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The Top 8 RMM Solutions For MSPs

Discover the best RMM solutions for MSPs. Explore features such as client health monitoring and alerting, analytics and reporting, and patch management.

The Top Remote Monitoring And Management (RMM) Solutions For MSPs include:

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions, also known as network management or remote IT management solutions, allow managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor their clients’ endpoints and networks from anywhere, at any time. With RMM solutions, MSPs can proactively detect and resolve issues on a client’s network without having to visit their office site. This means that the clients benefit from powerful risk monitoring and mitigation, with little downtime and for a fixed cost. This, in turn, leads to consistent revenue and customer satisfaction for the MSP.

Today’s workplace is hybrid. Traditional office sites and on-premises networks have been transformed into complex off-site and hybrid cloud environments—and this is true of MSPs as well as their clients. Because of this, MSPs need to be able to monitor and manage IT and security incidents across their clients’ disparate networks from anywhere. RMM solutions enable them to do that. 

But as well as enabling MSPs to remotely monitor and manage client networks, RMM tools empower MSPs to provide a more effective service by offering robust automation capabilities. The best RMM tools enable MSPs to automate many repetitive tasks, such as onboarding, offboarding, deploying patches, and running scripts. This enables the MSP to spend more time responding to security incidents and ensuring their clients’ networks are correctly configured. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions designed to help MSPs manage their clients’ networks. These solutions offer a range of capabilities, including automated software updating and patch management, secure remote access, granular report generation, and configurable alerting. We’ll give you some background information on the provider and the key features of each solution, as well as the type of customer that they are most suitable for.

NinjaOne Logo

NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM) is a unified IT operations solution that specializes in RMM, system backups, and IT support operations. Their RMM solution is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as virtual machines, and allows MSPs to easily manage all of these devices from any location. NinjaOne also includes built-in endpoint management tools that allow IT admins to remediate threats without interrupting their clients’ work.

NinjaOne delivers out-of-the-box alerts and remote access, both via the central console and the NinjaRMM app, to allow IT admins to remediate responses more quickly and reduce their clients’ downtime. Admins can automate the remediation and scripting processes, as well as automatically synchronize tickets, alerts and devices with the MSPs existing PSA. Alerts and reports can be customized according to the team’s needs, and provide admins with up-to-the-minute health and performance data. From the management console, admins can configure patching preferences to a granular level to update both OS and third-party applications.

NinjaOne also includes strong antivirus integrations and in-built endpoint protection capabilities to help keep the network safe, as well as integrated cloud backup for all of the MSPs clients. Finally, NinjaOne offers free and unlimited training, onboarding and support, so that customers can access help whenever they need it for no extra charge. This makes it a great solution for small- to mid-market MSPs with smaller IT departments that may need more support. Logo is a leading provider of technologies for MSPs. Their eponymous platform combines professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to enable MSPs to manage their clients and assets more efficiently and effective support, all via a single interface. As well as the platform’s RMM and PSA capabilities, customers benefit from IT documentation and project management features. is compatible with Windows PC and MacOS devices and deploys easily via a silent script.

From the management console’s main dashboard, admins receive an overview of asset information, including path status, antivirus status, firewall status, and net traffic. Admins can then dive deeper into device memory and usage, and manage each asset’s software applications—including installing and uninstalling software, adding and removing files, and killing app actions. offers automatic and on-demand patching, with bulk approve and reject options and the ability to create custom views to make lists of outstanding patches easier to search. Admins can also schedule software updates and installations for Windows assets via the platform’s tight integration with Chocolatey—the license for which is included in a subscription. Finally, uses machine learning to create a baseline of “normal” activity for each asset, and offers intelligent alerting to notify admins of any unusual activity that could indicate compromise for faster remediation. Tickets can be created automatically for these alerts. integrates with SplashTop, TeamViewer and ConnectWise Control for remote support, Chocolatey for software management, and Webroot and Bitdefender for antivirus. We recommend for small- to mid-sized MSPs, particularly those looking for a combined RMM and PSA tool to reduce software sprawl and streamline client management. is also well-suited to MSPs managing a lot of Windows assets, thanks to the platform’s seamless integration with Chocolatey.

Syncro Logo

Syncro is an integrated platform aimed at enhancing efficiency and profitability for MSPs. The platform combines Professional Services Automation (PSA, RMM and remote access tools in an affordable, comprehensive package. The offering also includes integrations with over 50 different third-party tools.

The PSA component of Syncro includes features such as flexible invoicing and payments, helpdesk functionality, back-office automation, and reporting. The RMM feature aids in the remote monitoring of unlimited PC and Mac assets with tools for automated alert remediation, scripting, and patch management. Meanwhile, the remote access functionality, which is integrated with Splashtop, facilitates diagnosing and solving client issues without the need to be on-site.

Syncro differs from other MSP software models by charging per user or technician, rather than per endpoint. Additional features include robust reporting capabilities, efficient asset and ticket management, and customizable templates. The system is designed for a smooth user experience with intuitive navigation, customizable dashboards, and handy integration with third-party tools.

