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The Top 10 User And Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Solutions

User And Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solutions enable organizations to track, monitor, and understand the behavior of users and entities within their networks, with ML-powered anomaly detection, behavior analysis, and incident alerting.

The Top 10 User And Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) Solutions Include:
  • 1. ActivTrak
  • 2. Cynet UBA
  • 3. ManageEngine Log360
  • 4. IBM Security QRadar SIEM
  • 5. Logpoint Converged SIEM UEBA
  • 6. LogRhythm UEBA
  • 7. Rapid7 InsightIDR
  • 8. Securonix UEBA
  • 9. Splunk User Behavior Analytics
  • 10. Varonis Data Security Platform

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solutions enable organizations to detect sophisticated zero-day and insider threats on their network that likely would have evaded traditional security tools. In order to detect these threats, UEBA solutions create a baseline of “normal” user and entity (e.g., endpoints, applications, servers, routers, hosts, and data repositories) behaviors, then employ a combination of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, along with statistical analysis, to identify deviations from those baselines.

These deviations, or anomalous behaviors, could indicate that an entity or user’s account has been compromised. When the UEBA solution detects such a deviation, it assigns it a risk score. When a behavior passes a certain risk threshold, the UEBA tool notifies the IT or security team so that they can quickly investigate the incident further, and remediate any malicious activity.

By implementing a UEBA solution, organizations can detect and quickly respond to unknown and zero-day threats such as social engineering (e.g., spear phishing), account takeover, and DDoS attacks. They can also free up IT resource to focus their energy in areas where it’s most needed; by allowing the UEBA solution to collect and analyze data on user and entity activity, IT teams are free to focus on threat remediation and network optimization.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 UEBA solutions designed to help you identify and remediate malicious activity within your network. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including data source integrations, behavior analysis, risk scoring, alerting, and automated remediation. Note that some solutions on this list are dedicated UEBA tools; others are part of a wider SIEM or XDR platform.

ActivTrak logo

ActivTrak is a user behavior analytics (UBA) solution designed to collect unbiased, reliable data on typical behavior within an organization. This cloud-based software enables organizations to detect unusual or suspicious activities, and configure automatic responses when user activities deviate from expected behavior.

ActivTrak offers comprehensive activity logs, alarm logs, screenshots, and video reports, all of which enable users to closely monitor and quickly respond to potential security threats. The solution also offers customizable reporting dashboards that make behavioral data readily available after installation. As well as for security monitoring, these reports can also be used to increase user productivity, as admins can share personalized insights with end users to improve their work habits, and managers can use location insights to make informed decisions about hybrid work arrangements.

To maintain privacy and trust, ActivTrak includes data privacy controls that protect sensitive information without compromising productivity insights. It also simplifies user management within the platform so that organizations can efficiently manage their teams. Overall, ActivTrak offers a comprehensive UBA solution for organizations seeking to identify anomalous user behavior that could indicate account compromise, and optimize user productivity.

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Cynet is a cybersecurity company that offers user behavior analytics in order to detect compromised accounts and malicious insiders. To do this, Cynet customizes baseline user behavior by considering factors such as role, group, geolocation, and working hours to define normal patterns. It then automatically monitors user activity in real time, scanning for suspicious activities like first-time logins and off-hour access.

Cynet UBA provides activity context by continuously correlating user activities with other events, such as endpoints, files, and external network locations. This helps determine real-time risk levels. Additionally, Cynet automates alerts and remediation by sending notifications when it detects suspicious activity. Users have the option to automatically disable compromised accounts or review activity context to determine alternative appropriate actions.

Cynet’s user behavior analytics solution can rapidly identify malicious activities, such as lateral movement, command and control activity, or accessing bad domains. Common scenarios that Cynet can detect include anomalous logins, new VPN connections, multiple concurrent connections, and off-hours SaaS application logins. By offering these features, Cynet helps organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture without the need for extensive manual effort.

ManageEngine Log 360

ManageEngine Log360 is a unified SIEM solution that integrates DLP and CASB capabilities to detect, prioritize, investigate, and respond to security threats in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networks. Using threat intelligence, machine learning-based anomaly detection, and rule-based attack detection techniques, Log360 can detect sophisticated attacks and provide an effective incident management console for remediation purposes. Plus, with the help of its Log360 UEBA add-on, it detects anomalies in user activity through machine learning, allowing for the identification, qualification, and investigation of internal threats by extracting valuable information from logs.

