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The Top 9 Mimecast Alternatives For Email Security

Discover the 9 best alternatives to Mimecast email security. Explore features such as phishing and malware protection, data loss prevention, and advanced reporting.

The Top 9 Mimecast Email Security Alternatives include:
  • 1. SpamTitan Email Security
  • 2. Abnormal Security
  • 3. Proofpoint Email Protection
  • 4. Avanan
  • 5. Barracuda Email Protection
  • 6. Cisco Secure Email
  • 7. Forcepoint Email Security
  • 9. Trustifi Email Security

Mimecast is a market leader in email security, a status they achieved by providing a comprehensive suite of security products that address many facets of email security. There are a number of Mimecast competitors on the market, yet thousands of organizations choose to place their trust in Mimecast to bolster their cyber resilience while ensuring employees have fast and secure access to confidential business information, and that emails can flow uninterrupted in the event of an outage. 

Mimecast Email Security is excellent, but just in case its capabilities don’t quite match up with your organization’s specific needs we have put together a list of some Mimecast email security alternatives that may be a better fit. These alternatives to Mimecast email were chosen for their strong email security capabilities and for how they compared to Mimecast’s offering.  

Throughout this guide, we’ll take a look at each Mimecast competitor’s key features, what sets them apart from other solutions on the market, pricing information, and our recommendations for who each solution is best suited to. 

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SpamTitan Logo

SpamTitan Email Security is a leading secure email gateway solution from TitanHQ that provides comprehensive protection against email threats like malware, ransomware, spam, and phishing attacks. This is a highly feature-rich solution built on a powerful spam filtering platform, which includes easy to manage email security, custom filtering tools, data leak prevention, advanced phishing protection, email encryption, and more.

According to research carried out by TitanHQ, SpamTitan Email Security’s spam filters have an exceptional detection rate of 99.97%., Like most spam filtering solutions, they use a combination of Real-Time Blacklists and SURBL filters to detect spam emails. SpamTitan Email Security email security today sets itself apart from other solutions in the market with the process known as “greylisting”, which involves all incoming emails being rejected and returned to the mail sender with a request for it to be resent, which spammers are typically too busy to do.

SpamTitan Email Security offers four pricing options, each one based on the number of users—for the purposes of this article, we’ve set that number to 100 users. First is the Monthly option, which comes to $1.26 per user monthly. Next is the 1-year option, which is also $1.26 per user monthly. Next is the 2-year option, which is $1.20 per user monthly and comes with a 5% discount. Lastly is the 3-year option, which is $1.14 per user monthly, and comes with a 10% discount.

SpamTitan Email Security provides sophisticated email security without overcomplicating things. This solution is rated well by users, and we would recommend it as a strong Mimecast alternative for SMBs, enterprises, MSPs, and resellers looking for an easy-to-manage email security solution.

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Abnormal Security Logo

Abnormal Security is a cloud-based solution that provides protection from all email-borne attacks including advanced socially engineered attacks often missed by traditional secure email gateways.  Abnormal Security makes use of behavioral AI to establish a baseline for the email environment, improving the accuracy of threat detection systems and blocking malicious email content from reaching users based on their “normal” email behaviors.

Abnormal allows organizations to simplify their email stack, unifying the entire inbound email security defense from email hygiene to zero-day advanced attacks. The solution deploys in minutes and needs no configuration or custom policies. Abnormal uses behavioral AI and can recognize a baseline of typical identity behavior, content, and tone, so unusual behaviors are immediately identified and remediated.

Abnormal does not offer a free trial and should be contacted directly for pricing information. They do offer a personalized demo of their solutions, which can be requested on their website.

A powerful email security platform that integrates natively with the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms, Abnormal is deployed via API and can be launched across cloud environments in minutes. This makes Abnormal a strong alternative to Mimecast for organizations prioritizing the ease of set-up of a new solution and seeking to reduce redundancy in their email security environment. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for advanced email security, particularly those currently using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

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Proofpoint Logo

Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity and compliance company that provides its users with robust email security. Proofpoint has two email security services on offer, which are Proofpoint Essentials (suited to SMBs) and Proofpoint Email Protection. Proofpoint Email Protection is a cloud-based email security platform that blocks threats from the network gateway and provides multi-layered enhanced security that includes emails filtering, control, and visibility, and is aimed at mid-sized to large enterprises. The Mimecast secure email gateway also caters to larger companies, making Proofpoint Email Protect the closer match for organizations looking to move from Mimecast.

