivering engaging, interactive training that teaches users how to identify and respond to cyberthreats.

One of Hoxhunt’s standout features is its ability to deliver personalized, behavior-based training to each user. The platform’s AI engine assesses each user’s skill level based on responses to previous trainings and simulations, then delivers interactive, bite-sized training content based around the areas in which they need the most support. This not only boosts engagement, but also ensures users are continuously improving the right skills for them. Organizations can also customize their own security awareness content and coordinate their own phishing campaigns if needed.

The platform also offers an element of gamification; users are rewarded with stars and badges for completing training and successfully reporting phishing emails. They can then track their progress against their peers on a company-wide leaderboard, which introduces and element of competition and encourages users to engage with the training.

In addition to training content, Hoxhunt offers phishing simulations via email and MS Teams, which can be customized for each user depending on their role, skill level, geolocation, and language (with support for over 30 languages). Admins can track phishing performance for every user, with insights into which users have reported the email, which topics users are struggling with, and how well the organization is performing compared to other organizations.

Hoxhunt’s security awareness training platform is straightforward to deploy, thanks to its native integrations with email clients and third-party email security products. Overall, thanks to its highly-personalized training content and simulations, we recommend Hoxhunt as an effective, engaging training platform for organizations of any size, and particularly those that want to train their users to identify sophisticated phishing threats.

Arctic Wolf Logo

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness is a security awareness training solution that aims to provide actionable guidance as well as a strategy to establish and develop your employees’ cyber security knowledge. Arctic Wolf acquired Habitu8 in 2021 and integrated their unique, content into their platform, so users of Managed Security Awareness Plus can benefit from their award-winning training which takes a Hollywood-style approach. Arctic Wolf takes a “no-shame” approach to their training by educating employees without tricking them.

The microlearning strategy that Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness offers includes multiple monthly touchpoints designed to develop security awareness, keep security at the top of users’ minds, and lead to lasting changes in behavior. The microlearning sessions feature interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes, and the phishing simulations provide interactive lessons with integrated follow-ups, with educational content that covers current threat vectors. Arctic Wolf’s method of education aims to replace the boring training programs out there with a friction-free experience that is quick, easy to manage, and gives users updates on their progress via monthly report cards.

They cover a vast range of threat topics and can deliver compliance training alongside their security awareness training, with courses for HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and more. Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness is a good option for organizations looking to replace the dull, uninteresting content on the market with something more engaging, digestible and effective. Arctic Wolf’s training is a strong option for organizations looking to better inform and prepare their employees, as well as organizations who do not have the in-house resources to manage their SAT without the help of a provider.

AwareGo Logo

AwareGo is a well-rated security awareness training content solutions provider which has, to date, been used to train over 8 million employees around the world. Their content is built on the philosophy that the best way to ensure effective learning is through short, story-driven, humorous content, that mimics the style of a marketing campaign. AwareGo provides one solution aimed at small and medium sized businesses, and another targeted towards enterprise customers, with content specifically tailored for this market.

AwareGo employs tools and techniques from the advertising world to make their story-driven video content easier to focus on and absorb. Their training programs cater to different industries and situations – covering new employee training, targeted phishing, passwords, spyware, Wi-Fi, working from home, for finance, healthcare, insurance and more – and have been developed by industry experts. AwareGo offers GDPR compliance training which meets ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS standards, straightforward LMS integration, multiple language training videos, monthly installments of two new training videos, and useful analytics such as user progress tracking. All AwareGo content is available in English (UK and US), French, German, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. Each video has a voice over, so videos can easily be translated into any language, making AwareGo well-suited to provide cybersecurity training to European companies.

AwareGo is a strong choice for companies looking for high-quality, easy-to-consume content, with a focus on how and why certain actions should be taken to rectify a problem, as well as an awareness of the problems that could occur. Customer reviews are largely positive, although there are some who express a desire for more reporting capabilities from the administrative side. Customers appreciate how simple it is to set up and use, and the ease with which admins can customize learning paths for their content library, which is managed via a drag-and-drop editor. We would recommend AwareGo for organizations looking for short, snappy video content, split up with quizzes that can fit around user needs.


Curricula, which was aquired by Huntress in July of 2022, takes a behavioral science approach to user training and uses well-crafted narratives involving heroes, villains, story arcs, easter eggs, design, music and more to retain your employees’ attention and make absorbing the information easier. They help organizations of all sizes run cyber security awareness and online training programs with relatable content and an integrated phishing simulator. These work together to train users to remain safe against real-world social engineering attacks (delivered through the villainous AI hacker character “DeeDee”). Curricula covers a range of important topics including phishing, passwords, ransomware, information security, removable media and social engineering, while adhering to the idea that training should be fun and not treated like a compliance chore.

Using short memorable stories in their security awareness content, Curricula works to improve an organization’s culture of security and build a trusted partnership with the employees who will become the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. Their security awareness content library hosts a variety of training content, each one incorporating storytelling elements. Curricula also offers simulated phishing tests, assignments, compliance reports, automatic notifications and reminders, phishing reporting, customization, and simple license management. In addition, Curricula gamifies the whole training experience by rewarding employees who spot DeeDee’s phishing emails and report them using the integrated phishing report service.

