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Keeper Enterprise Password Management is a robust, reliable password manager with flexible pricing options that make it suitable for SMBs and larger enterprises alike.

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Keeper Enterprise Password Management is a robust, reliable password manager with flexible pricing options that make it suitable for SMBs and larger enterprises alike. Easy to navigate for both admins and end users, it helps businesses enforce strong password practices at a user level and organization-wide, and makes it easy for admins to report on their overall password security posture.

  • Secure encrypted vault encourages good password practices
  • User-friendly for admins and end users
  • Customizable compliance reporting

  • KeeperFill feature sometimes fails to automatically detect and fill out credential forms


Keeper Enterprise Password Management is Keeper Security’s answer to encouraging better password practices amongst employees, giving them a way not only to create strong passwords, but also to securely store and share them—along with sensitive files—via the solution’s encrypted vault. Keeper’s zero trust business password management solution helps organizations bolster their password security at a user and organizational level, minimizing the risk of credential-related cyberthreats such as password cracking and account takeover attempts. It also helps businesses ensure compliance with industry and federal data protection standards and regulations such as RBAC, HIPAA, FINRA and SOC.

Business and enterprise protection

Business and enterprise protection


Secure Password Vault

Once onboarded, end users store their passwords in a secure vault, where they’re protected with FIPS-140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption, plus PBKDF2, which reduces an organization’s vulnerability to brute force and rainbow table attacks. Each user can access their vault by entering their cryptographic key, or “master password”. Admins can also enforce MFA and SSO at the vault level. Once logged in, users can access passwords and share them securely, and Keeper automatically fills in credentials on online login forms; if a new account is created, Keeper suggests and saves strong passwords directly in the user’s vault.

BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring

BreachWatch constantly scans each user’s password vault for passwords that have been compromised and exposed on the dark web. If a compromised password is detected, Keeper alerts the user, encouraging them to change that password to protect against credential-stuffing attacks.

Compliance Reporting

Admins can monitor and report the access permissions of all accounts using Keeper’s comprehensive event logging and reporting tools. Keeper supports audits for SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI-DSS and HIPAA by enabling admins to generate customizable reports into access permissions by user. Reports can be previewed for pre-approvals, and forwarded on-demand to compliance systems and external auditors.

Intuitive Admin Console

From the management console, admins can manage end user licenses and provisioning, made easier through integrations with Active Directory, SCIM, developer APIs and a range of third-party MFA and SSO tools. Admins can also configure user permissions, including role-based access controls, and access audit reports.

Dark web monitoring and alerts

Dark web monitoring and alerts

Ease Of Use

Keeper Enterprise Password Management is easy to deploy and provision, thanks to its Active Directory and developer API integrations. Customers praise the solution for its intuitive, user-friendly interface—both for end users accessing their vault, and for admins managing the platform. Users also praise the platform’s flexible usage options; users can access Keeper via mobile or desktop app, or via their browser. A minority of users report that the KeeperFill browser extension sometimes fails to detect web form fills and enter credentials automatically, but they also note that this is only a rare occurrence.

Autofill password in websites and apps

Autofill password in websites and apps


Keeper Enterprise Password Management is available via two plans: Business and Enterprise.

Keeper Business

For $3.75/user/month, organizations benefit from a secure password vault for each user, shared team folders, access from unlimited devices, a policy engine, security auditing, active reporting, and basic 2FA (SMS, TOTP, smartwatch and FIDO web authentication).

Keeper Enterprise

The enterprise package offers all the above, plus SAML 2.0 SSO, integrations with DUO and RSA for 2FA, automated team management, Active Directory and LDAP sync, SCIM, Azure AD and email provisioning, and developer APIs for backend integration and password rotation. Pricing for Keeper Enterprise is available from the Keeper sales team on request.

Keeper also offers optional add-ons, including advanced reporting and alerts, compliance reporting, and encrypted messaging.

Enhanced two-factor authentication

Enhanced two-factor authentication

Final Verdict

Keeper Enterprise Password Management is a highly secure password manager that not only enables end users to create, securely store and share strong passwords, but also makes it easy for them to do so. The intuitive interface is very user-friendly, and the integrations with 2FA and SSO tools enable security without compromising productivity. The platform makes it easy for admins to improve password practices organization-wide, whilst also giving them insights on access to shared and privileged accounts via in-depth reporting tools. We recommend Keeper as a strong solution for any organization looking to improve their workforce’s password security posture.

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