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Beyond Encryption Mailock

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Beyond Encryption Mailock Overview

Mailock encrypted email makes it easy to digitize your sensitive customer communications with full protection and compliance with regulatory standards.

When you send a postcard, the information on the back can be seen by anyone who comes into contact with it, so we usually stick to "wish you were here!", instead of writing down sensitive information. Emails can be just as insecure, with cybercriminals able to access message contents and attachments at multiple points on the email’s virtual journey. But encryption can mitigate this.

Mailock email encryption changes email content into a form that can only be read by the person it was sent to. If anyone did manage to catch it while it was travelling through the internet, they would be unable to read it, keeping personal information safe. Your recipient then receives a message telling them they have a secure email, linking them to a site to decrypt the content.

Protect valuable comms. Encrypt, send, and gain intelligence with Mailock.

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Email Encryption

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Fareham, UK

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Desktop Outlook, On Server, or Cloud

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