ManageEngine Log360 can spot various deviant behaviors such as unusual logon attempts, file deletions from unusual hosts, and multiple logon failures. The platform also employs a real-time event correlation engine, threat intelligence, and advanced threat analytics (ATA) to provide a thorough analysis of log data and detection of suspicious network activity.

ManageEngine Log360 generates a risk score for each user and entity based on the level of danger their behavior presents, assisting security admins in determining which threats require investigation. This helps highlight major threats such as insider threats, account compromises, and data exfiltration. Finally, Log360 offers a responsive incident management system, featuring an automated response workflow triggered by specific incidents. Combining all these features, Log360 allows organizations to quickly and effectively respond to security threats.

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IBM Security QRadar SIEM User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is designed to establish baseline behavior patterns for employees in order to better detect potential threats within an organization. QRadar SIEM UBA leverages existing data to generate new insights around user behavior and risk management, enabling a more prompt response to suspicious activity and possible threats such as identity theft, hacking, phishing, or malware.

The QRadar UBA app incorporates two main functions: risk profiling and unified user identities. Risk profiling assigns risk levels to various security use cases by using existing event and flow data in the QRadar system. This helps assess the severity and reliability of detected incidents. Unified user identities combine disparate accounts associated with a single QRadar user, which ensures a comprehensive consolidation of risk and traffic data.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM UBA also provides a user import wizard, allowing the user data importation from various sources such as LDAP servers, active directory servers, reference tables, and CSV files. The app’s features include risk scoring, machine learning add-on, and rules and tuning, offering improved threat monitoring and prevention capabilities. By utilizing QRadar SIEM UBA, organizations can enhance their security measures and respond more effectively to potential threats.

Logpoint Logo

Logpoint Converged SIEM UEBA is a unified platform designed to help security operations center (SOC) teams enhance investigations while reducing threat hunting times. By combining SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, EDR, and security monitoring of SAP, Logpoint provides a comprehensive solution for both enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Logpoint Converged SIEM UEBA uses machine learning technology to detect anomalous behavior and spot early signs of suspicious patterns by establishing baselines for normal behavior in users, peer groups, and network entities. The platform facilitates faster and more efficient investigations by calculating risk scores, prioritizing high-fidelity incidents, and providing actionable evidence to improve detection times and alert accuracy. It also offers powerful automation capabilities, allowing SOC teams to set up automated response processes and focus on threats that matter. Security measures are also in place with encrypted data transfers and the system meeting SOC 2 standards for cloud security.

Thanks to its single taxonomy design, Logpoint Converged SIEM UEBA offers excellent time-to-value, requiring minimal setup and changes to existing infrastructure. This makes it easy for businesses to employ the platform and enhance their security measures without any complex integrations or static detection rule adjustments.

LogRhythm Logo

LogRhythm UEBA, formerly known as CloudAI, is a cloud-native add-on for the LogRhythm SIEM platform that utilizes machine learning to detect user-based anomalies and prioritize them for investigation and response. By functioning as an advanced UEBA log source in the LogRhythm SIEM platform, it extends threat detection coverage beyond existing out-of-the-box AI Engine UEBA rules. This enables security analysts to address current threats and identify advanced threats that may arise in the future.

LogRhythm UEBA learns and evolves within the specific environment, continuously adapting and tuning for effective security coverage. It offers plug-and-play implementation, allowing teams to focus on their core tasks rather than implementing and maintaining a new system. Additionally, LogRhythm’s Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric provides data enrichment, normalization, and contextual information to feed into the SIEM platform and UEBA. Finally, integration with the LogRhythm SIEM platform allows for customizable dashboards, saved searches, and AI Engine rules for alarms and SmartResponse™ automated actions.

LogRhythm UEBA is SOC-2 compliant, ensuring security and reliability in its operations. Overall, LogRhythm UEBA enhances threat detection capabilities by automatically detecting outliers and prioritizing anomalies for investigation and response, providing an additional layer of detection for security analysts.

