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Updated Apr 23, 2024

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EasyDMARC is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that ensures organizations can manage their SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup effectively. The solution has several features to display information clearly, whilst ensuring that policy changes are efficient and easy to enact. The platform can also be used to manage BIMI and obtain a VMC from official partners. The solution is a good option for SMBs and Enterprises who need a simple, but effective DMARC solution. EasyDMARC has the capacity to include multiple domains and provide the ability for MSPs to manage their customers’ domains from a single portal.

  • Quick to set up
  • Highlights how to fix any outstanding problems relating to SPF / DKIM / DMARC / BIMI authentication
  • Ability to change SPF, BIMI & DMARC records through EasyDMARC itself instead of manually formatting a record for your DNS provider
  • Email Vendor Identification. Easily identify your sending sources and fix them with a single click
  • Dashboard is clear and efficient to use

  • There is no audit log for activity in the portal (not a dealbreaker, but would be nice to have especially if sharing EasyDMARC access with others)


EasyDMARC is an all-in-one solution that helps secure your domains from cyberattacks. While the solution focuses on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, it can manage BIMI too - this gives you greater visibility of your domain’s email presence. The solution helps you to analyze, generate, and manage these records, ensuring that emails are delivered as you expect.

EasyDMARC is designed to make the process of managing domains as non-threatening as possible. With the hosted DMARC and EasySPF features, you can alter policies without needing to worry about formatting issues. This ensures that you can configure email sources and enforce DMARC policy easily, without the risk of making an error.

As a platform EasyDMARC turns the complex and time-consuming process of managing DMARC records into an intuitive and simple one. With EasyDMARC, you do not need technical expertise to enforce policies (like p=quarantine and p=reject). The solution ensures that your legitimate emails are not interrupted or blocked because of a DMARC policy.


DMARC Alerts

EasyDMARC allows you to fully customize notifications to alert you about specific information that is relevant to your organization. You can trigger alerts to be “Informational”, “Warning”, or “Critical”, depending on how many instances of DMARC compliance or non-compliance occur within a set window. These notifications can also inform you about any changes to SPF or MX records.

Hosted DMARC Screenshot

Hosted DMARC Screenshot

Hosted DMARC Rather than having to update your DNS records every time you change your DMARC policy, EasyDMARC offers a “hosted DMARC” function. This acts like a redirect, meaning that any changes you make within EasyDMARC will be automatically updated with your DNS. As this happens automatically, you do not need to worry about formatting issues, thereby making your work process more efficient.


EasySPF Screenshot

EasySPF Screenshot

This feature works in a very similar way to the Hosted DMARC feature. In this case, you can update your sending email sources without needing to make manual record updates. It also ensures that you don’t need to worry about formatting errors; your SPF record will always be configured properly.

EasyDMARC is an effective Dynamic SPF Flattening solution that enables you to overcome the 10 DNS lookup limit. This is useful for organizations who use multiple service providers, each with their own SPF record. EasyDMARC can replace the SPF commands with elements that do not cause any lookup, thereby navigating the 10 lookup limit.

Dashboard Overview Screenshot

Dashboard Overview Screenshot

Managed DMARC EasyDMARC provides an intuitive dashboard that will notify you if there are any configuration issues, thereby making remediation much easier. Through this dashboard, you can easily assess the DMARC response rates of specific domains, making it quick to assess key statistics. The data that EasyDMARC highlights on the dashboard can be tailored to show only the most relevant information for your organization.

Domain Scanner Screenshot

Domain Scanner Screenshot

Domain Scanner EasyDMARC allows you to scan your own, and other, domains to better understand the DMARC policy. You can identify what remediation actions are in place – thereby giving you insight into where your organization may be able to improve on its compliance or fix any outstanding issues with SPF / DKIM / DMARC / BIMI.



Aggregate Reports The solution provides an accessible graphic interpretation of relevant data. The XML response data (regarding compliance rates) will be automatically aggregated and displayed into graphs that highlight useful information and are simple to understand. Data can be analyzed by location – this allows you to gain insight of where compliant, non-compliant, and threat emails are coming from geographically. EasyDMARC will illustrate this enriched and granular data through its logical dashboard. By ensuring that complex data is digestible and useful, EasyDMARC makes it easy to make informed decisions regarding your DMARC policies.

Ease Of Use

Initial set-up is quick and easy, requiring very little technical knowledge to get started. You can bulk import domain names by simply copying them into the relevant field instead of manually adding them one by one. From here, all it takes to finish setting up is to add a TXT record to each domain’s DNS zone.

Additionally, the service includes an all-in-one solution that allows you to configure your DMARC, DKIM, and SPF settings with complete granular control over the details. EasyDMARC’s hosted DMARC and EasySPF features ensure that policy configuration is quick, easy, and reduces the chances of formatting errors to occur. This tool also bypasses the ten DNS Lookup limit.

Admin users can access important information through an easy to navigate graphic window. This shows aggregated data from across relevant domains, clearly highlighting trends for admin users.

Pricing And Plans

EasyDMARC offer a number of pricing plans, depending on the number of domains, and length of data history required.

The Free Plan allows one user, one domain and 1,000 emails per month to have DMARC policies enabled. Phishing URL and email investigation tools are provided.

With the Plus Plan, two domains can be used, starting from 100,000 emails up to unlimited, and the solution will store 3 months of data. This plan also provides a blacklist check, failure reports (RUF) and subdomain detection. This plan starts at $35.99/month.

Their Premium Plan builds upon the Plus Plan by allowing four domains, unlimited users, as well as EasySPF and technical support. This plan starts at $71.99/month.

EasyDMARC’s Enterprise Plan supports unlimited emails, domains, data history, and users. This plan provides all the capabilities of the prior plans, as well as offering SSO, reputation monitoring, audit reports, API access, and managed services. Contact EasyDMARC for information on the cost of this plan.

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Final Verdict

EasyDMARC is a great solution for organizations who are looking to manage their DMARC policies easily, without the need for an extensive and knowledgeable IT team. Data is displayed in a clear and comprehensible way, highlighting information that is relevant to you.

This is one of the most user-friendly and technically capable DMARC products on the market. The dashboard is intuitive and makes managing DMARC and SPF policies intuitive and simple. The only feature missing is the ability to assign users to the created domain groups – this would save time and eliminate the risk of human error for MSP users. That being said, EasyDMARC is one of the most effective tools we have tested and, as the name suggests, does make managing DMARC easy.

The number of pricing plans ensure that there is an appropriate option, however large your organization is. We recommend that both SMBs and Enterprises looking for a robust, user-friendly DMARC solution consider shortlisting EasyDMARC.

CEO and Founder, Expert Insights

Craig MacAlpine is CEO and founder of Expert Insights. Before founding Expert Insights in August 2018, Craig spent 10 years as CEO of EPA cloud, an email security provider acquired by Ziff Davies, formerly J2Global (NASQAQ: ZD) in 2013, which has now been rebranded as VIPRE Email Security. Craig has extensive experience in the email security industry, with 20+ years of experience helping organizations to stay secure with innovative information security and cyber security solutions. Craig delivers these insights to readers with detailed product reviews, comparisons and buyers’ guides.

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