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The Best 8 Enterprise Password Managers For Business In 2024

Expert Insights have tested 8 leading password managers for enterprise to help you find the right solution.

The Top 8 Password Managers For Business Include:

A single compromised password can be enough to undermine your organization’s entire security strategy. The importance of password security cannot be overstated, and an easy-to-use, fully featured business password manager tool is one of the best investments an organization can make to protect against data breach.

Passwords managers should make life easier for your employees, but in reality, the user experience can be very mixed. Expert Insights has tested and reviewed several of the leading password services, including interviewing password manager executives, users, and CEOs, so you can find the product that’s right for your business. 

When evaluating vendors to include in this article, we have considered: 

  • User Experience: How easy it is to add, manage, and share access passwords
  • Admin Controls: Tools for admins to configure password policies, enforce rules, and monitor password health
  • Security: Overall security of the service, including SSO/SAML support and support for FIDO passwordless technology
  • Additional Features: Additional features such as dark web monitoring and family protection plans
  • Pricing: Enterprise pricing options available

All of the vendors covered here are paid tools, although some offer free plans. Our team has independently tested and evaluated each product on this list. We’ve been reviewing enterprise password managers for businesses since 2018. Our technical team conducts first-hand analysis and product testing.

You can view additional password manager providers, frequently asked questions, and links to our additional password manager content, including interviews with password manager experts, below the product shortlist.

April 2024 Update – We have updated this article as of April 2024 to cover recently added product features and to update pricing information. We’ve also added a list of other business password managers you should consider.

Dashlane Logo

Great for ease of use

Popular with users for its intuitive user experience and wide range of security features, Dashlane Business is a user-friendly, easy-to-implement enterprise password manager. The admin console is fully featured, with comprehensive reports and policy controls. The company has led the way in the password manager space with support for FIDO2 passwordless Passkeys.

User Experience

The Dashlane app is sleek, user-friendly, and well designed. Passwords can be easily sorted into groups and categories, and easily shared with colleagues when required. Secure notes and payment card details can also be stored in the password vault. The browser extension and mobile app works seamlessly when browsing the web. In our testing, we found it easy to add, update, and manage passwords on any device.

Admin Controls

Using the centralized admin console, admins can access reports into account usage, shared password group information, and Password Health score reports. This console also allows admins to configure policies including disabling autofill, 2FA enforcement, and setting up Business Space domains. The Business Space feature allows users to store their business and personal credentials separately within a single vault.


Dashlane features a secure AES 256-bit encrypted password vault, with an additional Argon2d encryption setting for added latency which provides stronger security against brute force attacks as slow hashing functions require more time and resource to crack. Using the platform’s Authenticator tool in the Dashlane mobile app, users can set up 2FA for all registered accounts in their Dashlane vault, making it easier to store and share 2FA tokens securely.

Additional Features

Automatic breach alerts notify users immediately if a hacker attempts to breach their vault, while the dark web scanning tool searches the internet for stolen credentials.

If the scan comes back positive, Dashlane alerts users that they need to change their password. Admins can access real-time insights into the security breaches that their users have been involved in, along with recommendations of how they can mitigate them.

Dashlane offer support for FIDO Passkeys and the platform can manage these in addition to passwords. The benefit of this is that users can use passkeys on all devices via Dashlane, rather than having them tied to specific operating systems.


Dashlane offers two password management packages: Team and Business. Dashlane Team includes their secure password vault, management and reporting, group password sharing and 2FA. Dashlane Business includes all of the features of Team, plus SSO, dark web monitoring, and a free family protection plan for each user.

Why We Selected Dashlane

Dashlane’s excellent customer support and user-friendly interface make it strong password manager for a small-to-medium-sized business. The solution’s seamless integration with Dashlane Authenticator, the vendor’s standalone 2FA app, makes it a particularly strong solution for organizations wanting to implement MFA as well as a password manager to help prevent credential-related breaches.

Read our full review of Dashlane.

Read our interview with Dashlane CEO John Bennett.

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JumpCloud logo

Great for identity management

JumpCloud is an identity management provider with a comprehensive solution for managing user devices, access, and security policies. JumpCloud’s Password Manager enables users to use secure passwords more easily across all of their online accounts.

User Experience

The password manager is delivered in two components, an easy-to-use desktop app available for Mac, PCs, or Linux devices, and a browser extension, which automatically enters passwords from the JumpCloud Password Manager into websites and applications. Users can easily log in with their PIN to access all passwords, payment cards, and notes, as well as using a two-factor authenticator app built into the password manager to authenticate access for other services.

