Email Encryption


What is Email Encryption, How Does It Work, and How Can It Protect Your Organization?

Email Encryption, what it is, how it works and it can help your organization to become more secure.

Expert Insights / Jan 01, 2021 By Joel Witts

Top Email Encryption Solutions

Proofpoint Essentials Email Encryption

Proofpoint Essentials is a market leading email security platform. Essentials combines email security, archiving, continuity and encryption. Essentials Email Encryption helps small and medium-sized businesses to automatically encrypt emails. Admins are able to automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted, and users can trigger encryption by using the encryption tag in email subject lines. Encrypted emails are delivered via a secure web portal, which recipients login to. Essentials is a good option for organizations that need a full suite of emails security and encryption. Pricing starts at $225 per year for 5 user teams.

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