Proofpoint Email Protection uses machine learning and multi-layered detection techniques to identify and block email-borne threats, effectively securing, and controlling inbound and outbound emails. Proofpoint’s unified email security solution offers users granular control, dynamically classifies today’s email threats and common nuisances, and provides flexibility with custom security policies and mail routing rules.

Proofpoint delivers a unified email security solution to protect users and critical data from advanced email threats. They provide actionable insights to improve threat response through enhanced visibility into the people most at risk of being targeted. We would recommend Proofpoint Email protection to mid-sized and larger organizations looking for a Mimecast alternative that provides multi-layered protection and flexibility.

Proofpoint Logo
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Avanan Logo

Avanan has been at the cutting edge of email security since its founding in 2016, thanks to its patented inline protection and innovative machine learning Avanan is powered by True AI and trained on comprehensive data sets, enabling the solution to prevent today’s sophisticated phishing attempts from ever reaching the inbox. And as well as protecting email clients, the invisible, multi-layered security enables full-suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions like Slack, Teams, Office 365, and G-Suite.

Unlike traditional email gateways, Avanan’s solution sits within the email environment to block threats from reaching the inbox and to protect against internal threats. The solution’s ease of deployment is another thing that sets it apart, with the installation of the solution taking only minutes and requiring just a few clicks.

Avanan has a comprehensive range of pricing plans suited to a variety of needs. Their categories include SMBs under 500, Enterprises over 500, and Education and Government organizations. Under the SMB category, users can choose between email only and email and collaboration, both of which have three plans at three different price points; Protect, Advanced Protect, and Complete Protect. The Enterprise and Education/Government categories provide a form users must fill out to request a quote.

Avanan protects users’ email and collaboration suites from cyber threats like phishing, BEC, ransomware, account takeover, supply chain attacks, and more. We would recommend Avanan as a strong alternative to Mimecast for organizations of any size, particularly those using Microsoft 365/Exchange or Google Workspace, and those looking for a solution that will also protect their collaboration apps. Avanan was acquired by Check Point in August 2021.

Avanan Logo
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Barracuda Logo

Barracuda is a provider of cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use. Over 150,000 organizations globally rely on Barracuda for protection against increasingly complex and dangerous cyber threats. Barracuda Email Protection is a set of cloud services designed to prevent organizations from falling victim to email threats.

As well as advanced threat protection, Barracuda offers impersonation protection, account takeover protection, domain fraud protection, DNS filtering, incident response, security awareness training, cloud-to-cloud backup, cloud archiving, data inspection, email encryption and data loss prevention.

Barracuda Email Protection offer three plans, each of which offers three differing levels of capabilities. The Advanced plan offers standard email security capabilities, which are expanded on in Premium. Premium Plus includes every feature offered by the previous two plans, plus additional advanced capabilities. Barracuda offers demos and provides a free trial of the solution, and should be contacted directly for pricing information.

This solution protects against all email threat types, from spam and ransomware to spear phishing and BEC, and works to identify and prevent threats, and limit the impact of any that do slip through, maintain compliance, and ensure productivity during downtime. We would recommend this solution as a strong Mimecast alternative for organizations concerned with protecting themselves against volumetric threats like malware and spam, as well as advanced email security threats.

Barracuda Logo
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Cisco Logo

Cisco Secure Email provides proactive email defense, protecting against email-borne threats like phishing, business email compromise, malware in attachments, and ransomware.

Cisco Secure Email takes a multi-layered approach to email security, with Cisco Secure solutions working together proactively to protect users. The solution provides users with robust data loss prevention and encryption, secures important information in transit via end-to-end encryption, and rapidly detects, quarantines, investigates, and remediates any potentially devastating cyber-attacks targeting users’ emails.

Cisco Secure Email offers bundles that follow a three-tier approach, with new Premier, Advantage, and Essentials bundles, each of which provide enhanced protection against sophisticated threats and a seamless buying experience. Cisco offers a 45-day free trial of Secure Email, which is currently only available to organizations with more than 100 employees. For details on the pricing for Cisco Secure Email, contact Cisco directly.