Because JumpCloud also offers an MFA platform, the password manager by default includes any 2FA codes generated by JumpCloud. This is really helpful from a user standpoint, as it means you don’t need to open an authenticator app then copy/paste the code every time you want to log into an account.

Admin Controls

JumpCloud provides a comprehensive admin console which is integrated with their broader Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite. Admins can manage automated onboarding and offboarding policies, enforce secure multi-factor authentication and single sign-on workflows, and view comprehensive reports and analytics.


All password data is stored locally, which reduces the risk of password compromise. Users can add additional devices to ensure that they can always access their passwords from whichever device they are using to work. JumpCloud operate a highly secure platform. They conduct annual external penetration and vulnerability testing as well as implimenting best-practice at-rest and transmission encryption protocols to secure user data.

Additional Features

JumpCloud enables secure credential sharing. This process is very easy to manage, and any passwords that are changed after they are shared will automatically be updated across the whole team. In addition, when a password is shared, any associated 2FA codes are also shared with the password, so multiple users can securely access an account with 2FA in place.

JumpCloud’s platform is fully integrated with their broader identity and access management suite. These means that it is seamlessly tied to your active directory service, SSO, and MFA tools, allowing admins to manage all user privileges, passwords, and security in one single console.


JumpCloud offer transparent pricing starting at just $9 per user, per month billed annually. There are five platform versions available ranging from device management only, up to the full JumpCloud Zero Trust platform. Discounts are available for non-profits, professional services, education, and security partners.

Why We Selected JumpCloud

JumpCloud is a leading provider of identity services. Their open directory platform enables IT teams to manage their entire tech stack with device management, user authentication and single sign-on, and access control. JumpCloud Password Manager is a strong option for organizations looking for password management as part of a comprehensive, market-leading identity and access management solution.

Read our full review of JumpCloud.

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Uniqkey Logo

Great for European businesses

Uniqkey is a password manager, two-factor authentication and access management solution offering centralized access control for admins. The platform is GDPR compliant and operates from Danish data centres. The solution is trusted by over 500 businesses globally.

User Experience

Uniqkey offers a slick, easy-to use password vault. The browser plugin provides easily actionable pop-up notifications to approve access requests and manage one-time-passcodes. The platform automatically inserts user login details as they browse, and the app provides secure password sharing, 2FA autofill, and separate storage for work and private passwords. Onboarding is very straightforward via the desktop app for users of all skill levels.

Admin Controls

Admins can easily view all accounts being used and not used within a user’s password vault and can group shared assets such as credit card details. Password usage can be restricted based on time-of-day or location, and access can be limited for set periods of time – for example a password could be shared for just five minutes if required.


A key differentiator for Uniqkey compared to other password managers on this list is that passwords are stored locally and encrypted on the local device, rather than in the cloud. This makes password storage far more secure, as there is no risk of password breach even if the central system is compromised. If your device is lost, a central backup is available, with the encryption keys held on an admin’s mobile device.

Additional Features

Other key features of Uniqkey include automatic two-factor authentication, centralized access management, comprehensive reporting, and shadow IT monitoring.


Uniqkey offers per-user pricing. Contact the Uniqkey team directly for information on costs for your organization.

Why We Selected Uniqkey

Uniqkey help businesses improve their overall password hygiene, reduce security risks, and promote efficient collaboration amongst employees. The solution is easy-to-use and is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, particularly those looking for passwords to be stored securely on the local device, or businesses based in Europe looking to partner with a GDPR compliant, EU-based provider.

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Keeper Logo

Great for advanced admin features

Keeper is a market-leading business password management solution that provides enterprise password security features to help promote better password practices among employees, prevent account compromise, and meet business compliance standards. Keeper also offers a secrets management solution for developers.

User Experience

Keeper makes it very easy for users generate random, high-strength passwords for all of their company accounts and apps. These are stored in a vault that can be easily managed and accessed when needed from any device. Keeper’s password vault is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, making it simple to create high-strength passwords, access controls, and securely share them with other team members when needed. When resetting passwords or creating a new account, KeeperFill automatically suggests and saves new passwords to the user’s vault.

Admin Controls

Keeper’s Admin Console allows administrators to provision and control the end-user licenses for their account. The Admin Console offers advanced integration with Active Directory, SSO, SCIM, and developer APIs to allow easy provisioning. Employee permissions are fully customizable and role-based access controls can be set up to stop passwords from being shared outside of organizations or to the wrong team members. Admins can also view employee password security statistics and access a range of audits to enforce policies and ensure compliance standards are met.


