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The Top 11 Endpoint Detection And Response Solutions

Discover the top 11 best endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. Explore features such as real-time endpoint monitoring, threat data analysis, automated threat response and centralized management.

The Top 11 Endpoint Detection And Response Solutions include:

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions—or EDR products—help security teams to block, identify and remediate malicious activity on corporate endpoints, including workstations, laptops, mobile and IoT devices, cloud systems, and servers. 

To achieve this, EDR solutions monitor each endpoint in real-time for threats, aggregating and analyzing data—such as process execution, communications and user logins—to identify anomalous, suspicious and potentially malicious activities. The EDR product uses this data to initiate automated responses to contain or remediate threats, as well as help inform the security team’s threat investigation and response processes.

Implementing an endpoint detection and response solution empowers IT security teams to take a proactive approach to their cybersecurity. The right EDR product can enable organizations to minimize endpoint risk by gaining greater visibility into their network, carrying out more informed investigations into threats, and more efficiently and effectively remediating threats with automated response workflows.

In this article, we’ll explore the top EDR solutions designed to help you identify and remove threats to your network’s endpoints. These solutions offer a range of capabilities, including real-time endpoint monitoring, threat data analysis, automated threat response and centralized management. We’ll give you some background information on the provider and the key features of each solution, as well as the type of customer that they are most suitable for.


Huntress is a leading managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provider. Their flagship platform gives IT managers comprehensive insight into the security of their endpoints through a combination of persistent foothold identification, managed antivirus, ransomware canaries, and external recon. With these technologies, Huntress continuously monitors for malicious processes, offering organizations a detailed view of attacks in real-time. When a threat is detected, Huntress’ 24/7 SOC creates a unique incident report, enabling swift response.

Huntress’ persistent foothold technology automatically analyzes data collected from Windows and Mac devices to identify known and potential threats. Human SOC team members review potential footholds and, if verified, generate a custom incident report containing a detailed overview of the investigation, along with step-by-step instructions and one-click remediation actions. The platform’s managed antivirus feature builds on the native capabilities of Microsoft Defender Antivirus, providing customizable configurations, exclusions, and simple reporting. Huntress’ ransomware canaries provide early detection of ransomware; the benign canary files take up minimal space and don’t disrupt end users while monitoring for potential threats.

Finally, the platform’s external recon scans for open ports and other potential entry points, offering insight into each protected environment and ensuring appropriate security protocols are in place. These tools are managed via the platform’s central dashboard, where IT and security teams can access a complete view of their organization’s security posture, including security alerts, active incidents, investigations, remediation tools, and real-time reporting. Admins can also compare their security measures against industry averages, offering context for their cybersecurity strategy.

Huntress is straightforward to deploy and has minimal impact on system performance. Customers praise the platform for its ease of use and the speed and accuracy of threat detection and response—with particular praise for the 24/7 SOC service. Overall, we recommend Huntress as a strong solution for SMBs and the MSPs that support them, that are looking for comprehensive endpoint security with excellent support services.

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Heimdal™ is a cybersecurity provider that offers solutions that defend against email, endpoint, web, application, and identity threats. Heimdal™ Endpoint Detection and Response is their EDR solution designed to help organizations not only detect and remediate sophisticated malware threats, but also prevent these threats from taking root in the first place. To achieve this, Heimdal™ EDR includes next-gen antivirus, PAM, application control, patch management, DNS filtering and encryption capabilities. Each of these features is available as a module that can be accessed via Heimdal™’s holistic, unified dashboard, enabling customers to gain a comprehensive view of their security posture across all layers via one single source of truth.

Heimdal™ EDR uses machine learning-driven intelligence to monitor your environment for known and zero-day threats such as malware, vulnerability exploits, brute force attacks and social engineering. Each of the modules included in Heimdal™’s EDR solution leverage intelligence from one another to secure the entire environment. This enables the solution to detect and remediate exploits without having to integrate other threat intelligence tools or rely on security teams to aggregate data across multiple systems, providing a comprehensive, layered approach to threat detection. From the management console, admins can access threat intelligence data to help inform their remediation actions. They can also set up automated remediation workflows for certain threat types, such as patching third party applications.

Heimdal™ Endpoint Detection and Response deploys in the cloud, making it highly scalable and enabling businesses to easily add further module to their subscription, should they wish to. Users praise the platform for its intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard, as well as the high-quality, reliable support offered by Heimdal™’s product team. We recommend Heimdal™ Endpoint Detection and Response as a strong solution for any-sized organization looking for a holistic threat prevention, detection and response platform that offers insights into threats across multiple vectors, automated remediation and – above all – ease of use.

