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The Top 11 Identity And Access Management Solutions

Our list of the best identity and access management solutions that allow you to manage your users’ digital identities and ensure all users have access to the resources they need to perform their roles.

The Top 11 Identity and Access Management Solutions include:

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions allow organizations to protect data, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs, and provide a simplified and enhanced experience for users. IAM solutions are designed to protect enterprise assets by ensuring that only the right people, under the correct circumstances, can access specific data and resources.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a foundational part of cybersecurity and refers to the practice of putting identity-based controls at the center on your organization’s security architecture. IAM is an umbrella term given to the range of technical solutions, policies, and processes that organizations can implement to manage user identities and regulate user access.

According to this summary of the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, 75% of cyber insurance providers will mandate the use of just-in-time privileged access management principles by 2025. There is also projected to be significant growth in the IAM market, from USD 12.26 billion in 2020 to around USD 34.52 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. This demonstrates how seriously organizations treat IAM, and that cybersecurity is entering an identity-first era. 

To help you find the right platform for your businesses, we’ll take you through the top Identity and Access Management Solutions on the market today. We’ll explore the key features like role-based account controls, single sign-on (SSO), user monitoring, and compliance. In each case we’ll identify the type of organization that would benefit most from implementing a particular solution.

JumpCloud logo

JumpCloud is an Open Directory Platform™ that provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of identity and access management (IAM) solutions. With JumpCloud, administrators can deliver directory services, single sign-on (SSO), privilege account management (PAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other critical IAM capabilities that help manage users, devices, secure identities, and secure access to a variety of IT resources—on-premises or in the cloud, across Windows, Linux, or macOS

JumpCloud is a cloud-based IAM solution, that connects an organization’s employees to virtually any resource and configures and secures their remote devices wherever they work.

Through JumpCloud, administrators can deliver zero touch onboarding to provision users and devices anywhere in the world with automated workflows from a single web console. They can implement adaptive secure remote access to require MFA at login to high-value and sensitive resources but relax MFA for more convenient user workflows when they access day-to-day resources on trusted devices and networks. Best of all, JumpCloud enables administrators to implement Zero Trust security capabilities that ensure users can only access resources that they need and only from trusted devices and networks.

JumpCloud is used by over 180,000 organizations worldwide and is consistently ranked as a top solution by customers. The JumpCloud Open Directory Platform is entirely cloud-based, making it a strong option for organizations looking for an IAM solution to help them support remote, hybrid or even traditional on-premises work. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for an easy-to-user, flexible, and secure identity and access management solution

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Tenfold Logo

tenfold Security is an identity and access management provider that focuses on user-friendly, easy-to-manage security. tenfold is their IAM platform designed to enable mid-market organizations to more effectively manage user access permissions across local systems, cloud services and third-party applications. The tenfold platform helps IT teams to increase their security and to achieve compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and ISO 27001. Over 1,000 organizations worldwide currently rely on tenfold to help them manage their user lifecycles and access permissions.

tenfold’s self-service interface allows users to request access to different areas of the network whenever they need them, including resources in local systems, cloud and hybrid environments. Access requests are automatically forwarded via email to the relevant authority to grant or deny access. These authorities are sent regular notifications encouraging them to review permissions they’ve granted and confirm or revoke them, helping to minimize the risk of over-privileged users across the network. To ensure complete visibility into user access and help prove compliance with data protection standards, tenfold logs all changes made to access rights and offers robust reporting tools, which IT admins can use to view all current and historical privileges held by any user. tenfold also generates reports into access changes made from directly within the system (as opposed to being made from within the tenfold platform), which allows admins to identify disparities between sets of user permission data.

tenfold offers a range of out-of-the-box integrations with popular business software and applications, including the Microsoft 365 suite, SAP ERP and HCL Notes. In addition to this, the platform’s API and REST-based Generic Connector enable organizations to seamlessly integrate it with their own custom, in-house applications. This makes tenfold easy to deploy, and enables businesses to ensure secure user access across their entire network. We recommend tenfold as a strong IAM solution for mid-sized organizations looking to more efficiently manage and secure user access to corporate resources, and particularly those looking to enable self-service access requests.