Built on a zero-knowledge security architecture, password encryption, and decryption occur only on the client’s device. This means that the plaintext version of the data is never available to Keeper employees or any outside party. As of June 2023, Keeper supports the use of Apple Passkeys in browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari.

Additional Features

Keeper can generate secure 2FA for all accounts to help users more easily manage multi-factor authentication. The platform can also be used to manage FIDO Passkeys on all devices. Keeper provides a BreachWatch service to detect dark web compromised passwords, and premium 24/7 customer support.


Base pricing starts at $3.75 per user, per month. Additional add-ons are also available such as BreachWatch, which scans the dark web and alerts users when any of their credentials are found.

Why We Selected Keeper

Keeper is a strong option for organizations looking for a reliable, fully featured, enterprise password management solution. Keeper helps to improve employee productivity, reduce the risk of data breaches from weak or reused passwords, and ensure compliance standards are met. The platform is easy to use and offers comprehensive admin policies to enforce password security at all levels of an organization.

1Password Logo

Great for compliance and integrations

1Password offers secure, scalable, and easy-to-use password management for teams. The solution makes it easy for employees to stay safe online by storing passwords in secure vaults and enforcing two-factor authentication. Passwords are synced seamlessly across browsers and devices, meaning employees always have access to their passwords.

User Experience

1Password provides a great end-user experience. It is very easy to create and manage secure passwords when browsing the web and add additional context such as tags once passwords have been added to the vault. Passwords can be easily updated, and previously used passwords are stored to help you ensure passwords are unique. It’s also easy for users to switch between personal and private vaults.

Admin Controls

Admins have access to advanced permissions and can deploy account recovery options in the event passwords are lost. A travel mode is available to ensure that admins can help employees with password issues while away from their desks.  1Password also offers Active Directory and Slack integration so that passwords can be securely shared across groups and teams. This enables faster deployment and improves productivity.

Admins can view granular activity logs and usage reports, providing them with a comprehensive view of their organization’s security and address security risks such as re-used passwords.


All passwords stored are encrypted. Secret keys are stored on local devices to prevent hackers from remotely accessing the password vault. 1Password provides numerous extra security features, such as regularly wiping copied passwords from your clipboard to prevent clipboard malware accessing passwords.

Additional Features

1Password integrates with other identity tools, like single sign-on, but also with broader enterprise security solutions, such as Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) solutions. 1password also generates compliance reports and integrates with tools like Splunk for tracking alerting and logs.


1Password for Business pricing starts at $7.99 USD per month, with an enterprise option also including a dedicated account manager and onboarding support. A free 14-day trial of the service is also available.

Why We Selected 1Password

1Password offer a user-friendly password management solution with strong features both for end users and admins. End users get a fully featured, easy-to-use password manager with both private and enterprise support. Admins get granular policies, customizable compliance reports and integrations across the security stack to help improve password security.

BitWarden Logo

Great for open-source password management

Bitwarden is a fast, secure open-source password manager used by millions of users worldwide. Bitwarden offer a business service for small teams, and enterprise organizations, enabling employees to generate, manage, and store passwords. The service is designed to be scalable for teams, with support for single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

User Experience

Bitwarden’s web-based user interface is functional and simple to use. Users can favorite specific passwords to quickly grab when needed and can group passwords using tags and folders. The interface is not as flashy in terms of user interface as other solutions available, but the platform is fast to use and packed with features for power users, such as the ability to switch between organizations.

One great standout feature of Bitwarden is the ability to add multiple URLs for the same credentials. This is great for users who may require multiple logins for the same domain, or multiple domains for the same logins. There are lots of customization options within in the vault – and Bitwarden has an authenticator to generate 2FA codes.

Admin Controls

Admins are able to group users into organizations, which enables secure sharing of passwords, payment cards, and notes. Users can easily be onboarded and offboarding based on integrations with popular active directory services. Admins can enforce length and complexity requirements for master passwords and for all generated passwords stored in the vault. Admins can set policies for password sharing and note sharing functions, whilst governing access to the password vaults with time outs and controls for password vault exports.


The platform stands out as open source and third party audited service that is fully compliant with Privacy Shield, GDPR, and CCPA regulations. Bitwarden’s source code is free for everyone to view, ensuring ultimate transparency. All data is fully encrypted before leaving the local device.

Additional Features

Bitwarden is customizable, allowing users to easily set up in the cloud or self-host for total data control. There is a free family plan available for all enterprise users. Bitwarden has also launched support for FIDO passkeys. Enterprise users get admin account recovery options, support for passwordless single sign-on, and integrations with additional security tools.


