RSA’s SecurID is a straightforward, easy to deploy MFA solution that opens a wide range of authentication options for users who can find a method that suits them.

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Updated Sep 29, 2022

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RSA’s SecurID is a straightforward, easy to deploy MFA solution that opens a wide range of authentication options for users who can find a method that suits them. It can also authenticate access for users without input from admins.

  • Visually appealing and easily navigable user interface
  • Face ID integration
  • Easy to add new authentication devices

  • Lack of adequate tech support
  • Users cannot change authentication device without help from admins
  • Can’t log in without authenticated device


SecurID is an authentication solution that offers a wide range of authentication methods including MFA and 2FA. It can be deployed either on cloud or on-prem and is compatible with most – if not all – devices and servers.

Users are granted one-time access tokens to safely and securely log-in to their work apps. Interface for token generation is clean and simple, and easy to navigate. Users are given multiple ways to authenticate their identity with, from mobile device authentication, one-time passcodes, biometric options, and FIDO-based authentication.


Mobile access and biometric authentication

Users can use their mobile phones to gain access, either utilizing one-time codes or using biometric data for easy access.

No fail capabilities

Users can authenticate from anywhere with any device, regardless of the platform. It can also authenticate users if there is an interruption in connectivity or no internet at all, helping users work from wherever they may be.

Remote connection

Users can authenticate and access their work applications from wherever they may be, even without a reliable internet connection. This saves lost productivity from connection issues.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is a feature that allows users to log in once to a platform that contains all their applications that they need. They will not have to re-enter their credentials for any new apps or at point throughout the rest of their session. It prevents password fatigue and from lost productivity by having to manually login to every application each time they are accessed.

Ease Of Use

Clients have noted the product for its simplicity and ease of use. Token configuration is straightforward. Deployment is noted for its ease, and support for set up is good if admins run into any problems.

Users can easily access applications through MFA utilizing their mobile phones or through fobs, however it is noted that if a user loses this device, access is impossible and can be tricky for admins to remediate.

RSA’s SSO and Authentication Platform in the Cloud, Explained With Smartboard


Only one plan is available, but a free trial is offered. Pricing plans are supplied via a quotation request.

Final Verdict

SecurID is a straightforward, no-frills approach to secure authentication for businesses. It offers users an array of authentication methods that work regardless of internet connectivity, and can also authenticate access via self-service methods, saving time for admins. It’s easy to deploy and works with most systems.

We would recommend it for a wide range of organizations, from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprises. It is suitable for a large range of industries, including education, finance, and healthcare.

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