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Top 5 AI Data Analytics Solutions

Generate high-quality synthetic data and analytics. Upgrade your data processing and analysis with these AI tools.

The Top 5 AI Data Analytics Solutions Include:
  • 1. Akkio
  • 2. Microsoft Power BI
  • 3. MonkeyLearn
  • 4. Polymer Search
  • 5. Tableu

Data analytics is critical for organizations make informed decisions, but can often be a long, complex, and expensive process. To help solve this challenge, a new category of AI-powered solutions has emerged which are designed to help organizations streamline and automate the data analysis process, while maintaining accuracy. 

Whether you are a data scientist, business analyst, or a data-driven marketer, these AI solutions are designed to meet your needs and make your job easier. They offer a range of capabilities, from automating data analysis and report generation, to providing advanced data visualization and predictive analytics.

In this article, we showcase the top 10 AI data analytics solutions on the market today. We’ll consider the features provided, user feedback, and investment raised to suggest which teams these solutions are best suited for. 

Akkio Logo

Akkio is an AI-powered data analytics platform that enables you to combine columns, summarize and format data, translate languages, and perform complex calculations with a plain-text interface. It massively saves time by clearing data and removing outlying records to help your team and can also generate predictive future models. Akkio is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and has raised $3m USD in funding to date.

Akkio has a wide range of use cases and applications to help you improve data processing. This includes ranking inbound leads by likelihood to convert in order to maximize time spent by your sales team, revenue forecasting, fraud detection, as well as employee retention and feedback survey analysis. The platform is very easy to use, and predictive modelling means there is a wide range of use cases for organizations across many industries to take advantage of.

Akkio Logo
Microsoft logo

Microsoft’s Power BI tool is a comprehensive data analytics platform that has built-in AI capabilities to help you more efficiently analyze and make sense of your corporate data. Power BI is a market leading data analytics and business intelligence service used by global enterprises to track real-time metrics and enable data-driven decision making.

Microsoft Power BI offers a granular feature-set for enterprise. The platform delivers hundreds of flexible, interactive data visualizations, with built-in analytics tools to showcase trends and sort data, for example sorting sales by country, year, and brand name. Data is kept highly secure with sensitivity labelling, end-to-end encryption, and access monitoring.  The platform is highly scalable and suitable for organizations of all sizes.

MonkeyLearn Logo

MonkeyLearn is a no-code text analytics platform that uses AI to clean, label, and sort plain-text instantly into data visualizations and dashboards. The solution provides useful insights to help you identify trends and prioritize feedback. The service can be integrated with your enterprise applications via direct integration and an open API. MonkeyLean is based out of San Francisco and was founded in 2014. The company has so far raised $2.2m USD in investment.

MonkeyLearn’s simple interface enables you to create customized text classifications and analysis by sentiment, topic, key word, and more. The platform enables a range of use cases, including NPS analytics, survey analytics, review analysis, and support feedback. The platform generates instant insights into text-based data with a colorful and intuitive set of dashboards, custom charts, and graphic visualizations. Users can choose between ready-made machine learning models to analyze data, and customized models trained around certain classifiers and extractors, with a simple, no-code user interface.

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Tableu is one of the world’s leading data analytics platforms, enabling businesses to create forecasts and strategies backed by data. Used by tens of thousands of companies around the world, from individual users to government agencies, Tableu is a trusted data analytics provider, known for easy-to-use, visual, and intuitive data analytics for any skill-level.

Tableu enables fast, easy data management, with self-styled analytics and campaigns for a vast range of use cases. Their analytics platform is highly flexible and scalable to support individuals looking for data management, up to large multi-national organizations looking for critical business analytics. Tableu uses AI and machine learning systems to build and integrate predictive models directly into your analytics dashboards, allowing you to more quickly build accurate and clear forecasts, without any technical complexity.

Top 5 AI Data Analytics Solutions