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The Top 8 DMARC Solutions For Business

Discover the top DMARC solutions for business. Examine their features such as phishing protection, enchanced security, and brand reputation protection.

The Top 8 DMARC Solutions Include:

DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is a method used to validate emails being sent and received by your email domains. DMARC provides organizations with two important security functions. Firstly, it allows organizations to monitor their email channels with greater visibility. Organizations are able to see emails being sent and received, and what the reputation of these emails are.  Secondly, organizations are able to block malicious emails being sent via their domains to protect their clients and customers from spoofed domain messages and phishing attacks.

What Are DMARC Solutions?

There are a number of DMARC solutions available to businesses to enhance their emails security. These tools help organizations to enable and configure DMARC protocols, present digestible DMARC reports that provide visibility into email channels, and allow organizations to set DMARC policies that block malicious emails from being sent from their domains. In this article we’ll take you through the top DMARC email security solutions for businesses. We’ll cover their top features, what their users are saying about them and which organizations they are best suited for. Let’s get into it!

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EasyDMARC is a cybersecurity provider that protects organizations against email-borne threats such as domain spoofing, brand impersonation, and phishing. Their DMARC platform deploys as-a-Service, offering an advanced feature set to help businesses create, monitor, and maintain their domain’s DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and BIMI records. EasyDMARC’s deliverability tool, EasySender, covers all the aspects of email deliverability. The variety of features on the platform cover Email List Verification, Mailbox Warmup, and Inbox Placement.

Once configured, EasyDMARC collects data from all incoming emails, including sender information, traffic activity, and IP address. The platform then filters and groups this data, and uses it to generate accessible DMARC reports, enabling businesses to quickly identify malicious activity as well as configuration issues. If the platform detects an urgent issue, it alerts admins automatically. EasyDMARC’s stand-out feature is its reporting functionality. The platform offers graphic, visualized reports into SPF and DKIM handling, which enable businesses to obtain a comprehensive overview of their domain health. The reporting interface is highly intuitive, and reports are easy to generate.

EasyDMARC provide a free plan that allows one user to send 1,000 DMARC emails. The Plus Plan costs $35.99/month allows two domains to send 100,000 emails per month, while the Premium Plan ($71.99/month) allows four domains and unlimited users to send DMARC mail.

Users praise EasyDMARC for its ease of use, thanks to the platform’s intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate dashboards. They also praise the level of support offered by EasyDMARC’s technical team, which enables even smaller organizations with little technical resource to utilize the solution. As such, we recommend EasyDMARC as a user-friendly solution for SMBs. However, its strong reporting functionality also makes it a suitable solution for larger organizations that want detailed insights into their SPF and DKIM handling.

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Libraesva LetsDMARC is an email authentication solution that helps businesses protect their email domains from unauthorized use, including fraudulent emails and spoofing. The tool aids in setting up DMARC for enhanced domain security, improving email deliverability, and strengthening brand reputation protection. Users can easily manage DMARC, DKIM, and SPF policies without requiring DNS expertise.

With Libraesva LetsDMARC, businesses can block spoofed emails from being delivered, thereby reducing email-based fraud. The solution also helps to increase genuine email deliverability rates by authenticating legitimate sending sources on the domain owner’s behalf. In addition, LetsDMARC prevents cybercriminals from impersonating or spoofing the domain, protecting the domain’s reputation and reducing risks associated with unauthorized email activity.

Libraesva LetsDMARC offers intuitive, guided configuration, allowing users to configure DKIM, DMARC, and SPF settings through an easy-to-understand console. This feature simplifies the process of fixing alignment issues and implementing the DMARC policy. Users can gain insight into the sources and email flows sent from their domain, enabling them to identify both authorized email senders and unauthorized users. Once a DMARC policy is implemented, and unauthorized sources are blocked, the domain’s email sender reputation improves, leading to better deliverability rates.

