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The Top 10 Alternatives To Delinea PAM

Discover the top ten alternatives to Delinea privileged access management (PAM). Explore features such as credential management, role-based access, alerting and notifications, and reporting.

The Top 10 Alternatives To Delinea PAM include:
  • 1. BeyondTrust
  • 2. Bravura Privilege
  • 3. CyberArk Privileged Access Manager
  • 4. IBM Security Privilege Manager
  • 5. Foxpass
  • 6. Heimdal Privileged Remote Access
  • 7. JumpCloud Open Directory Platform
  • 8. One Identity Safeguard
  • 9. Osirium PAM
  • 10. WALLIX Bastion

Delinea Secret Server is a robust privileged access management (PAM) tool that helps IT and security teams to monitor, manage, and secure administrative-level access to their most sensitive corporate data. Secret Server deploys on-prem and in the cloud, and secures privileged access to databases, applications, security tools, network devices, and hypervisors. 

The platform offers a wide range of security features, as well as session monitoring and auditing tools, to help prevent account takeover attacks and ensure compliance with industry and federal data protection regulations. These features include an encrypted credential vault, two-factor authentication, role-based access policies, password policies, and on-demand access delegation.   

Delinea Secret Server is particularly popular among larger organizations that want to centrally manage access to their critical systems, both for security and to meet complex compliance requirements.  

In this article, we’ll explore the top alternatives to Delinea PAM. We’ll look at features such as credential management, role-based access, alerting and notifications, and reporting. We’ll give you some background information on each provider and the key features of its solution, as well as the type of customer that they are most suitable for. 

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BeyondTrust logo

Headquartered in Georgia, US, BeyondTrust is a leading PAM provider that enables IT teams to monitor, audit, and secure access to critical and sensitive business systems. BeyondTrust offers two PAM products: Privileged Password Management (PPM) secures privileged accounts and credentials; Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) enforces the principle of least privilege across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix endpoints.   

PPM Features 

  • Stores privileged account credentials in a secure vault, which authenticates users and grants access via custom-defined approval rules to ensure only legitimate users are granted access  
  • Rotates credentials automatically and injects them directly into privileged sessions, so they are hidden from users during login  
  • Logs all privileged activity to provide a comprehensive audit trail and session forensics  

EPM Features 

  • Automatically elevates privileges “as needed” to trusted applications for Windows or Mac users via policy-based controls  
  • Integrates with help desk, vulnerability management, and SIEM tools to increase visibility and enable reporting on privileged activities for application usage monitoring and auditing  

Expert Insights’ Comments: BeyondTrust’s PAM solutions are a strong option for organizations that may want to start out with just managing privileged credentials or by enforcing the principle of least privilege across their endpoints, without having to subscribe to both services. However, both products integrate seamlessly should a business decide they would like to utilize both services. Because BeyondTrust enables users to access privileged accounts via a web-based console or mobile app, it’s particularly well suited to businesses that need to secure access for remote users.  

Bravura Security logo

Bravura Security, formerly Hitachi ID Systems, is a cybersecurity provider based in Calgary, Canada, which offers a range of user-friendly identity, entitlement, and credential governance solutions. Bravura Privilege is their PAM solution, designed to secure privileged access to applications and services to prevent account compromise and data loss at the hands of social engineering and malware.   


  • Randomizes privileged credentials and stores them in an encrypted vault, then grants pre-enforced, just-in-time access to critical accounts to mitigate social engineering attacks 
  • Requires users to verify their identity via 2FA before being granted access, to mitigate brute force and social engineering attacks 
  • Uses agent-based application fingerprinting and automatic credential rotation after each login to eliminate static credentials and ensure passwords cannot be shared or re-used 
  • Launches log-in sessions automatically via a browser extension 
  • Logs all access requests and privileged sessions with video capture and keylogging for full visibility into privileged activities, for both auditing and accountability purposes 

Expert Insights’ Comments: Bravura Privilege is a user-friendly PAM solution that makes it easier for IT teams to co-ordinate credential rotation and shared access to high-tier accounts. The solution is straightforward to deploy on-prem or in the cloud, with integrations for clients, servers, hypervisors, guest operating systems, databases and applications. We recommend Bravura Privilege as a strong alternative to Delinea for mid- to large enterprises looking to a user-friendly PAM solution that’s easy to configure, with lots of out-of-the-box connectors for a quick implementation.