IsDecisions Logo

IS Decisions is an access security provider that specializes in securing Windows Active Directory and cloud environments. UserLock is their access management solution for Active Directory identities, which combines multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and session management to protect on-prem and remote user access to corporate systems and cloud apps. As well as the platform’s focus on improving security, UserLock also enables businesses to prove compliance with data protection standards, offering support for GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO27001, and NIST 800-53.

With UserLock, IT admins can enforce MFA across Windows logins, remote desktops, IIS apps, VPNs, and cloud apps. UserLock supports authentication via authenticator apps and hardware tokens, including YubiKey and Token2. Admins can configure rules to grant, deny, or limit logins based on contextual factors, including machine/device, time, session type, and concurrent logins. For example, admins can limit which locations users can gain access from or their session duration. Admins can also enable SAML-based SSO for frictionless access to cloud apps such as the MS365 suite. From the management console, admins can not only configure MFA and SSO rules, but also gain insights into user access activity across their environment. These include audit reports on AD login attempts, compliance reports, and real-time session monitoring. If an admin notices any suspicious behavior, they can block that session remotely, which closes the current session and prevents further login attempts.

UserLock is a robust identity and access management solution that gives IT teams a comprehensive overview of user access activity across their Windows Server and cloud environments, as well as enabling admins to proactively mitigate access-related threats in real time. The platform is straightforward to deploy, and IS Decisions includes full technical support with all subscriptions for ease of ongoing management. As such, we recommend UserLock to both SMBs and larger enterprises looking for a scalable, secure way to manage user access and prove compliance with data protection and insurance requirements.

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Thales Logo

Thales – a global high technology leader – provide solutions, products and services that enable customers to fortify their defenses while placing humans at the center of the decision-making process. Thales have brought to the market their innovative access management solution, SafeNet Trusted Access, which is a cloud-based solution with an integrated platform that seamlessly brings together SSO, risk-based policies and universal authentication methods, all without overly disrupting user convenience and usability.

The solution offers streamlined authentication and access management, makes user access to cloud services as simple as possible, and frees users and IT professionals from password hassle. Important features of this solution include a broad range of multi-factor and modern authentication capabilities, straightforward cloud access via Smart Single Sign-On, SaaS delivery efficiencies, flexible scenario-based access policies, fine-grained access policies for optimal security, and secure access for contractors and partners. They offer a single pane view of access events across the app estate, providing clear insight and ensuring that the right individuals are afforded access to the right applications at the right time. Compliance is made simple as the solution offers visibility into all access events and, as a cloud-based service, can also deploy quickly and scale easily as the needs of the organization evolve.

Thales’ SafeNet Trusted Access provides businesses and organizations with the flexibility and power to secure a wide range of user constituencies who may need a variety of authentication methods to access all apps. The solution is well rated, receiving praise for its robust authentication, ease of use and straightforward implementation. We would recommend SafeNet Trusted Access for organizations, especially for those looking for robust modern authentication capabilities to address diverse user needs.

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Okta Logo

Okta are a leading identity and access management provider. They offer an enterprise-grade IAM service, designed for the cloud but compatible with a range of on-premises applications. More than 10,000 organizations worldwide have made use of Okta’s solutions to manage the identities of their workforce and customers. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud enables digital account protection for global teams, supporting both secure cloud applications and hybrid environments. Okta also supports custom built applications and provides users with a consistent password-less experience between all corporate accounts, resulting in enhanced visibility and control.

Features of Okta Workforce Identity Cloud includes secure, intelligent access for your workforce and customers through single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, as well as advanced server access and a universal directory that hosts all users, groups, and devices. Okta SSO integrates with over 7,000 integrations with adaptive security policies to secure user behavior. Okta provides admins with a comprehensive dashboard where they can manage internal and external users and view comprehensive reports.  Okta also provides lifecycle management which allows you to easily manage provisioning with easy to implement automation, an access gateway which extends modern identities to on-prem apps while keeping the hybrid cloud protected, and API access management.

Otka Workforce Identity Cloud is well rated by users, particularly for the ease of deployment, ease of use and the comprehensive range of features and applications that work to keep important data safe. We recommend Okta Workforce Identity Cloud to organizations looking for a flexible solution that is adaptable to their specific needs.