Libraesva LetsDMARC is a comprehensive email authentication solution that helps businesses secure their email domains and protect their brand reputation. The tool’s guided configuration and intuitive interface make it easily accessible for users, while its advanced features increase security, deliverability, and visibility of email flows sent from the domain.

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Red Sift OnDMARC stops exact domain impersonation in the inbox by getting users to DMARC enforcement (p=reject) quickly and effectively, provides simplified DKIM and SPF management, and offers clear, easy-to-understand DMARC reports to give customers more insight into their organizational email-sending services and domain health. This streamlined approach to email security simplifies DKIM and SPF management and provides an easy-to-understand insight into domain health and organizational email-sending services.

Key features of Red Sift OnDMARC include Dynamic SPF, which simplifies SPF management by overcoming the 10 SPF lookup limit; hosted BIMI so that organizations can display their logo alongside sent emails; and Investigate, which offers instant insight into email security setup for correct authentication purposes.

Red Sift integrates with Slack to provide real-time updates on your DMARC configurations. The bot provides reports into email traffic and allows you to instantly fix any issues as they arrive, without needing to access the Red Sift application each time. Red Sift is a strong solution for organizations looking to configure DMARC-compliant sending with simple guided steps, with automated domain monitoring.

OnDMARC is used by over 1000 global companies from various industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, and government. Red Sift’s client base includes Domino’s, ZoomInfo, Athletic Greens, Pipedrive, and top global law firms. Red Sift is also a trusted partner of Entrust, Microsoft, Cisco and Validity, among others.

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Agari provides multiple cloud email security solutions, designed to protect organizations from sophisticated email threats, provide rapid detection and response, and prevent brand abuse. Agari Phishing Defense sits inside the email inbox and uses machine learning technologies to stop spear-phishing, business email compromise and account takeover. Agari Brand Protection protects your customers and partners from malicious email spoofs. This involves automating DMARC email authentication and enforcement to protect your brand improve digital engagement.

Agari Brand Protection automates DMARC implementation. Key features include autogenerating and hosting relevant DNS records and ensuring DMARC records are accurate with automated workflows. Agari gives organizations greater visibility into their DMARC reports, and makes it easier for organizations to implement reject policies for malicious emails, even in complex sending environments with hundreds of domains. Agari helps to secure domains from spoofing and lookalike attacks, offering fast remediation and takedown. Agari also provides enhanced visibility and metrics into DMARC reports.

Agari were one of the original DMARC working group. They have since helped many large businesses in the US to implement DMARC and their other email security solutions. Agari customers praise the service for its enhanced visibility into email attacks and support provided to help deploy DMARC. Agari’s machine learning powered protection provides strong protection against phishing and social engineering attacks. Agari Brand Protection is a strong DMARC solution for mid-sized and large organizations looking for expert guidance and support to implement DMARC in complex environment.

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Barracuda Sentinel is an innovative email security service designed to holistically protect email platforms from fraud and phishing attacks. Sentinel provides post-delivery protection and sits inside the email inbox rather than at the email perimeter. Sentinel is used to protect organizations from sophisticated email attacks including spear-phishing, business email compromise and account takeover. It also provides automated DMARC reporting, with aggregation and visualisation.

Sentinel is deployed directly into Office 365, allowing it to use machine learning algorithms to learn communication patterns in the enterprise. Using this contextual information, Sentinel can detect abnormal and malicious email attacks, removing them before they can be delivered to the user. This is very effective against attacks like phishing and business email compromise, that can be very difficult for traditional secure email gateway technologies to stop.

As well as preventing phishing attacks, Sentinel also offers domain fraud protection with a DMARC suite. Sentinel automatically generates DMARC reports within the Sentinel console. They also provide insights into email communications, with in-depth information including IPs that are passing and failing DMARC, domain misalignment and spoofing samples. Sentinel also provides DKIM/SPF configuration and troubleshooting.