Curricula operates on the understanding that boring security awareness training will always fall short of achieving real changes and that the best way to level-up your employees’ security skills is through behavioral science, as our minds absorb stories far more effectively than dry information. Curricula is designed to be easy to manage, automatically syncing employee data for a quick and simple setup process. Curricula is a good option for CISOs, IT directors and infosec management looking for engaging and up-to-date awareness training content.


Cybermaniacs offers organizations a way to achieve accelerated and lasting outcomes through an interactive learning experience. They take a unique approach to security awareness, using puppets as well as human actors in their training content, which aims to build stronger cyber-habits and digital skills for all members of your organization. Cybermaniacs’ security awareness solution blends engaging course content, behavior nudging, and autonomous learning. Their cloud-based platform delivers a regularly-updated learning experience that is secure, scalable, and easily integrated with any modern organization’s system needs.

Cybermaniacs’ security awareness solution works to solve a variety of corporate use cases, including defense against cybercrime and insider threats, and compliance with regulatory requirements. They consider traditional eLearning experiences to be outdated and ineffective, instead opting for a continuous micro learning approach using videos, graphics, tools and guides, which are continually reviewed and refreshed. Training content includes topics such as data and information, device usage, technology, and policy adherence. Cybermaniacs have a standard offering that is easy to deploy and roll out for small to midsize companies, and an enterprise offering which can be configured, scaled, and molded to the unique needs of an organization, with additional reporting tools for larger organizations.

Since Cybermaniacs’ security awareness content is heavily based on humor and innovation, their training remains up to date – not only in the sense that it covers the latest cyber threats, but also in its research into the most effective ways to help people learn, understand what they learned, and know why this knowledge is important. We would recommend Cybermaniacs for growing SMBs who could benefit from the scalable potential of a cloud-based solution, as well as any organizations who are looking for a continuous training awareness program which focuses on engagement, rather than a once-a-year tick a box compliance exercise.

Infosec Logo

Infosec IQ’s security awareness training content is designed to capture employees’ attention, create lasting behavioral changes, keep in line with compliance requirements, and reinforce secure habits to ensure good cyber-safety at work and home. With more than 2,000 awareness and training resources available, employees have access to a variety of materials to help them to detect, report and protect themselves and the company against cyberthreats. Every aspect of the platform can be personalized and customized to suit the individual needs of any organization. The Infosec IQ training solution features training content in more than 34 languages, making it suitable for any workforce, regardless of their language or location. Employees can also localize their dashboard, assessments, training modules and more.

Infosec IQ gives you the option to choose a gamified style of education or, if better suited to your company culture, a more traditional computer-based training style. The programs provides a range of learning materials including training modules, infographics, posters, email templates, presentations and more, allowing you to layer your communication and keep the ongoing security awareness training consistent. Infosec IQ also includes education that is industry-specific and carefully adheres to mandatory compliance regulations. This makes meeting compliance requirements simple, so the focus can stay on employees’ training efforts. Infosec IQ’s security awareness training also allows organizations to tailor their training to their own security policy or to address cyber security threats that are unique to them, as nearly every training resource they offer is customizable. Rather than present a one-size-fits-all solution, Infosec IQ enables you to automatically deliver tailored training to suit each individual employee’s role and security aptitude, which can then be reviewed by learners from a personalized dashboard.

Infosec IQ’s security awareness training solution is a good option for organizations with a need for flexibility and customizability and is especially useful for companies who have employees stationed in a range of locations worldwide. Their training content is rated highly by users, particularly for the volume and variety of their training content and good customer service. Although, some small tweaks, like simplifying the dashboard or improvements to website navigation have been requested. We recommend Infosec IQ for organizations looking for interesting, easy-to-customize content that works to create lasting changes to employee behavior and strengthen security awareness across the board.

KnowBe4 Logo

KnowBe4 – named a leader in the 2021 Forrester Wave for Security Awareness and Training Solutions – is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. The platform is easy to use and built to scale for IT professionals who are stretched thin. Using KnowBe4 Assessments, organizations can gain an insight into their employees’ security awareness proficiency and measure their overall security culture posture. These assessments are science-based and enable you to address vulnerabilities in your defense against cyberthreats, as well as monitor the program’s impact on employee development.

KnowBe4 makes use of engaging content such as interactive modules, games, videos, posters and newsletters in their security awareness training. They have three Training Access Levels, which provide users with access to their extensive content library – over 1,000 items strong – based on their level of subscription. Each of the three levels comes with unlimited access to their phishing features and there are no artificial license ceilings. KnowBe4’s training content is engaging, liked by users and, according to customers, achieves high rates of success. With reports and analytics, it’s easy to collect data on the impact of the security training on your organization’s defenses, while the straightforward user management with Active Directory integration lets you track the progress your employees are making with the training. Users of KnowBe4’s security awareness training are introduced to social engineering attacks in all their different forms, including phishing emails, voice and text, or instant messaging.