Oracle Logo

Oracle is an American multinational computer technology company; one of the largest software companies in the world by revenue and market capitalization. They are headquartered in Austin, Texas, and are best known for providing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products across human capital, relationships, and security. Oracle Cloud (OC IAM) is their cloud native IDaaS solution that provides comprehensive coverage of identity and access use cases for employees, partners, and consumers.

Oracle Cloud Identity And Access Management is a solution that offers highly adaptive access policies and capabilities that support numerous IT applications and services, as well as enabling the rapid onboarding of users and services. Key features of this IAM solution include enabling flexible sign-on with various authentications options, straightforward administration of users and access with developer friendly APIs and sample code, built in reporting and auditing on activity and risk, and broad and flexible applications coverage. This solution lets you create and manage user groups from the admin console and allows you to assign access to applications, while also providing a dashboard view for quick access to applications.

Oracle IAM allows users to manage access and entitlements across a variety of cloud and on-premises applications. The platform operates under a zero-trust strategy that foregrounds identity as the key security control mechanism for today’s expanding IT landscapes. We would recommend Oracle IAM to organizations looking for a complete solution for diverse business needs. It Is a solution that offers users comprehensive capabilities alongside a seamless installations and strong user experience.

Prove logo

Prove is a fast-growing identity proofing and affirmation provider utilized by over 1,000 businesses across a range of industries, including banks, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and e-commerce. Prove is currently servicing 8 out of the top 10 US banks and works to mitigate fraud while boosting revenue, reducing operating costs, and improving user experiences. Prove offers a selection of access management solutions which center around their Phone-Centric Identity technology. This technology is unique in how it leverages the mobile phone and phone number as the primary authenticator and operates seamlessly via the customers’ existing mobile devices to verify and authenticate identity, without the need to download a separate app or purchase a physical hardware token in order to facilitate authentication.

Prove’s Pre-Fill solution leverages phone signals and verified identity attributes to reduce the time it takes for customers to create accounts to under 10 seconds. Prove’s Identity Management solution is a registry of tokenized customer identities that manages customer phone numbers, enabling greater customer data accuracy and helping enable compliance. Prove’s Identity solution helps prevent SIM Swaps and other identity threat by verifying a consumer’s identity by validating consumer provided information, assigning a real-time, risk-scoring “Trust Score.” and confirming they are in fact in possession of the phone they rightfully own. These validations assist with Know Your Customer and Customer Identification Program compliance programs. Prove’s Auth solution is a mobile-first, comprehensive suite of authenticators ranging from traditional OTPs to sophisticated mobile authentication and biometric authenticators for passwordless login and/or as a seamless second factor method of authentication. With this authenticator suite, clients can tailor authentication across low to high-risk transactions to minimize friction while prioritizing customer experience.

Prove’s cloud-based solution is easy to integrate with the infrastructure an organization already has in place and omnichannel solutions are available in 195+ countries. We recommend Prove for SMBs and enterprises seeking a straightforward, seamless identity and authentication experience that provides users with enhanced security and admin oversight.

Ping Identity Logo

Ping Identity is an identity and access management leader trusted by global enterprises that are looking to implement Zero Trust security and provide their employees with better, more secure experiences. Ping Identity are trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations – including 13 out of 15 largest banks in the US and 8 out of the 10 largest bio-pharmaceuticals – to solve the challenges they are facing in the realm of identity and access management. The Ping Intelligent Identity platform provides access to the cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications and APIs for customers, partners and employees, all whilst managing identity and profile data at scale.

Ping Identity’s Intelligent Identity platform allows organizations to achieve strong security without compromising on convenience and ease of use, providing an advanced degree of identity intelligence that comes with a variety of capabilities to support passwordless authentication and real-time and risk-aware authorization. Their solution also features Artificial Intelligence (AI) which analyses behavior to detect anomalies and provides multiple authentication methods to control access to certain levels of assurance.

