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The Top 4 AI Graphic Design Solutions For Business

Create visually stunning designs with our top AI-generated drawings and plans solutions for graphic design.

The Top 4 AI Graphic Design Solutions Include:
  • 1. Beautiful AI
  • 2. CSM
  • 3. Uizard
  • 4. Vizcom

Generative AI technologies can help marketing and graphic design teams to generate stock free imagery from presentations, ads, websites and more, in a fraction of the time previously possible. This can help to augment your existing imagery or be used to create wireframes and templates to help you create visually striking brand content.

AI generated art is now technically capable enough to emulate world famous artists, prompting ethical questions about the nature of art and how it is valued. These solutions have a whole host of use cases that can enable even the smallest team to push their artistic and graphical capabilities. With these new features, organizations can reach new audiences, and present their ideas in eye-catching and striking ways. Logo

Beautiful AI is a solution that will generate engaging and effective presentations for your team. The solution is prefilled with lots of smart slide templates that you can choose from, then customize to meet your specific needs. Beautiful AI makes it easy for you to include striking and effective charts, graphs, and diagrams.

The benefits of Beautiful AI become clear when you start uploading content to the presentation. The slides will automatically adapt, based on your content, and prompt with suggestions of how to best present an idea. The DesignerBot tool will prepopulate a presentation so that you merely need to edit the slides, rather than build it from scratch. It can also generate custom AI images, based on your prompts. Logo
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Common Sense Machines (CSM) is a content creation solution. The software provides APIs, interfaces, and open-source software to generate digital content from multi-modal inputs. The solution can generate dynamic 3D environments, objects, spaces, and agents to be used in game development, metaverse design, adaptive digital twins, and robotics.

CSM have designed a neural simulation engine – CommonSim-1 – which will develop digital realistic real-world and imagined environments from photo or text-based prompts. By using NLU (natural language understanding), CSM build a 3D response to a text description much faster than if a designer were to do this manually. The solution can use these models to render high quality videos or be exported for 3D printing and to other third-party solutions. This technology is still being developed but has already raised $5M in funding.

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Uizard is an AI solution for designing wireframes for website designs. Once you have uploaded a screenshot of an app or a site – or even a hand-drawn diagram -, Uizard will convert it into an editable mock-up in seconds. Rather than having to spend hours manually designing a site, you can use this AI solution to give you a head start.

The tool will create a custom wireframe from screenshots of sites that inspire you. This solution can be used as much or as little as you need – from designing wireframes to applications and UX. This is an incredibly useful tool for site developers who can now present a range of possibilities to clients, without spending hours manually designing them.

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Vizcom is a comprehensive solution that allows you to take your drawing and design work to the next level. The tool works at several levels – from finishing drawings and adding colour to rendering a complete image from a text prompt. The solution makes collaboration and easy with custom groups and sharing within the team. Vizcom is also designed to work on a range of devices including iPads and laptops.

Working with Vizcom is an iterative process. You can start with a drawing, let the AI flesh elements out, manually rework sections, then let the AI edit the designs further. You can also select the style that you want Vizcom to work in – you might not always want a photorealistic finish. By toggling the “Drawing Influence” control, you can manipulate the image into a style that works for your needs.

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Top AI Graphic Design Solutions For Business