Bitwarden Business pricing starts at $3 per user per month, which includes password management across your whole organization. Bitwarden also offer an Enterprise plan that includes advanced policy management, and SSO integrations.

Why We Selected Bitwarden

We recommend Bitwarden for organizations looking for a secure, open-source, password management platform, that is trusted and popular with its users. After reviewing the service, we would argue that it is a strong fit particularly for more technical users who can really take advantage of the features and customizability of the platform.

NordPass Logo

Great for remote mobile users

NordPass Business is an enterprise password manager developed by Nord, the company best known for their VPNs and network access control solutions. NordPass helps teams to better manage password security with an end-to-end encrypted secure vault for storing user credentials, credit cards, notes, and other personal information.

User Experience

NordPass offers a great end-user experience – it’s a very simple app for both desktop and mobile. It’s easy to use on the go – it’s easy to generate strong passwords, auto-fill credentials, and share passwords with co-workers and groups. The UI is neatly organized and it’s quick to open folders and grab specific passwords when needed. It’s also easy to get the service up and running – users are able to choose from using the Web Vault (which can be accessed on any browser) or downloading the NordPass mobile app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Admin Controls

From the console, admins can quickly view all users and groups. Admins can view an activity log which displays detailed information on user activity and any breached domains. Admins can also integrate with directory services to speed up onboarding new users and enforce single sign-on usage. The dashboard displays a high level view of the organization, including billing and a report on vulnerable password usage.


The NordPass vault is fully encrypted to ensure passwords are secure against compromise. Vaults can also be secured with multi-factor authentication (including strong factors such as biometrics). Users can also add USB security keys to protect access to their vaults.

Additional Features

NordPass has announced support for FIDO Passkeys, enabling passwordless authentication on all devices. NordPass can also be used as an authenticator app to store 2FA authentication codes for any accounts or services. Nord can be used to store payment cards, alarm PINs, and WiFi codes. NordPass also provides dark web monitoring and notifies users if passwords have appeared in a public breach.


NordPass Business is available for $3.59 per month, which includes the security dashboard, company-wide deployment and SSO support for Google Workspace. An Enterprise plan is also available; this includes support for SSO with Azure AD and OKTA, user provisioning via Active Directory, and shared folders.

Why We Selected NordPass

NordPass is an easy-to-use, secure, and convenient password management solution. The UI is fast and quick, and it’s a good solution for SMBs looking for a tool that can be easily deployed for remote users. The mobile app works really well, and it works across all operating systems.

RoboForm Logo

Great for password policy enforcement

Roboform is a secure password manager offering plans for both business and personal users. Roboform securely stores passwords across all websites and applications, automatically capturing new passwords and auto-filling logins with a single click. Roboform offers comprehensive admin controls – with simplified onboarding, granular password policies, and lots of reports available.

User Experience

Roboform is easy to use and clearly laid out. The user interface looks very similar to Windows 10 file explorer, with a defined folder-based structure. This feels less modern than other password vaults on this list, but means it’s very easy to use, and familiar for users that may not want to have to learn how to use a new app just to access their passwords. The mobile app is well designed and makes it easy to grab passwords, while the browser extension works seamlessly to auto-fill passwords as you browse.

Admin Policies

Roboform Business syncs with your user directory to automatically provision new users and allows you to create groups and teams, making secure password sharing more straightforward. This is managed within the centralized admin console, where admins can audit, support, and onboard/offboard new users efficiently. Admins can configure granular password policies around user settings, password complexity, password rotations, and emergency access. Admins can also view detailed reports across the organization, including at a user level.


Roboform uses the AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 to secure passwords stored in the password vault, in transit, and on the server. Accounts can also be secured with multi-factor authentication. The solution equips admins with granular security controls and audits.

Additional Features

Roboform provides a robust reporting dashboard, with detailed reports, dark web monitoring, and notifications for security alerts. The service conducts password health checks to encourage users to change weak, re-used, or compromised passwords. Roboform enables secure password sharing and checks passwords for compromise, including if they have appeared in a data breach.


Roboform offers tiered pricing based on subscription length and company size. A one-year subscription for 101+ users is $29.95 per user, per year. A 15% discount is available for a 3-year subscription, and a 25% discount is available for a 5-year subscription.

Why We Selected Roboform

Roboform is popular with teams of all sizes and is highly rated by users. The service is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook, and supported web browsers. We recommend this as a strong fit for admins looking to roll out a password manager across an organization. It’s not a flashy service, but it’s functional, and one that can deliver on improving password hygiene without causing any extra hassle for users.

RoboForm Logo
The Top 8 Password Managers For Business