KnowBe4’s platform is a good choice for organizations of any size due to its tiered training model that allows you to tailor the program to your organization’s individual needs. Their security awareness and training solution is particularly praised by customers for its flexibility, impressive catalog of content and the steady improvements it makes to employees’ security awareness. We recommend KnowBe4 to organizations who need a flexible solution to improve their employees’ security knowledge, prevent phishing attacks and strengthen their culture of security overall.

Ninjio Logo

NINJIO is a highly rated security awareness company that offers a training program designed to do more than simply check boxes. NINJIO educates users on cybersecurity, breaches, and easily-avoidable threats using Hollywood-style storytelling – which aims to engage users and alter their behavior through emotionally connected content. NINJIO has leveraged the writing talents of leading content creators, including an animation expert and an award-winning creative director/designer, to help organizations promote a security awareness mindset throughout their workforce.

NINJIO provides 3- to 4-minute-long micro-learning episodes, updated each month, which cover the latest breaches and threats. These episodes are delivered alongside a quiz that tests how well employees have retained the information. For busy executives in need of learning they can complete quickly, they also offer NINJIO NANO, which provides condensed, one-and-a-half minute versions of the content. They aim to engage with users on an emotional level, while capitalizing on how the human mind finds narratives so much more graspable than dry recitations. NINJIO’s content is also rooted in realism, with each episode centered around a significant breach suffered by a real company. The content can be viewed on any device and can be streamed or downloaded, so users can enjoy flexibility in their learning. NINJIO also encourages engagement through gamification, with a leaderboard that displays points, as well as features employees who are quickly completing episodes and passing quizzes first time.

NINJIO operates on the philosophy that dull security awareness content is ineffective and that the best way to build a strong defense against the ever-evolving threats of today is to focus on changing users’ behaviors. NINJIO is popular with companies in service industries, and their content is also licensed by other security awareness training providers – demonstrating its popularity in the market. Customers rate the service highly for its popularity with employees and its up-to-date information, as well as engaging and digestible the content. We recommend NINJIO for businesses looking for high quality, engaging cyber awareness training content.

SANS Institute Logo

SANS Institute’s security awareness and end-user training is designed to provide employees – no matter their level of knowledge – with the education necessary for them to strengthen their organizations’ defense against cyber threats. More than 165,000 IT security professionals worldwide use SANS’ training, which targets relevant threats, educates employees on key security concepts, and works around your organizations’ corporate culture. SANS’ approach to security awareness is content focussed, as well as built around multi-step learning paths that are digestible, engaging, and cover a variety of cybersecurity topics, including anti-phishing awareness. Their video content is available in 31 languages, making it highly accessible.

SANS’ video and quiz-based training content follows a learning path which includes customizable simulation campaigns and manages to zero in on different target groups within your organization through a tiered campaign structure. All the relevant security issues facing organizations today are covered in the training content, paired with the latest templates and tactics created by experts. SANS boasts an extensive library of phishing content that is continuously expanding to match ever-evolving threats, and their campaigns are customizable. Their administration and reporting are also customizable, enabling you to receive valuable data from the same platform used for your security awareness training. Users can translate campaigns in the phishing platform to reach all members of the organization and, with the integrated phishing simulation training, reinforce the value of strong security awareness and defense against phishing attacks.

SANS is a good option for organizations looking to update their security awareness efforts with a training platform which leverages a wealth of industry experience to provides engaging, customizable and highly accessible training content. They provide organizations with industry-specific training alongside addressing the core human behavior risk topics. We would recommend SANS to any organization that is looking to take a comprehensive, data-driven approach to security awareness and is interested in video-based awareness training.

SafeTitan Logo

TitanHQ acquired Cyber Risk Aware in early 2022, an acquisition that led to the launch of SafeTitan, their security behavior awareness and training solution. TitanHQ SafeTitan is a cybersecurity awareness training and phishing simulation which delivers training in real-time, providing users with a hands-on experience that aims to help businesses meet compliance obligations and improve employee awareness of cyber threats.

SafeTitan blends modern training techniques with real-time analytics to build a strong defense against cyber threats and mitigate human error. Features of SafeTitan’s security awareness training include international data protection and GDPR training, assessments to test users post-training, and Azure’s user-friendly Phish Maestro platform, which incorporates simulation and analysis. Their training is gamified, highly interactive, accessible via a browser and is also SCORM compliant and LMS compatible. They also offer useful risk and compliance reporting, which includes a phish risk analysis report, as well as compromised email reports which identify exposed accounts and provide a summary report. Their PhishUK Alert Button lets users report suspected phishing emails from their inbox, and users get unlimited use of all their training materials.

TitanHQ SafeTitan strive to help business form a “human firewall” through active human error and phishing mitigation, thereby rapidly reducing the risk of a successful cyber security breach. There are two tiers available – Enterprise for organizations needing basic training, and Platinum for those looking for a more comprehensive solution. SafeTitan are rated highly for their customer experience and product capabilities, with customers praising the ease of use and real-time training. We recommend this product for companies looking for a high-quality security awareness training solution that offers a more hands-on experience.

Top 10 Security Awareness Content And Development Solutions