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HID Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite is a feature-rich, powerful collection of products aimed at helping organizations secure user identity and access to both physical and digital resources.

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HID’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite is a feature-rich, powerful collection of products aimed at helping organizations secure user identity and access to both physical and digital resources. Generally, users like how easy to use and smooth the product’s features are to use. But readers should be aware that the initial installation and deployment of the product can be pretty complex—it might not be suited for smaller teams who do not have the resource to support this.

  • Smooth authentication process
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • End-to-end identity and access management

  • Installation and deployment can be complicated
  • Smart cards are expensive for large groups


Securing more than 85 million user identities globally, HID is a market-leading identity solutions provider that offers a range of products for both physical and logical (digital) authentication and access management. Its Identity and Access Management suite is an end-to-end solution that enables IT teams and admins to easily secure access to their assets, as well as effectively manage the whole user identity lifecycle. Well-suited for supporting zero-trust environments, the suite encompasses a range of powerful products, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), identity management and credentialing, converged physical and logical access management, and more. The suite is suitable to both be used across the workforce, or to authenticate consumer identity, and is particularly popular in financial services, healthcare, aviation, and other critical industries, due to its high levels of security.

HID Authentication Service - purpose-built, simplified identity management and security compliance


Identity Management And Credentialing

Using HID identity management and credentialing, admins can issue and manage high-assurance authentication credentials for both digital and physical access—including access to workstations, facilities, cloud applications, servers, networks, and more—all on one platform. This includes provisioning PKI certificates and other credentials to smart cards, physical tokens, USB keys, mobile devices, and more. These credentials can also be used for digital signing and data encryption, and are compliant with external regulators—such as the US Federal Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Using HID’s advanced zero-trust MFA solution, admins can easily and effectively secure access to corporate networks, employee devices, VPNs, cloud applications (such as Office 365), and more, by requiring users to authenticate their identities using two or more modes of authentication. The product not only offers a wide range of factors to authenticate identity—including mobile push notifications, one-time passcodes, PKI-based smart cards, physical tokens, and biometrics—but also supports a range of industry standards and protocols, such as FIDO, OATH, PKI, and OTP. MFA also supports additional features, such as single sign-on (to enable users to sign into all connected applications using just one set of credentials), password management capabilities, and risk-based authentication.

Reporting And Analytics

From a central management console, admins can leverage powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to not only gain an overview of which users are accessing which environments and networks, but also help ensure security compliance with external regulators. Data collected is supported by AI-powered intelligence and machine learning, which enables admins to make better-informed, faster decisions.

Ease Of Use

The HID Identity and Access Management suite can either be deployed in a more traditional on-premises setting or in the cloud. This makes it a highly scalable and flexible solution for users and suitable for a range of use cases. User reviews on how easy this product is to use can be a mixed bag. Most agree that the authentication process itself is smooth, seamless, fast, and worry-free, and that many of the product’s key features are easy to use and effective. But where the product lets some users down is the time and complexity required to install and deploy the solution.


For information on plans and pricing, you can contact HID Global directly.

Final Verdict

Overall, HID’s IAM suite is feature-rich, highly effective, and generally easy to use, with complexities only arising in installation and deployment.
What sets HID apart from its competitors is its high levels of security, making it an ideal solution for organizations in more critical industries, such as finance, healthcare, government, aviation, and more—with current customers including Airbus, Citibank, Lloyds Bank, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We recommend HID Global’s IAM suite for mid to large enterprises that are looking for a flexible, highly secure solution to manage workforce and/or consumer identity and support a zero-trust environment.

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