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Bravura Privilege simplifies the task of monitoring and securing user access to privileged accounts.

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Updated Nov 9, 2022

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Bravura Privilege simplifies the task of monitoring and securing user access to privileged accounts, as well as coordinating password changes across a lot of systems and applications. The product is reliable and user-friendly, and well suited to security use case. It doesn’t have particularly in-depth reporting functionality to support a compliance use case, and the procurement process can be lengthy.

  • Secure credential storage with backups for max. continuity
  • Automatic credential rotation
  • Strong session recording and search functionality

  • Lack of reporting for compliance purposes
  • Long procurement process


Bravura Privilege is a privileged access management solution that enables organizations to secure access to elevated privileges that protect sensitive or critical business applications and services, as well as easily manage and update privileged credentials. Bravura Privilege delivers reliable, scalable security that ensures secure privileged access even in the event of a disaster such as a site outage. The solution enables admins to implement the principle of least privilege across their most critical systems—helping prevent external threat actors from accessing company data —as well as gain insights into the actions of privileged users, making it easier to identify and address insider threats and user errors.

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Granular Access Controls

Admins can configure granular access control policies that grant users automatic access to shared or privileged accounts based on group memberships or identity attributes, reducing help desk approval tickets. Infrequent users can also request access manually for defined time intervals. This enables admins to easily grant users “just-in-time” access, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to critical resources.

Secure Credential Storage

Bravura Privilege generates random passwords for privileged accounts and regularly changes these to eliminate static, standing credentials and poor password sharing practices, reducing the risk of credential theft. The solution stores all privileged credentials in a vault secured with an AES 256-bit encryption key unique to each customer. This data is replicated in real-time across all instances to ensure continuity in the event of a site outage, and to ensure availability in disaster recovery scenarios.

Session Recording

All privileged sessions are recorded, with options for Bravura Privilege to record keyboard input or take screen captures with date and time stamps. Admins can search and play back recordings for accountability in the event of privileged account misuse, making it easier to detect malicious activity and remediate human error.


Bravura Privilege offers integrations with all clients, servers, hypervisors, guest operating systems, databases and applications, and collects system inventory data from multiple sources, including accounts, groups and services. Auto-discovery features make it easy for admins to secure new systems as the organization scales, and they can also define rules that outline which systems should be connected and what type of credentials and policies should be used for each of them.

Ease Of Use

Customers praise Bravura Privilege for its ease of use not only for admins but also for end users, reporting that it’s straightforward to log into the credential vault and access privileged account passwords. The solution’s interface is simple and easy to navigate, and the solution provides strong assistance with implementation and deployment, which can take place on-premises or in the cloud. Some customers report that the initial procurement process can take a long time.


Pricing for Bravura Privilege is available upon request from the sales team.

Final Verdict

Bravura Privilege is a strong PAM solution that secures privileged accounts against external threats by eliminating the use of weak or standing credentials, as well as providing protection against internal threats by enabling admins to closely monitor user actions during privileged sessions.

The session monitoring tools enable some audit functionality, but the lack of reporting and analytics features make this solution more suitable for a security use case than compliance.

The solution’s credential rotation automation, numerous integrations with different infrastructure assets and auto-discovery features make it highly flexible and scalable. As such, we recommend Bravura Privilege to larger enterprises looking to protect their high-tier accounts, systems and applications against cyberthreats.

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