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SecureAuth offers adaptive multi-factor authentication, risk-profiling, single sign-on and user lifecycle management, in one comprehensive enterprise cloud platform.

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Updated Mar 28, 2023

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SecureAuth offers adaptive multi-factor authentication, risk-profiling, single sign-on and user lifecycle management, in one comprehensive enterprise cloud platform. The platform can be complex to configure for some users, but it’s powerful, secure and highly customizable. Users rate the product for usability, and its strong feature set.

  • Straightforward deployment
  • Secure and reliable platform
  • Strong feature set

  • Configuration can be complex


SecureAuth is an enterprise authentication platform designed to allow employees to easily access corporate applications (both cloud and on-prem) securely and easily. It provides a comprehensive identity feature set for securing access, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and adaptive authentication. It also includes a range of policies and user lifecycle management tools so that admins can more easily manage user access, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce risk of data breach. The platform is easy to use, with an intuitive cloud-based admin console.

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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

SecureAuth provides secure 2-factor or multi-factor authentication (MFA), with the option to enable entirely passwordless access to connected applications. Users can authenticate with a range of methods, including push notifications, one-time passcodes, smartphones and smart-cards.

Adaptive authentication helps to improve the security and usability of MFA by using machine learning to identify risk factors that indicate an account could be compromised. Risk factors can include the use of a new device, a login attempt from an unusual location or at an unusual time of day, as well as other third-party risk data.

It’s quick and easy for users to authenticate access, with self-service enrolment for devices and authentication methods.

Single Sign-On

SecureAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) enables secure, seamless access to connected applications using just one set of credentials, secured by MFA. This helps to reduce reliance on weak passwords for multiple corporate accounts, and makes life easier for end users, while improving the ability of admins to manage corporate account access.

Users can view all connected applications in one easily accessible dashboard, with admins able to build out integrations with connected apps and services, helping users to more easily access corporate apps such as Salesforce, Slack and Office 365.

Intelligent Risk Engine

SecureAuth provides a real-time risk score for all users based on machine learning algorithms looking at multiple different factors. This can be an important way for security teams to track potential security breaches and identify any compromised accounts with access to company apps.

This integrates with other security tools, such as threat intelligence systems, to help enterprises build a more holistic view of their threat environment.

User Lifecycle Management

Admins are able to manage user credentials at all times, including onboarding, updating policies for access, and offboarding in the event a user leaves the organization.

Security teams can enrol new MFA methods, manage user access, configure access policies and view reports, all from one cloud-based, well designed admin console.

Ease Of Use

SecureAuth has a straightforward deployment process, integrating with your existing user directories if you use Microsoft AD, LDAP or SQL for managing user identities.

The admin console is modern and well designed, providing an easy user experience when managing policies and groups. However, it must be noted some users have reported that the solution can become complex when getting into the granularities of user access policies.

For end users, the process of authenticating is straightforward, quick and easy. Users can self-enrol, managing their own devices used to authenticate, and can self-reset passwords, helping to reduce friction caused when needing extra steps to access accounts.


Pricing information can be obtained by contacting SecureAuth directly.

Final Verdict

SecureAuth is a comprehensive, user-friendly, secure authentication platform. For users enables adaptive authentication to secure access to accounts and single sign-on to make credential management to reduce the risk of weak passwords. For admins, it provides real-time risk management and user lifecycle management to easily enrol new users and configure policies. The admin console is fast and easy to use, with a straightforward deployment process.

We’d recommend this solution for mid-large sized organizations, including healthcare, financial services, energy, government and related organizations who need to protect access to corporate networks with effective, secure authentication.

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