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Delinea Secret Server provides PAM at enterprise scale, allowing organizations to seamlessly discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged accounts.

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Updated Sep 21, 2022

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Delinea Secret Server provides PAM at Enterprise scale, allowing organizations to seamlessly discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged accounts. Users are overall positive about their experiences with the product, praising the ease of use, strong reporting capabilities, scalability, and customizations. Some users indicated displeasure with the price, especially when considering the additional cost for ad-ons, while others stated that while the price was not as low as some competitors it was within a similar range, and was worth it for the solutions capabilities.

  • Detailed reports on user activities, secrets, and sessions.
  • High scalability
  • Easy customization

  • Can be difficult to figure out how to architect a new group within the solution
  • Performance issues with a large number of users


Delinea (formed in April 2021 through a merger of established PAM leaders Thycotic and Centrify) provides solutions to make security seamless for the modern, hybrid enterprise. Secret Server is their full-featured Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that helps users to detect, control, change, and audit privileged accounts across any organization. This is an enterprise-grade PAM solution available both on-premises or in the cloud, offering a range of useful features as well as optional add-ons. This solution provides security and IT ops teams with the capabilities and agility needed to manage all types of privileges, protecting administrator, applications, service, and root accounts from cyber attackers to mitigate potential breaches.

Secret Server admin controls

Secret Server admin controls


Protect Privileged Credentials

Secret Server does this by vaulting secure passwords, secrets, keys and certificates enterprise wide, providing proactive protection in the form of automated password creation, rotation and expiration, and supporting intelligent workflow through checkout, privileged access requests, justification requirements and tiered approvals.

Detect Suspicious Activity

The solution offers real-time session management, which includes monitoring, keystroke logging, session recording and proxying. It also integrates with SIEM and vulnerability scanners to fuller visibility for incident response, and also integrates with behavioral analysis, leveraging machine learning to pinpoint out of the ordinary user behavior.

Reduce Attack Surface

Discovery identifies unmanaged privileged accounts across the enterprise so they can be managed, meaning windows for attack are not needlessly left open. Rotation works to keep credential fresh without breaking dependencies, and DevOps workflow extends PAM protection to the development and operations teams for more comprehensive security.

Control Privileged Access

Secret Sever gives you highly granular policy control and applies that to all types of privileged identities. Custom script allows you to easily configure dependencies and integration on your own terms.

Secret Server architecture

Secret Server architecture

Ease Of Use

Delinea boast of their ‘Seamless Access’, which refers to how Secret Server was designed to have an intuitive user interface and controls that integrate seamlessly with the workflow systems peoples use daily to fulfil their roles. Reviewer’s support Delinea’s claim that their solution abandons needless complexity in favor of a seamless – not simple – approach, with users complimenting the modern, user-friendly interface that is easy for non IT people to use, as well as the ease and simplification of the deployment process and the easy customization.

Secret Server online dashboard

Secret Server online dashboard


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Final Verdict

Organizations need agile and effective privileged access management to keep ahead of cyber threats which are increasing in volume and sophistication all the time. With Delinea Secret Server you can adopt and aggressive privileged account security posture and empower security and IT ops teams to improve overall security by managing all types of privileged accounts. We would recommend Delinea Secret Server to enterprises looking for comprehensive, policy-based controls without needless complexity of the management burden of legacy PAM solutions.

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