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ESET is a market-leading provider of lightweight, highly effective cybersecurity solutions designed to protect both consumers and enterprises against today’s most prevalent known and zero-day threats.

ESET PROTECT Enterprise is their extended detection and response (XDR) platform, which combines endpoint security, full disk encryption, file server security, proactive threat detection, and facilitated response to enable businesses of all sizes to efficiently prevent, identify, and remediate threats in their digital environments.

ESET PROTECT Enterprise leverages machine learning algorithms, adaptive scanning, and behavioral analysis, alongside cloud-based behavioral analysis to identify and remediate zero-day threats in real time. Admins can then leverage root-cause analysis and system visibility insights from ESET Inspect to respond immediately to threats. Live response options include one-click isolations, as well as a full suite of Powershell remediation options, with risk scoring to help prioritize threats.

As well as identifying and remediating threats, ESET PROTECT Enterprise features robust endpoint security tools, such as mobile device management, brute force protection, ransomware shield, and cloud-based sandboxing technologies to help block sophisticated endpoint attacks. The platform also offers full disk encryption capabilities for Windows and Mac OS devices to help protect corporate data in the event of an attack and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

ESET PROTECT Enterprise offers on-prem and cloud deployments and integrates easily with other security tools such as SIEM, SOAR, and ticketing tools via a public API, making it relatively quick to deploy and easy to manage. Existing users praise the solution for its friendly interface and powerful forensic analysis capabilities, as well as its ability to adjust alert sensitivity automatically to reduce false positives.

We recommend ESET PROTECT Enterprise as a strong solution for mid-sized to larger organizations looking to protect their endpoints and extended network against known and zero-day threats.

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ThreatLocker® Detect is an EDR solution that provides automated policy-based monitoring, alerting, and remediation when unusual endpoint activity is identified. ThreatLocker® Detect is powered by telemetry data gathered from ThreatLocker® agents on the endpoint and Windows event logs. These are used to identify and address malicious activities detected on endpoint devices.

ThreatLocker® can identify a wide range of potential risks, including unusual traffic, or multiple failed login events. ThreatLocker® provides automated alerting when unusual behavior is detected, including detailed threat information. The platform can automatically respond to issues, including enforcing rules, disconnecting endpoints from the network, or enforcing ‘lockdown mode’ which prevents all endpoint activities. All responses are controlled via incident response policies, configured via the admin console. To reduce alert fatigue, policies can mark a severity threshold before an alert is generated.

The admin console provides a detailed breakdown of all users and computers, with information on users and  integrations. The ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform provides comprehensive application, network, and storage control tools. These allow you to control which apps users can install, as well as grant you the ability to lockdown installed applications to prevent the spread of ransomware. ThreatLocker® also enables dynamic Zero Trust network controls, so you can allow and block devices from connecting to your servers.

ThreatLocker® is highly regarded by users who praise the solution for how easy it is to configure policies and control applications for end users. The admin console is intuitive and well designed. Overall, the platform is packed with enterprise grade features to reduce malware and ransomware attacks. ThreatLocker® also offers a managed detection and response (MDR) add-on for this solution.

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The Symantec Cybersecurity Services unit of global software manufacturer and supplier Broadcom specializes in endpoint protection, data loss prevention (DLP) and web filtering solutions for business. Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) Complete is Broadcom’s EDR solution, which combines cloud-based protection with AI-driven threat hunting and guided management to help secure organizations against endpoint threats. SES Complete is available on a per-device subscription basis, with prices varying according to required features, and can be purchased via one of Broadcom’s resale partners.

SES Complete offers powerful threat-hunting functionality, as well as in-built anti-virus tools, to help prevent attacks as well as detect them. As well as gathering local data, Symantec’s Threat Hunter crowdsources global threat data from each of their customers, to expose zero-day attacks. When a threat is detected, SES Complete offers guided remediation to help security teams respond efficiently. The Adaptive Protection feature enables security teams to automatically customize security to their environment and automate policy updates so that they can reduce time spent on configurations. SES Complete also includes vulnerability and patch management, rogue device discovery, and device control. For an added cost, customers can benefit from a range of security integrations, including full-disk encryption and web content monitoring.