Ping Identity enables easy integration with multiple signals to indicate risk, fraud and threats, with policies in place to enforce authentication and authorization rules. It acts as a single source of truth by allowing you to sync, aggregate and secure important information from a range of directories. The platform is designed for the enterprise and offers organizations a number of options to align their identity and access management with their resources and customization needs.

Ping Identity offers users a comprehensive cloud identity solution to secure account access and protect digital accounts through multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, intelligent API security, access management, directory and data governance capabilities. This solution is well regarded by users for its product capabilities, and we would recommend it for organizations looking for flexibility, a smooth deployment, and straightforward administration.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) is a cloud-based identity and access management service from Microsoft which is designed to help employees sign into their accounts and gain access to the resources they need for Microsoft 365 and connected applications. This product manages over 1.2 billion identities around the world and each day processes over 8 billion authentications.

Microsoft Entra ID enables MS365 users to implement single sign-on, which works to simplify the process of accessing connected apps and automates workflows for user lifecycle and provisioning. This solution provides enhanced account security via multi-factor authentication, which can be delivered through the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. Admins can easily integrate their users into third-party apps and services using Entra ID, with seamless API-based development tools. The solution also allows admins to enable passwordless authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app, or FIDO2 Security Keys.

With Microsoft Entra ID in place, organizations can more effectively safeguard user credentials through the enforcement of strong authentication and conditional access policies, as well as securely manage user identities ensure that key permissions are granted only to the appropriate recipients. Entra ID integrates with thousands of SaaS applications and admins can easily enforce conditional access policies from their MS365 dashboard to consolidate and secure account access. The solution is rated highly by users and we’d recommend the solution for organizations looking to implement secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication across corporate applications and services.

IBM logo

IBM is a multinational technology organization that serve clients in 170 countries worldwide. With IBM Security Verify, organizations can implement identity-as-a-service, enabling multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, password-less authentication, adaptive access, lifecycle management and identity analytics for all users.

IBM Security Verify offers users a range of useful features, including the option to log in to their accounts with federated single sign-on, maintaining secure access to applications through a single set of login credentials. This solution offers an additional layer of security and support for compliance requirements with multi-factor authentication, enhances risk awareness and helps prevent breaches with identity analytics, and uses contextual, risk-based authentication to streamline the access rights of low-risk users. IBM Security Verify also lets you better protect your on-premises applications from the cloud and provides custom activity reports to easily troubleshoot suspicious events.

IMB Security Verify supports IT, security and business leaders in their effort to ensure their digital users, data and assets are protected in a hybrid multi-cloud world, while ensuring operational efficiency and technical agility are maintained. This solution is best suited to enterprises and is well-rated for its advanced features and the pricing, where it ranks in the top half of IAM products. We would recommend IBM Security Verify to enterprises that are interested in implementing a Zero-Trust identity management in the cloud; one with an automated, fully-featured solution that offers SSO, password-less authentication and risk-based MFA.

HID Logo

HID Global are a security and access management vendor that secures and verifies people, places and devices. Their products and services support millions of users across over 100 countries. HID Global are a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions and are driven by a zero-trust philosophy, providing risk-based multi-factor authentication solutions to secure digital accounts. They provide a comprehensive identity and access management solution which includes MFA, identity management and credentialing, digital certificates and PKI-based authentication to support easier management for larger organizations.

Features of HID’s identity and access management solution include advanced multi-factor authentication that uses a layered and flexible zero-trust approach to improve security, and physical identity and access management which allows you to maintain control over physical identities (employees, visitors or vendors) throughout the organization. They also provide customer authentication features, which secures the digital identities of your customers from end-to-end. Their comprehensive HID WorkforceID service for enterprise customers provides access to a variety of cloud-based apps which facilitate the seamless and unified management of identities.

HID’s end-to-end identity and access management solution allows organizations to create seamless, simple and straightforward experiences for issuing, managing and utilizing identity credentials within workspaces, for both digital accounts and physical premises. The combination of the simplified, secure multi-factor authentication and the flexibility they offer makes this product a strong choice for businesses that have chosen to adopt a hybrid or fully remote workplace in the wake of the pandemic. We would recommend them to organizations – mid-sized or large enterprises – who are looking for a robust and comprehensive access management solution.

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