Cyberark logo

CyberArk is a market leading PAM provider based in Massachusetts, US. They offer policy-driven, enterprise-grade solutions that enable IT and security teams to better monitor and secure the use of privileged accounts. Privileged Access Manager is their core PAM solution, designed not only to prevent account and credential compromise by increasing security, but to make it easier for businesses to audit and manage privileged access with robust automation and logging capabilities.  


  • Automatically discovers and onboards all privileged credentials and stores them in a secure vault, which users can only access once authenticated 
  • Enables admins to configure policies for user access, password complexity, and password rotation periods to ensure security while minimizing the number of repetitive tasks the IT team must carry out 
  • Records video playback of all activity carried out during privileged sessions in a encrypted repository for compliance reporting and accountability  
  • Automatically monitors privileged sessions for anomalous behaviors that may indicate a breach, and offers policy-driven remediation (session suspension or termination) 
  • Isolates privileged sessions so that, if an attacker does gain access, they can’t infect target systems with malware 
  • Deploys as-a-Service or can be self-hosted in your own on-prem environment  
  • Supports access for remote employees, with no VPN or agent required  

Expert Insights’ Comments: CyberArk’s Privileged Access Manager offers robust security, but also powerful automation capabilities that make it easier for to admins to grant or deny privileged access, as well as more efficiently remediate threats to privileged accounts. We recommend CyberArk’s solution as a strong alternative to Delinea for any enterprise looking for PAM that’s made easier to manage with robust automation.  

IBM Logo

IBM Security is a global technology provider based in New York, US, which offers a broad range of IT productivity and security products. Privilege Manager is their endpoint privilege management and application control solution, available as part of IBM’s Verify Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. Privilege Manager enables IT teams to prevent malware attacks from exploiting applications and accessing critical business systems, by implementing the principle of least privilege and removing static local admin rights.  


  • Automatically discovers all apps that require elevated admin rights to execute  
  • Enables admins to create allow- and deny-lists or trusted and untrusted apps, and configure contextual privilege elevation policies 
  • Automatically elevates privileges for trusted applications and denies elevation for those on deny-lists  
  • Sandboxes unknown applications so that they can be executed without impacting critical business systems—improving user productivity without compromising security  
  • Enforces the principle of least privilege by removing all local admin credentials—including hard-coded and hidden admins—to mitigate the risk of threat actors exploiting rarely used and improperly secured local admin accounts  
  • Creates a comprehensive audit trail of admin credential changes, application policy changes, and privilege elevation activity for accountability and compliance 

Expert Insights’ Comments: IBM’s Privilege Manager helps organizations to secure their most critical business systems by focusing on endpoint privilege, rather than user privilege, like some other vendors on this list. The solution effectively prevents bad actors from exploiting unused and unsecured local admin accounts on user endpoints, and also prevents privileged users from running malicious applications that could give bad actors access to critical business systems. We recommend Privilege Manager as an alternative to Delinea for any sized organization looking for an endpoint- and application-focused approach to PAM.  

Foxpass logo

Headquartered in California, US, Foxpass is a cybersecurity company that specializes in securing network and server access. Their PAM solution enables businesses to secure user access to critical corporate resources, while reducing the strain on IT teams. To achieve this, Foxpass offers a user-friendly interface, high levels of automation, and integrations with existing architecture that make it easy to set up, configure, and manage long-term.  


