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The Top 10 AI Sales And e-Commerce Solutions

Enhance your sales and e-commerce process with our top AI-assisted sales solutions. Get more out of your sales team with AI.

The Top 10 AI Sales And e-Commerce Solutions include:
  • 1. Drift
  • 2. Liveperson
  • 3. Persado
  • 4. Regie.AI
  • 5. Saleswhale
  • 6. Seamless.AI
  • 7. Typewise
  • 8. Unbounce
  • 9. Veloxy
  • 10. Zeta

Sales and e-commerce solutions powered by AI technologies enable businesses to automate and streamline many key sales processes, including lead generation, discovering buyer intent, and personalizing sales messages.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, but finding the right leads, managing sales pipelines, and targeting messages to different clients can be challenging work. The solutions listed in this article use advanced machine learning and AI technologies to help busy sales teams to automate key tasks such as client research and generating proposals, alongside personalizing the user journey, for example by suggesting products or services to clients based on their browsing activity. 

In this article, we’ll cover the top sales and e-commerce solutions for business. We’ll consider key features, including sales content generation, lead generation, pipeline management, personalized digital communications, and more. We’ll also outline the company background and unique selling points of each solution, to help you find the right AI sales and e-Commerce tool for your organization. 

Drift Logo

Drift is a market leading sales and marketing platform, with over 5,000 global customers including leading brands such as Okta, Adobe, Datto, and PandaDoc. Drift offers personalized AI live chat, lead and visitor qualification, conversational sales platform, and customer support in one comprehensive solution across chat, email, and video. Drift was launched in 2015, and is headquartered in Boston, MA. They have raised $107m USD in investment to date.

Drift’s Conversation Cloud platform uses conversational AI technologies to deliver personalized customer experiences, including personalized engagement with users to answer questions, suggest products, and answer support queries. This helps to ensure customer enquiries are always replied to quickly, with a high-quality sales experience every single time someone engages with your platform. The platform delivers sales and e-commerce teams real-time insights into customers, such as showing which pages prospects have visited in the past, to help them answer queries faster. Drift can also provide data on customer segments and engaged users visiting your site, so sales teams can build out sales pipelines, and prevent sales opportunities being missed.

Drift Logo
LivePerson Logo

Liveperson is a conversational AI platform that uses natural language technologies to converse with your customers, suggest products, and answer queries across all channels, including SMS, web, social media, and WhatsApp. LivePerson provides detailed analytics to help you improve sales and support engagement, for both messaging apps and phone calls. Liveperson is used by thousands of leading brands, including Virgin Media and HSBC. The company was launched in 1995 and is headquartered in New York City.

Liveperson is an AI live chat and analytics service which automates responses to customer messages across all channels, improving customer engagement times while reducing operational costs. The platform uses natural language AI to deliver relevant, engaging, and helpful responses to customer queries, including suggesting products and answering questions, at scale, understanding the intent behind the inquiry. The platform provides data and reporting which showcases efficiency, engagement, and the emotional context behind conversations, to help you understand and resolve any customer frustrations. Liveperson supports a wide range of integrations and works across all major conversational channels.

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Persado Logo

Persado is an AI sales platform that improves conversation rates by generating highly personalized sales content and communications to engage customers. Persado’s customer motivation platform uses advanced AI technologies to automatically generate highly personalized content motivating prospects to interact and engage with your forms. Persado is trusted by market leading sales teams such as Dropbox, JPMorgan Chase, and Verizon. Persado is headquartered in New York and was founded in 2012. They have raised $30m USD in investment to date.

The Persado platform enables sales and e-commerce teams to generate engaging, highly personalized sales content across all digital channels, including the on the web, via email, social media, and on mobile. The platform uses predictive AI to create highly personalized, engaging sales content and messaging, and provides comprehensive metrics to teams, with detailed customer language profiles. The service integrates with your existing sales tools for seamless deployment.

Persado Logo Logo

Regie.AI is an AI-powered sales outreach platform, that enables teams to create highly personalized sales messages instantly. This includes writing personalized sales emails for cold outreach, creating sales sequencing, and more, using a custom enterprise-grade large language model personalized to your product and tone of voice. Regie.AI was founded in 2020 and has raised over $10m USD in funding to date. The company is based out of San Francisco, California, and is used by leading sales teams, including Crunchbase and Auth0.

With Regie, sales teams can create personalized cold sales emails or LinkedIn messages at high scale, with an easy-to-use interface. It can automate your customer workflows, automatically generating follow-up emails to clients and attaching collateral to save time and ensure customer touchpoints are kept consistent across your deal flow. Regie can also help marketing teams to map email sequences and generate social media, blog posts, and job listings. Reporting is available to help you analyze what is working and make improvements where required. The platform integrates with your sales tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. Logo
SalesWhale Logo

Saleswhale is an AI-assistant lead conversion platform that improves sales pipelines and increases cold lead conversions at scales. It ensures that leads get timely follow ups and improves conversion rates, with an intuitive conversational sequence builder that can be customized by teams. Saleswhale was launched in 2016 and was acquired by MarTech leader 6Sense in January 2022. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Saleswhale’s AI platform monitors all sales emails conversations to identify where customers are in the buying cycle and maps out customer sequencing to ensure that marketing qualified leads are not forgotten. The conversational AI automatically generates and sends sales follow up emails and passes qualified leads over to sales teams when they are engaged and ready to close. They platform also provides comprehensive visibility into sales outcomes and can send reminders to sales teams when they should follow up on enquiries. This platform is ideal for engaging with dormant leads, converting inbound enquiries, and following up on MQLs, such as webinar registrations and eBook downloads.