This solution is well suited to mid to large-sized originations due to its flexibility and the fact that it can be deployed across multiple channels such as on-premises, VM, and cloud. We would recommend Cisco Secure Email to businesses looking for a strong, unified solution to protect against today’s email-based threats.

Cisco Logo
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Forcepoint logo

Forcepoint is a human-centric cybersecurity company that adapts response and enforcement to risk based on behavior. They are a leading user and data protection cybersecurity company that supports organizations in their digital transformation and growth, while also helping to safeguard their valuable data. Forcepoint’s email security platform is a cloud-based gateway product that works to block threats from reaching the email network.

This solution focuses on advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and securing mobile workforces. Forcepoint’s Email Security solution offers users integrated data protection with uniform policy configuration across email to secure data against external attacks, identify risky behaviors that need to be corrected through education, stop advanced threats, and minimize complexity in supporting a remote workforce. The solution also allows users to encrypt sensitive email communications and enhance mobile security through granular controls.

Forcepoint is one of the leading enterprise email gateways, providing real-time protection against email threats, and is available as a cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid solution. This is a cost-effective solution that provides a good range of features, well suited to organizations using Microsoft Office who are looking to protect their web traffic and emails.

Forcepoint logo
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IRONSCALES is a best-in-class email security platform built to detect and remove threats in the inbox, powered by AI and enhanced by customer security teams. This cloud-native, API-based solution is quick to deploy, easy to operate and manage, and well equipped to handle a wide range of email threats including sophisticated social engineering attacks and advanced threats like business email compromise (BEC), account takeover, VIP impersonation, and other threats that are commonly missed by traditional secure email gateways.

IRONSCALES uses AI-driven security tools together with human intelligence gathered from end-users to accurately identify malicious emails, removing them from users’ inboxes automatically. They provide users with dynamic warning banners only when a potential threat is detected to minimize banner fatigue. To learn how to detect anomalies in each user’s inbox, the platform automatically reviews existing emails in every protected inbox during installation to create a unique profile for each user. This profile is also used to identify VIPs and highly targeted users.

IRONSCALES offer companies three tiers of pricing, each with a different range of capabilities that are detailed on their website. There is a Starter™ plan (free version) for up to 500 mailboxes, that includes their full-featured phishing simulation testing functionality and basic email security capabilities; the Email Protect™ plan ($6.00 per mailbox, per month) that adds comprehensive automated email security to what’s included in Starter™; and finally, the Complete Protect™ plan ($8.33 per mailbox, per month), that includes all features of the previous two plans plus Account Takeover protection, Microsoft Teams protection, and unlimited Security Awareness Training. Volume discount pricing is available for Email Protect™ and Complete Protect™ plans.

IRONSCALES can be integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes using native APIs, with no configuration changes, risk, or interruptions to your email delivery. We would recommend IRONSCALES to organizations who are happy with their level of spam filtering but require additional protection from advanced email threats like social engineered attacks, BEC, and account takeover threats.

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Trustifi Logo

Trustifi is an email security provider specializing in both inbound threat mitigation and outbound email encryption. Its tools are designed to protect email communications from threats including phishing, account takeover attempts, and email-delivered malware. Trustifi’s services integrate with popular platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Trustifi scans all inbound messages for malicious content, including spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attempts. The platform uses a ranking system to categorize emails based on their threat type and level, with categories ranging from ‘Authenticated’ to ‘Impersonation Attack’. After scanning, emails determined to be malicious are quarantined or removed based on settings configured by the organization’s administrators. Additional features include address whitelisting and blacklisting for managing known senders. Trustifi also supports AES 256-bit email encryption for outbound messages, ensuring secure transit for sensitive information. A 2FA authentication process for email recipients provides an additional layer of protection.

Setting up Trustifi is straightforward due to its API integration capabilities. Once deployed, the system offers immediate threat protection by default. Administrators can further customize the security configurations for both inbound and outbound emails. Trustifi is noted for its user-friendly interface, both for administrators and end users.

As a market leader in email security, Trustifi offers advanced email security solutions that effectively block email threats. The service uses AI technology and dynamic engines to scan emails, identifying and blocking threats including phishing, spoofing, and business email compromise. An email quarantine management system, advanced whitelist and blacklist capabilities, and customizable inbound rules contribute to Trustifi’s robust security measures. The platform integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a comprehensive, easy-to-use email encryption and email security solution.

Trustifi Logo
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