SES Complete supports on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployments. The platform is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers, and Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems, making it suitable for organizations with a diverse device fleet. Customers praise the solution for its ease of use and its ability to respond to threats as well as detect them. We recommend Symantec Endpoint Security Complete as a strong EDR solution for organizations of all sizes looking to protect their endpoints—including mobile endpoints—against known and zero-day malware threats.

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Cisco is a global technology provider that offers a wide range of hardware, software and telecoms technology, as well as security solutions designed to protect digital networks and infrastructures against cyberthreats. Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP for Endpoints) is their cloud-native endpoint detection and response solution that enables organizations to more effectively identify and remediate threats such as malware. Cisco Secure Endpoint is available via three plans: Essentials, Advantage, and Premier.

Cisco Secure Endpoint monitors the behavior of each protected device for malicious activities, ensuring that threats are identified quickly. When a threat is found, Secure Endpoint isolates the infected endpoint from the rest of the network, allowing security teams to mitigate the issue before it can spread to other machines. These process, according to Cisco, enable Secure Endpoint to reduce remediation times by as much as 85%. The solution’s Premier tier also offers proactive threat hunting via Cisco’s integrated SecureX platform, helping security teams to find threats more quickly with the help of Cisco’s security experts, as well as automate their remediation playbooks for faster incident response.

Cisco Secure Endpoint deploys in the cloud and integrates seamlessly with other Cisco products, making initial configuration simple. Users praise the platform for its fast remediation and the high levels of visibility Cisco provides into the security of each endpoint. We recommend Cisco Secure Endpoint to mid- to large-size enterprises looking for a robust EDR solution—particularly those already leveraging Cisco’s other security products.

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Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity provider that offers cloud, endpoint security and threat intelligence solutions via a single agent, as well as breach response services. Falcon Insight is their unified EDR solution, which also offers optional antivirus, threat intelligence and threat hunting modules. The Falcon platform is licensed on a subscription basis per endpoint, and the Insight module is available via the Enterprise and Premium packages, which are priced at $15.00/endpoint/month and $18.99/endpoint/month respectively.

Falcon Insight applies behavioral analytics to continuously monitor each endpoint for threats and vulnerabilities, providing full real-time and historical visibility into the security status of each endpoint. This enables security teams to track the threat level of their organization over time. The platform’s streamlined notifications and incident triaging capabilities enable security teams to easily prioritize which issues to respond to first, ensuring faster remediation of serious threats. The platform maps security alerts according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which Crowdstrike reports helps reduce alert fatigue by 90%. Endpoints that are being attacked are isolated from the rest of the network, preventing the attack from spreading, while built-in remote execution commands enable security teams to remediate threats from anywhere.

Crowdstrike’s solution supports Windows, Windows Server, macOS and Linux endpoints, and deploys in the cloud, giving it the flexibility to scale as your organization does. It also offers a range of API-based integrations with other security tools, enabling greater cross-platform visibility into threats without having to manually sync threat data between management tools. Customers praise Falcon Insight for its ease of installation and ongoing management, as well as its powerful threat detection and analytics capabilities. While the solution offers protection for SMBs, it can be a little pricey, depending on required additional modules. As such, we recommend Falcon Insight as a strong EDR solution for mid- to large-size organizations looking for powerful protection that’s easy to deploy and manage.

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Palo Alto Networks is a global leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions that leverage powerful machine learning engines, analytics and automation to protect against threats at every level. Cortex XDR is their extended detection and response solution that monitors threats across all endpoints, networks and clouds. The platform is available via two packages: Prevent offers next-gen antivirus and endpoint protection across all endpoints; Pro offers full EDR capabilities with optional managed threat hunting and threat intelligence modules, across all endpoints, networks, clouds and third-party data sources.

With its powerful machine learning engine, Cortex XDR continuously monitors endpoint, network and user behavior for malicious activities, aggregating data from multiple sources to eliminate blind spots. If a threat is identified, the endpoint is immediately isolated and Cortex runs the relevant response options as per configurations, to help contain the threat. The platform also offers root cause analysis, which security teams can use to identify how a threat entered the network and spread, so they can prevent repeat attacks. As well as its EDR capabilities, Cortex XDR offers next-gen antivirus, a host firewall, disk encryption and USB device control for further attack prevention.

Palo Alto Cortex XDR offers cloud and on-premises deployment options, and integrates seamlessly with Palo Alto’s other security technologies, including their firewall—however, it offers limited integrations with security products from other vendors. Customers praise the solution for its intuitive interface, as well as its incident triaging and endpoint isolation capabilities. We recommend Cortex EDR Pro as a powerful solution for any organization—and particularly existing Palo Alto customers—looking for EDR that extends beyond the endpoint to also offer network and cloud monitoring.

