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One Identity Safeguard allows organizations to easily collect, store, manage, authenticate, record, and analyze privileged access, ensuring enhanced security without compromising on employee productivity.

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Updated Jan 23, 2023

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One Identity Safeguard allows organizations to easily collect, store, manage, authenticate, record, and analyze privileged access, ensuring enhanced security without compromising on employee productivity. Users overall rate the solution positively, commenting on its ease of use, intuitive UI, and strong set of PAM capabilities. Negative feedback is mostly suggestions for improvements, like providing configurations examples and having more integration opportunities, rather than indicating any significant issues with the solution.

  • Intuitive product which provides a nice UI for end users
  • Feature rich
  • Strong support
  • The application stability and password management functionalities are good

  • Users would like to see more partnerships and integration with other popular vendor products
  • Admin guide should provide configuration examples for specific session settings


One Identity’s Safeguard solution works to store, manage, record and analyze privileged access, acting as a layer of security to keep privileges accounts – one of the most common access points for hackers – safe and secure. It features powerful auto discovery and provisioning capabilities, making it simpler for admins to oversee and address any suspicious or unauthorized behavior. All of One Identity’s PAM products are available as modules or as an integrated package, which allows customers to build new capabilities onto their existing measures. The solution provides a necessary layer of security to one of the most frequently targeted areas of any organization – their Privileged Accounts.


Policy-Based Release Control

Request access and provide approval for privileged passwords and sessions using a secure web browser with support for mobile devices. Based on the organizations policy, requests can be approved automatically or require duel/multiple approvals.

User Behavioral Biometrics

Even while performing identical actions like typing of moving the mouse, users have an idiosyncratic pattern of behavior. The algorithms built into Safeguard for Privileged Analytics examines these behavioral patterns to help identify breaches, while also serving as continual biometric authentication.

Full-Session Audit, Recording and Replay

All session activity (windows viewed, mouse movement and keystrokes included) are captured, indexed and stored in tamper proof audit trails which can be searched like a database and viewed like a video. This allows security teams to search for specific events across sessions and view the recording from the precise location the search criteria occurred. For compliance and forensics purposes these audit trails are encrypted, time-stamped and cryptographically sighed.

Personal Password Vault

Employees can generate and store random secure passwords for non-federated business accounts in a free personal password vault. This facilitates secure sharing and recovery of password, providing additional security and visibility into business accounts.

Secure Privileged Remote Access with One Identity Safeguard

Ease Of Use

As a key benefit of the solution, One Identity boasts of keeping admins happy due to using a good UX and familiar tools. A significant number of reviewers commented on how easy to use and intuitive the solutions was, citing the fast and easy implementation, quick and simple integration with existing environments, user friend interface, and how easy it was to use from an administrator and a user perspective as a part of their positive experience with the product.


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Final Verdict

One Identity Safeguard is an integrated solution, bringing together a secure hardened password safe and a session management and monitoring solution, with analytics and threat detections. Attackers are constantly attempting to exploit lapses in security to target privileged accounts, so the One Identity Safeguard suite exists to aid in securing these privileged accounts, enabling an identity-centric Zero Trust model for just-in-time access. Safeguard’s flexibility and strong recording and analytics tools make the solutions a strong option for larger enterprises who require more granular control over privileged activities.

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