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PingOne Cloud Platform is a strong, air-tight-secure identity and access management tool that is best aimed for companies at enterprise level.

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Updated Jul 3, 2023

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PingOne Cloud Platform is a strong, air-tight-secure identity and access management tool that is best aimed for companies at enterprise level. Users like the product for its scalability, ease of use, and seamless integration with existing workflows. There are slight issues reported with documentation and reporting, though customer support has been noted for its efficacy and effectiveness.

  • Visually appealing and easily navigable user interface
  • Face ID integration
  • Easy to add new authentication devices

  • Admin interface sometimes complex


Ping Identity is cloud-based identity and access management company that provides MFA, risk management, fraud detection, identity verification, and single-sign-on capabilities to SaaS, legacy, and web applications under one unified platform: PingOne Cloud Platform. It allows companies to manage their Ping Identity products in one place. It comes in two formats: PingOne for Customers and PingOne for Workforce. PingOne for Customers which enables SSO, MFA, and more for customers using company websites. PingOne for Workforce connects employees (and anyone else who may need to) connect to company severs.


Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

PingOne comes with strong MFA capabilities, including passwordless authentication that removes an area of risk by removing an attack vector and eliminating password fatigue. Ping’s MFA is adaptive, and can use frictionless, behavioral, and contextual information such as: IP address, geolocation, and time stamps to assess if there is any risks present.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The SSO feature allows for users to sign on with one set of credentials to be able to access multiple apps. It reduces password fatigue for users and removes the temptation for users to re-use passwords or use weak passwords. It also reduces the number of password reset requests, saving admins time.

Risk Management

Ping’s risk management integrates into authentication flows and policies, tracking and signalling notable events during user sessions. It rates and aggregates risk signals, highlighting risks on a user’s device and providing a risk score. Once admins have assessed the risk score, they can decide whether or not to grant access to that particular user.

Risk management features delivers better security by providing in-depth user behavior across the server, enabling admins to make more informed actions. It also has intelligent authentication, providing risk signals that can be analyzed by context and user behavior before acting.

Ease Of Use

Clients report that set up was easy, with simple and consistent workflows. Users find it easy to navigate through, with a simple user interface to interact with. Some users however report that the user interface can be difficult to manage at times.

The deployment process is straightforward. Admins can customize sign-on forms and user interfaces to align with company branding, add SAML applications, build a custom sign-on policy, create groups, control user access, and build customized authorization policies.

PingOne for Enterprise and PingID


There are three pricing plans available. The first is Essential, which starts at $20,000 per year. Essential includes single sign-on, authentication policies, unified admin portal, secure user management and more.

The Plus plan starts at $40,000. It includes everything in Essential, along with strong MFA capabilities, customer device management, password-less authentication, LDAP and more. The Premium plan contains everything in Essential and Plus, but delivered as a scalable model for enterprises and is compliant with strict security policies. Pricing is available via a quotation request.

Final Verdict

PingOne Cloud Platform is a sophisticated product that can deliver strong security and management protocols on a highly scalable, cloud-based, singular platform. It’s highly integrable with other software and blends with existing workflows well. It provides frictionless sign-on capabilities that do not require passwords, eliminating an area of risk.

Due to the high cost, it’s best suited to companies at enterprise level that has wide customer usage, such as companies working in retail, or firms needing a high-level of identity security for compliance or confidentiality reasons, such as government, financial services, and healthcare.

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