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SentinelOne is a cybersecurity provider that specializes in endpoint and network security, offering solutions with a focus on automation and continuous, real-time intelligence. Singularity is their extended detection and response solution, designed to monitor endpoints for threats such as malware and proactively remediate those threats. The Singularity platform is available via three packages: Core ($6 USD/agent/month), Control ($8 USD/agent/month) and Complete ($12 USD/agent/month). Of these, the Complete package is the only one to offer full EDR capabilities, and is compatible with desktop and laptop endpoints, clouds and IoT devices.

Singularity leverages behavioral AI and next-gen antivirus tools to detect known and zero-day threats across an organization’s endpoints. Admins can configure automated remediation workflows, which the platform implements when certain security alerts are triggered, reducing the time it takes to mitigate threats and mitigating the need for any scripting. The platform’s Storyline technology offers deep real-time insights into the state of security of each connected endpoint and the timeline of any security incidents, including root cause analysis, all via a single, intuitive dashboard. The Complete package also offers network control, USB device control, Bluetooth device control and Ranger protection for IoT devices.

Singularity is a cloud-based platform, making it easy to deploy and highly scalable. Customers praise SentinelOne’s solution for its user-friendly interface and management, and the powerful automation of its response features. As such, we recommend Singularity as a strong EDR solution for all organizations—including those with smaller security teams or less dedicated security resource—with a user device fleet comprising laptops, desktops and IoT devices, rather than mobile devices.

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Sophos is a cybersecurity provider that offers an expansive suite of endpoint, email, network, cloud and web security solutions, each of which utilize AI to protect against known and evolving threats in real-time. Intercept X is their EDR solution which combines traditional threat detection and response with additional anti-ransomware capabilities, including automated file recovery and incident analysis. Sophos also offers an Advanced package of the Intercept X platform, which extends its threat detection capabilities to aggregate network, email, cloud and mobile data sources.

Intercept X uses powerful deep learning technology to detect known and zero-day malware without relying on signatures. This enables the platform to automatically identify and triage threats. When a threat is detected, Intercept X synchronizes protection across all devices, preventing the threat from spreading across multiple endpoints. From the platform’s single, central management console, admins can manage their threat response workflows, as well as the other features offered by the platform. These include ransomware file protection and recovery, exploit prevention and credential theft prevention. Sophos also offers Managed Threat Response services, which enable organizations to hand over the threat remediation process to Sophos’ 24/7 threat analyst team.

Sophos has previously targeted a primarily SMB market, but the powerful combination of a cloud-native platform and intelligent deep learning technology make Intercept X highly scalable. In addition to this, the platform is compatible with all major operating systems across most devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and servers. Because of this, we recommend Intercept X as a strong solution for any sized organization, including those with a large percentage of remote or hybrid workers, looking for robust endpoint detection and response.

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VMWare is a provider of cloud computing and virtualization technologies designed to help build, streamline and secure digital workplaces. Carbon Black EDR leverages robust threat intelligence and granular customization options to help SOC teams secure online, offline, air-gapped and disconnected environments against sophisticated endpoint threats. The platform is available on a per-endpoint subscription basis, with the option to add further modules for an extra cost, including advanced threat hunting, vulnerability monitoring and patch management.

Carbon Black EDR’s anomaly-based threat detection engine discovers known and unknown threats on each endpoint by identifying unusual or suspicious activity. The solution continuously records endpoint activity data, giving security teams real-time visibility into the security status of each machine, which enables them to remediate threats more quickly and efficiently. This also allows attack timeline visualization for in-depth investigations post-remediation, to help identify root causes and prevent similar attacks in the future. When a threat is detected, security teams can respond remotely via a secure connection to infected hosts. Finally, the platform’s automated watchlist functionality ensures that security teams don’t have to respond to multiple instances of the same threat; once blocked, a threat cannot enter the network again.

Carbon Black EDR offers a range of integration via API, making it easier to deploy and build into an existing security stack. Customers praise the platform for its powerful protection against emerging threats as well as known threats, and its user-friendly interface and management. However, many also report a large number of false positives on initial deployment. Because of this, we recommend Carbon Black EDR as a strong endpoint detection and response solution to organizations of any size that have a dedicated, full-time security resource to monitor and manage alerts, or those who are able to outsource management to an MSP.

The Top 11 Endpoint Detection And Response Solutions