How To Stop Business Email Compromise


How To Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks

What is Business Email Compromise, why is it so damaging, and how can you protect your organization against it?

Expert Insights / Feb 21, 2020 By Joel Witts

Top Vendors to Stop Business Email Compromise

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is one of the market leading email security solutions. It’s an Email Security Gateway product, meaning it sits in front of your inbox and blocks spam, malware and phishing attacks from reaching your inboxes. Proofpoint Essentials stops threats such as impostor email, phishing, spam, bulk email, and viruses. Proofpoint Essentials is very popular among MSPs, Resellers and Small and Midsized businesses. It provides enterprise grade threat protection, as well as being easily deployed and well-integrated with Office 365. Proofpoint also offers a range of additional features with the Essentials bundle, including Email Encryption, Email Archiving, Continuity, and full email logs and audits.

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IRONSCALES is a market leading email security platform. It allows users to easily report phishing attacks from within the inbox, which, according to admin policies, then quarantines the email automatically, removing it from all other inboxes. IRONSCALES identitfies compromised accounts based on a range of factors, and displays warnings to end users when emails are suspicious, helping to stop fradulent payments and credential theft. IRONSCALES also provides a comprehensive Security Awareness Training platform, managed from one single admin console. It allows admins to send out simulated phishing email campaigns, and then provides users with engaging, gamified training materials, which help users to protect themselves against attacks such as phishing.

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