  • Enables admins to configure password requirements, enable MFA, and enforce SSH Key and password rotation to help prevent brute force and social engineering attacks  
  • Automates server access control via a full-featured API, which also logs authentication requests to give admin clear visibility into which privilege account usage, as well as streamline auditing processes 
  • Authenticates users with MFA and SSO via cloud-hosted LDAP and RADIUS to ensure only legitimate users are accessing critical systems, and minimize the use of passwords organization-wide  
  • 24/7 technical customer support, including live video support 

Expert Insights’ Comments: While Foxpass doesn’t offer some of the more complex security features offered by some vendors on this list—such as video session recording and a password vault—it enables businesses to secure user access to privileged accounts by implementing MFA, SSO, and robust password policies. Additionally, Foxpass offers a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. As such, we recommend Foxpass as a strong alternative to Delinea for mid-sized organizations looking to secure privileged access to networks and servers, without the need for advanced session monitoring features.  

Heimdal Security Logo

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heimdal Security offers a broad range of solutions designed to protect business data at every layer, including endpoint, email, web, application, and identity. Heimdal Privileged Access Management (PAM) enables IT teams to secure user access to high-tier company resources, as well as proactively remediate identity-related threats. The solution is available standalone and as part of Heimdal’s single-agent, unified security platform.  


  • Granular user-, user group-, and process-level access escalation controls make it easy for admins to grant and remove privileges, and control what actions users can perform during privileged sessions  
  • Supports on-demand and automatic privilege elevation  
  • Creates a snapshot of user groups before and after group privileged sessions to ensure no backdoor admin accounts are created  
  • Generates data-rich, visual reports into account usage, including average escalation duration, which users or files were escalated, and what actions were carried out in each session  
  • Automatically ends privileged sessions if a threat is detected on the user’s device  
  • Integrates seamlessly with the wider Heimdal platform, enabling businesses to remove siloes and reduce friction should they wish to utilize Heimdal’s other tools 

Expert Insights’ Comments: Heimdal PAM is easy to navigate via its modern, intuitive interface. While it doesn’t offer video recording or a password vault, Heimdal PAM gives admins complete visibility into privileged access, with detailed reports that can be used to prove compliance with standards such as NIST AC-5 and NIST AC-1,6. We recommend Heimdal PAM as a strong alternative to Delinea for SMBs and mid-size enterprises looking for an easy-to-manage PAM solution with robust reporting and auditing features. It’s also particularly well-suited to businesses looking to consolidate their security stack and move away from using disparate tools.   

JumpCloud logo

JumpCloud is an identity-focused cybersecurity provider based in Colorado, US. Their Open Directory Platform enables businesses to manage and secure identities across their Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints. With cloud-based MFA, SSO, and PAM capabilities, JumpCloud enables IT admins to secure privileged accounts against credential-related breaches and govern what data users can access with their identities.  


  • Password and SSH Key management enable admins to create granular controls for password complexity across privileged accounts  
  • Alerts admins to unauthorized access attempts that could indicate a brute force attack 
  • Encourages users to rotate passwords at set intervals, then automatically updates passwords across all Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices to reduce the risk of using static credentials  
  • Natively offers multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, which enables admins to manage and secure privileged identities via a single interface 
  • Enables admins to create and manage users, configuring different levels of access privilege as needed  
  • Integrates with other directories such as Azure AD and Google Workload, or can serve as an organization’s core directory 

Expert Insights’ Comments: JumpCloud’s Open Directory Platform enables IT and security teams to manage and secure all their users’ identities, including those of privileged users. The solution provides clear visibility into credential strength and usage across the organization and offers native identity security features to help secure user accounts against brute force and social engineering attacks. We recommend JumpCloud’s solution as a strong alternative to Delinea for businesses of all sizes looking for a comprehensive cloud directory to secure all their user identities.  

One Identity Logo

One Identity is a cybersecurity provider headquartered in California, US, which specializes in identity security solutions including identity governance and administration, active directory management, and access management. Safeguard is One Identity’s PAM solution, designed to enable IT teams to secure access to high-tier systems whilst making it easier for them to prove compliance with data protection standards.  