SalesWhale Logo Logo

Seamless.AI is a sales prospecting and lead generation tool designed to help sales teams to build sales pipelines. The platform provides custom insights and intelligence for all prospective accounts, preparing your team and minimizing time spent researching. Seamless.AI is used by leading sales teams, with customers such as Amazon, Workday, GitHub, and Wells Fargo. Founded in 2018, Seamless.AI has raised $300,000 USD in funding to date. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Seamless.AI’s platform automatically provides sales teams with detailed overviews of prospective clients, helping to build pipelines, improve pitches, and build customer personas. The tool automatically generates target customer lists based on your existing customer personas and generates customer profiles including contact information where available—such as LinkedIn profile information, phone numbers and email addresses—using a browser plugin. It also highlights the tools your clients are currently using and suggests insights so you can personalize and improve your sales pitches. Logo
Typewise Logo

Typewise is a generative AI writing assistant for sales and customer service teams that improves your responses to inbound customer enquiries. Typewise corrects typos, predicts sentences, and auto-corrects grammar in real-time to ensure that your sales and support team can respond to inbound customer enquiries quickly and efficiently. Typewise is currently used by Fortune 500 companies and has been recognized as an award-winning innovative AI provider. Typewise is headquartered in Schlieren, Zurich. Founded in 2020, the company has raised $3.4m USD in funding to date.

Typewise is a browser-based plugin that works across all CMS platforms to automatically generate automated responses to customer queries, corrects typos and improve message quality. The language model can learn your company tone and style to ensure messaging is consistent and in-line with brand values. The platform also offers an API, so you can add text prediction and autocorrect functionality to your software platform.

Typewise Logo
Unbounce Logo

Unbounce is a sales and marketing platform that helps companies to create high-performing landing pages, optimize conversion rates, and generate engaging copy, with the use of AI-powered technologies to save time and improve performance. Unbounce offers a smart landing page builder, with generative copywriting tools and automated traffic optimization. Unbounce is headquartered in Vancouver and, since their founding in 2009, has become one of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies. The company has raised $39m USD in funding to-date.

Unbounce includes a drag-and-drop, no-code landing page editor, where teams can quickly create custom product landing pages, either from scratch or from a range of pre-built templates. These forms can integrate with other platforms, such as Zapier, to automate email sequences, and can be easily mapped to custom domains for generating leads from internal site links, or PPC campaigns. Unbounce uses smart AI technologies to help make building landing pages easier – including an assistant landing page builder tool, and auto-generating landing page and email content that’s personalized to your target markets. Unbounce also offers comprehensive reporting, with A/B testing functionality and a “Smart Traffic” feature, which automatically routes users to the most relevant and high-performing landing pages based on their attributes.

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Veloxy Logo

Veloxy is an AI platform for Salesforce CRM users that delivers sales enablement, predictive forecasting, and analytics to help sales teams close more sales and drive pipelines. It’s designed to work with the Salesforce platform to automatically log calls, emails, opens, and replies to help sales team drive pipeline and generate accurate forecasts. Veloxy is used by leading brands such as Comcast, Shell and Ooma. Veloxy was founded in 2015 and is based out of Pleasanton, California.

Veloxy’s platform helps teams to improve customer engagement and drive more sales. It automates key administrative tasks and prioritizes the deals in your pipeline most likely to close, helping your sales team spend more time actually engaging with your customers. Veloxy provides smart notifications, alerting sales team on when who they should contact, via what channels, and when, making sure follow ups are targeted and reach the customer when they are most likely to engage. Other key features include personalized email campaigns, email engagement tracking, and email analytics.

Veloxy Logo
Zeta Logo

Zeta is a comprehensive sales and marketing technology platform that enables teams to reach and retain new customers and accelerate sales growth. The platform covers all online and offline marketing channels, including videos, apps, websites, and SMS, using customer data and sophisticated AI algorithms to predict consumer intent and personalize messaging. Zeta was founded in 2007, and supports more than 1,000 customers globally, including CNN, Samsung, and Nissan. Zeta has raised $602m in total funding to date. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Zeta offers a single platform for sales and marketing teams to deliver better customer experiences and accelerated growth. Zeta uses 2.4 billion unique data identities – including demographic, location, behavioral and transactional signals – to create detailed customer personas and audience segments. This data is used to predict intent and engagement across sales channels, such as email, the web, and social media, enabling sales and marketing teams to customize and personalize their customer sequencing. The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting, showcasing attribution, and integrates across a wide range of enterprise analytics, cloud services and marketing tools.     

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Top 10 AI Sales And e-Commerce Solutions