Rapid7 Logo

Rapid7 InsightIDR is a cloud-native SIEM and XDR solution that offers efficient and accelerated detection and response for businesses. With built-in User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), InsightIDR employs advanced analytics and machine learning to quickly comprehend an organization’s unique environment and identify risky behaviors. The solution is designed for seamless SaaS deployment, featuring an intuitive interface, robust out-of-the-box detections, and actionable automation.

InsightIDR enables businesses to monitor users and credentials, offering enhanced visibility across all users and connecting activities across the network to specific users. Utilizing machine learning, the solution continuously learns and identifies “normal” activity in an organization, quickly alerting teams of any deviations. InsightIDR also offers valuable insights through user and asset behavior timelines, helping businesses recognize and address misconfigurations, improve their security posture, and enforce least-privilege principles. With continuous monitoring and baselining of user activity, InsightIDR provides near real-time alerts in case of deviations, detecting and addressing potential threats early in the kill chain. These alerts are all vetted to ensure they’re relevant and actionable, and to help reduce false positives.

Overall, Rapid7 InsightIDR offers powerful protection against a number of advanced and sophisticated threats, leveraging data from various sources and incorporating advanced threat detection capabilities. The solution also enables faster triage and investigation through correlated user data and built-in automation, allowing analysts at any level to respond to threats efficiently and effectively.

Securonix Logo

Securonix UEBA is a leading-edge analytics platform that combines advanced machine learning and behavior analytics to significantly reduce false positives and deliver comprehensive understanding of user and entity threats. The platform provides patented machine learning capabilities and is trusted by 5 of the Fortune 10 companies, demonstrating its effectiveness in the industry.

Key features of Securonix UEBA include behavior analytics, which enables users to understand complex behavior patterns with minimal noise, threat chain identification that aligns with both the MITRE ATT&CK and US-CERT frameworks, and peer group analysis for automated anomaly detection. The platform offers exceptional visibility into cloud environments, integrating with all major cloud infrastructure and application technologies through built-in APIs. It also effectively addresses insider threat monitoring by combining events with user context to uncover deviations from the established baseline.

Thanks to its cloud-native architecture, Securonix UEBA can be seamlessly deployed on top of existing SIEM systems, allowing for straightforward integration and fast time-to-value. This enables businesses to maximize their SIEM investment without the need for rip-and-replace tactics. Additionally, the platform offers pre-built use cases, turnkey analytics, and comprehensive case management workflows, ensuring efficient investigation and response to various threats.

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Splunk User Behavior Analytics is a security solution that focuses on advanced threat detection and productivity enhancement, identifying atypical events and previously undiscovered threats that may slip past conventional security measures. Through automation, Splunk User Behavior Analytics condenses billions of raw events into a manageable number of threats, allowing for efficient review and resolution without the need for intensive human analysis.

Splunk User Behavior Analytics offers a streamlined threat workflow, utilizing machine learning algorithms to detect hidden dangers. Its threat review and exploration feature visualizes threats along a kill chain to provide context, while anomalies are connected across users, accounts, devices, and applications to reveal patterns in potential attacks.

Splunk User Behavior Analytics also allows for user feedback learning. Organizations can customize anomaly models based on their own processes, policies, assets, user roles, and functions. This granular feedback assists in improving confidence in threat severity levels and enhancing detection capabilities. Lastly, the solution is designed to detect the lateral movement of malware or malicious insider proliferation, as well as identify behavioral irregularities and potential botnet or Command and Control (C&C) activity.

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Varonis Logo

Varonis Data Security Platform is an all-in-one solution designed to find critical data, eliminate exposure, and prevent threats for businesses. It accommodates data in multi-cloud and on-premises environments, as well as in buckets and files.

A core feature of Varonis’ platform is its advanced User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) models for Windows/NAS deployments, Microsoft 365 deployments, and hybrid deployments. The platform utilizes predictive threat models to automatically analyze behaviors across various platforms and notify users of potential attacks, including CryptoLocker infections, compromised service accounts, and disgruntled employees. With no configuration required, these threat models are immediately functional and help maintain the security of your data.

The platform also includes features for automatically discovering, classifying, and labeling sensitive data. This allows businesses to have a real-time, prioritized view of their data security and compliance posture, as well as continuously remediate any identified exposures and misconfigurations. Finally, Varonis offers a world-class global Incident Response team that investigates abnormal activity on behalf of their clients to ensure continued protection and secure operations.

The Top 10 User And Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Solutions