  • Stores privileged account credentials in central vault, which is secured with MFA and SSO; admins can configure the level of authentication required of each user 
  • Automatically grants privileged credentials based on user role, which enables users to access privileged and non-privileged resources via a single account and removes the risk of admin error when provisioning access permissions  
  • Analyzes user behavior at the time of access and throughout their entire privileged session using machine learning techniques to detect anomalous or malicious activity 
  • Records keystrokes, mouse movement, and windows viewed in all privileged sessions to create a comprehensive audit trail for compliance reporting and accountability in the event of a breach  
  • Enables admins to search session recordings for specific events 

Expert Insights’ Comments: One Identity Safeguard is a strong PAM solution that offers robust session monitoring, backed up with useful search functionality, that make it easy for IT teams to not only secure their privileged accounts and identify any unauthorized behavior, but also prove compliance with strict industry and federal data protection standards. We recommend Safeguard as a strong alternative to Delinea for larger enterprises looking for more granular control over their users’ privileged sessions.  

Osirium logo

Osirium is a privileged access management, privileged endpoint management, and IT automation provider based in Theale, UK. Osirium PAM is their privileged access management solution, which helps businesses control internal and external access to critical corporate resources, and delegate privileged access just-in-time to mitigate the risk of insider and latent threats.  


  • Stores privileged credentials in a secure vault  
  • Automates recurring processes—such as account resets, account re-certification, and server health checks—to reduce the risk of administrative error and malicious admin actions, while reducing the burden on IT teams so they can focus their efforts on more complex issues 
  • Records and stores a video capture and keystrokes of all privileged session activity—including SysAdmin activity—for full user accountability and to prevent SysAdmin malpractice, as well as for more streamlined auditing  
  • Enables admins to monitor sessions in real time and terminate them with “one touch terminate” and “disable user” features, should any malicious activity be identified  
  • Generates detailed reports and audit trails on privileged account usage to help prove compliance with data protection standards such as Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 
  • Integrates with active directories for easy deployment and onboarding 

Expert Insights’ Comments: Osirium PAM offer a comprehensive privileged access management feature set, but it’s stand-out feature is its automation capability. By automating so many access-related workflows, Osirium PAM not only frees up IT resource, but also ensures that no users are doing anything they shouldn’t be—whether maliciously or accidentally. This helps to mitigate the risk of compromise at the hands of an attacker and also via human error. We recommend Osirium as a strong alternative to Delinea for businesses that want a PAM solution that they can map easily to UK- and EU-based compliance regulations.    

Wallix logo

Headquartered in Paris, France, WALLIX is a cybersecurity vendor specializing in identity and access management solutions that protect IT infrastructure, applications, and data. Bastion is WALLIX’s simplified PAM solution, available as a software and as a virtual or physical appliance. WALLIX’s 2019 acquisition of Simarks bolstered Bastion’s privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM) for Windows, and these capabilities are also available as a software. The solution is easy to use, but doesn’t compromise on security, providing organizations with full control over their privileged access.  


  • Passwords and secrets are stored in an encrypted vault, eliminating the need for multiple passwords per user  
  • High-level password security controls and Application-to-Application password management reduce the risk of credential theft 
  • PEDM capabilities allow admins to grant privileges as needed so that passwords are never static, eliminating the risk of overprivileged users.  
  • The Access Manager enables admins to monitor all session activity, with enhanced session forensic analysis and search capabilities for quickly locating recordings of specific activities, making threat detection simple and fast 

Expert Insights’ Comments: WALLIX Bastion is available both on-premises and in the cloud, making it highly flexible and giving it the ability to scale to meet an organization’s needs. It also delivers secure remote access via any browser, and remote sessions benefit from the same level of control and monitoring as internal sessions. This allows admins to monitor privilege access and session activity from anywhere. For these reasons, we recommend Bastion as a strong PAM solution for enterprises with a large number of remote employees, or offices spread across different locations.   

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