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Passportal is a strong password management system from N-able that offers granular access, full visibility, and extensive features aimed at improving end-users sign-on experience.

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Updated Sep 21, 2022

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Passportal is a strong password management system from N-able that offers granular access, full visibility, and extensive features aimed at improving end-users sign-on experience. Users found it easy deploy and use, but some found difficulty with troubleshooting and integration wasn’t always seamless.

  • Can store credentials and documentation in the same portal
  • Intuitive interface
  • Noted for ease of deployment

  • Slight problems with troubleshooting
  • Integration with other N-able products isn’t always intuitive


Passportal is a cloud-based, encrypted password manager from N-able. For end users, it stores their passwords in an encrypted format, and can be autofilled when a user needs to access an application or site via browser plug-ins. Passportal can generate strong passwords, store these passwords safely, and do not require for end users to remember or store these passwords themselves, reducing an area of risk.

For admins, the platform itself has an intuitive interface. Admins are granted granular access to data and user permissions, are provided with extensive auditing and reporting, and have full visibility, which in turn allows them to support end users when needed.


Documentation management

Structured documentation allows for ease when training new staff, credentials can be changed, revoked, or removed at the leaving of or addition of staff, with password change automation. Documentation manager consolidates all the documents admins need to keep track of, including vendor and client information, making it a handy tool for MSPs.

Network integration

N-able’s Passportal product is highly integratable with most other servers. It’s compatible with all Windows products, if passwords are updated in these programs, it automatically updates across the management server. It’s ConnectWise integration comes in handy for organizations that are MSPs, removing time spent on finding credentials.

Self-Service Password Reset

Self-service password resetting can be done via MFA methods directly by the end-user, should they get locked out of their account. This reduces the amount of time spent by admins on fixing these issues.

Ease Of Use

Users have highlighted the product for its intuitive interface and how accessible it is for admins to access everything they need in one place. It integrates well with most servers and platforms, though some have pointed out issues with integration with other N-able products. Document management is well integrated. Most users also commented that the solution was easy to deploy, with barely any snags.


Pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Final Verdict

Passportal is a strong, cloud-based password management system that aims to eliminate risk by removing password management and password creation for end users. Admins have full granular access control and user permissions, and automated password changes and self-service password resets remove extra work for IT staff. IT staff can support clients effectively, and passwords are stored in easily accessible but highly encrypted vault. Overall, it’s an intuitive management system that streamlines use for both admins and end users. With its effective documentation management feature, we would strongly recommend it for managed service providers.

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