Barracuda Sentinel is a good option for organizations using Office 365 who are struggling to stop phishing and account compromise attacks alongside wanting to implement DMARC. The solution is easy to deploy, and does not require any changes to your MX records. Sentinel is a popular choice for smaller and mid-sized organizations, looking for enhanced email security in the cloud.


dmarcian helps to secure domains from email impersonation and phishing attacks. They offer a DMARC SaaS platform, which processes DMARC data to provide greater visibility into authentication gaps and malicious actors impersonating your domains. Their platform visualises DMARC data to allow you to quickly identify authentication gaps and unauthorized uses of your domains.

dmarcian’s platform includes a number of dashboards that help organizations to better visualize their DMARC reports. dmarcian’s Domain Overview allows you to view the status of your email domains at a glance. It the geographical location of abuse and lists your domain sources, with lists of DMARC groups and a search function available.  The Detail Viewer shows a timeline of data as well as contextual email information and filters. This viewer breaks down data into four groups, DMARC-capable, non-compliant, forwarding and threat/unknown. Within these groups you can dive deeper to discover the email source and data from multiple providers.

dmarcian is a good option for organizations looking for detailed reports and visualizations into their DMARC platform. dmarcian also offer a number of DMARC tools including a domain checker, DKIM Investigator and a phishing scorecard which allows organizations to compare the emails security based on open standards. dmarcian has a strong presence in the partner channel, and may be a suitable solution for resellers and MSPs looking for a DMARC solution for their clients.

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DMARC Analyzer provides organizations with greater visibility and government across email channels, and allows organizations to stop email attacks and protect brands against abuse. DMARC Analyzer is deployed as a SaaS, which makes it easier for organizations to manage complex DMARC deployment, and more easily monitor and govern DMARC insights.

DMARC Analyzer provides a wide range of feature and reports to help organizations manage email and block security risks. This includes aggregate DMARC reports, automated alerts and reporting, automatic subdomain discovery and a DNS time line. These features make it much easier for organizations to implement and take advantage of DMARC benefits. DMARC analyser also provides a full knowledge base and support team to help organizations manage DMARC more effectively.

DMARC Analyzer is designed to help organizations implement DMARC policies much more quickly and efficiently. DMARC Analyzer was one of the first solutions offering DMARC management and reporting. In November 2019, DMARC Analyzer was purchased by Mimecast, one of the world’s leading email and data security vendors. It’s likely that DMARC Analyzer’s capabilities will be integrated into Mimecast’s wider email security suite.  DMARC Analyzer is a strong DMARC option for mid-sized organizations and enterprises, looking to integrate DMARC more efficiently.

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ValiMail helps to protect organizations from account compromise and phishing attacks with DMARC protection. ValiMail is designed for cloud-based email platforms, integrating with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite for easy set-up. ValiMail offers three email security features. Defend, which protects inboxes from email impersonation by using DMARC, Enforce, which utilizes DMARC to stop phishing attacks, and Amplify, which allows organizations to manage their brand identity over email with enhanced visibility and control.

ValiMail utilizes DMARC to stop domain impersonations, such as messages from lookalike and fraudulent domains, by authenticating emails at the sender level. Emails that look to be malicious are blocked from reaching your inboxes. ValiMail also helps organization to implement strong sender identity validation through DMARC, to ensure that attackers can’t spoof their domain or brand. ValiMail Amplify then allows organizations to control images and information contained in email messages, to help improve email marketing campaign open rates and overall success.

ValiMail is one of the number one DMARC solutions for Microsoft Office 365. Through a partnership with Microsoft, ValiMail offers it’s DMARC monitoring service free of charge to O365 users. ValiMail also offers enhanced visibility into O365, including visibility into email-sending services, such as payroll messages, which would not normally generate DMARC records. ValiMail manages configuration of DMARC, DKIM and SPF records, simplifying DMARC configuration for O365 users. This strong integration with Microsoft makes it a good option for O365 users.  In addition, ValiMail’s focus on brand reputation means it is also well suited for organizations looking to manage their brand for email marketing campaigns.

The Top DMARC Solutions For Business