Five Minute Guide To DMARC

Our Guide To DMARC: What It Is, How It Works, How You Can Configure It, And How It Can Protect Your Organization

Expert Insights / May 06, 2020 By Joel Witts

Top DMARC Providers

DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer is a DMARC tool that’s been used since the introduction of the DMARC standard in 2012. DMARC Analyzer provides easy to use DMARC analyzing software. DMARC Analyzer is delivered as a SaaS solution, which helps organizations to manage DMARC deployment and governance. The solution then provides full visibility and governance across all DMARC channels. In November 2019, DMARC Analyzer was acquired by Mimecast, a market leading email security vendor. DMARC Analyzer offers a Freemium, Premium and Enterprise offering. Prices start from $18.99 per month for organizations with fewer than 100 seats.

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Valimail provides an automated email authentication solution for brand protection and anti-fraud defence. Valimail's patented, standards-compliant technology provides an unrivalled one-click solution for DMARC enforcement to stop phishing attacks, increase deliverability, and protect organizations’ reputations. Valimail authenticates billions of messages a month for some of the world's biggest companies, in finance, government, health care and more.

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