The platform also introduces automated and dynamic invoicing, enabling MSPs to bill based on the number of endpoints or users a client has, or according to predetermined policies. Syncro’s automated operations extend to its script library, offering access to over 500 scripts capable of performing routine IT tasks.

Syncro’s uniqueness lies in its comprehensiveness and flexibility, integrating various features into a cohesive, streamlined package, removing the need for multiple disconnected tools and providing cohesive simplicity. It offers a contract-free, unlimited device package, making it accessible for varying sizes of businesses, particularly small-to-midsize MSPs.

Atera logo

Atera is an RMM vendor specializing in remote-first management with an AI-powered platform to improve efficiency and high quality results. Atera’s solution combines RMM, PSA, remote access, and reporting in one user-friendly platform. It successfully helps MSPs in 75 countries to proactively solve problems, rather than reactively respond to support tickets, by streamlining and automating their management processes. It’s compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as Linux and SNMP devices.

Through centralizing AI within their platform, Atera is able to improve the RMM process. Benefits include automated ticket summaries to streamline workflow and reduce time to respond, as well as the ability to deliver actionable intelligence, ensuring that a resolution is found swiftly. Simpler tickets can be resolved automatically, thanks to this AI capability.

Atera monitors client systems in real-time and provides IT admins with alerts about potential problems before they happen, so that they can be solved in advance. Most administrative and maintenance tasks, such as system scanning, update checks and system reboots, can be automated quickly and easily. From the management console, admins can also automate their patch management at a granular level, applying settings to individual devices and device groups. The console also includes remote maintenance capabilities, including application install and uninstall, and running scripts. Atera also includes comprehensive activity logging capabilities that note every action issued by all users, allowing MSPs to have complete transparency of their IT systems.

Atera’s RMM solution integrates seamlessly with Splashtop to provide continuous remote support for all of the MSPs clients, allowing the MSP to securely connect to remote computers and troubleshoot problems from anywhere, at any time. We recommend Atera as a reliable, AI-powered RMM solution for organizations of any size looking to offer their clients a completely remote support service, with efficient automations to reduce workload.

ConnectWise logo

ConnectWise is a market-leading vendor in software for technology solution providers (TSPs). Their flexible services are designed to grow with your business. ConnectWise Automate, formerly Labtech, is ConnectWise’s RMM solution that enables organizations to provide their clients with more proactive support and system monitoring. Powerful automation saves the MSP valuable time which they can dedicate to improving customer experience, and valuable technology insights pinpoint which tech is working well and which isn’t a good fit.

ConnectWise Automate’s asset discovery feature allows admins to automatically detect devices on client networks for quick management and enhanced accountability. This helps keep downtime to a minimum when solving IT problems. The solution features out of-the-box, user-friendly patch management for Windows and third-party software, and admins can automate these roll-outs in additions to regular maintenance tasks in order to reduce costs and save time. ConnectWise Automate also provides powerful monitoring and reporting tools that act as a single source of truth for remote control session auditing, agent and agentless device management and technology status analyses.

Customers praise ConnectWise Automate for is easy-to-use scripting and automation functionality and detailed alerts. The remote session capabilities ensure that admins can reach their customers from any location, at any time. We recommend ConnectWise Automate for small- to medium-sized MSPs looking to implement an RMM solution.

Datto logo

Datto is a cybersecurity vendor dedicated to providing cloud-based software and tech solutions for exclusive use and distribution by MSPs to SMBs. Their products are designed to solve complex IT challenges faced by MSPs, whilst enabling them to grow their business and client base. Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is their cloud-based RMM platform that enables MSPs to remotely manage and support all of the endpoints contracted to them. It aims to reduce the MSPs cost and increase the efficiency of their service delivery by providing centralized management of a powerful, scalable feature set.

Datto RMM features flexible patch management with configurable, automatable policies that save admins time and keep clients secure from the most current known threats. Admins can automate patching for all Windows, MacOS and Linux devices, as well as third-party applications natively or through Datto’s Chocolatey integration. Datto RMM also features real-time monitoring and reporting that enables admins to proactively solve issues and ensure that all security tools are functioning correctly and efficiently. Auto-response to alerts allows for instantaneous problem resolution, and simplifies troubleshooting by providing IT technicians with key diagnostic data. Admins can also access on-demand and scheduled reports into their clients’ system health, which allows the MSP to take action as soon as it’s needed.

Because it’s 100% cloud-based, Datto RMM is highly scalable and accessible anywhere, at any time. This makes it perfect for any organization that needs secure remote access to their clients’ machines. It also integrates fully with existing PSAs, allowing single-click access between the two systems, as well as over 200 third-party tools and solutions, to make it easier to get up and running. Datto is fully focussed on supporting their MSP community, so we recommend their RMM solutions for any MSP serving SMB clients, who are also looking to become a part of a supportive MSP partner community.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, produces comprehensive IT management software solutions that allow organizations to optimize and integrate all of their IT processes, from device management to helpdesk software. Their solutions are trusted by 9/10 of Fortune 100 companies. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is ManageEngine’s ITIL-ready RMM offering for MSPs. With integrated asset and project management features and ITSM functionality, ServiceDesk Plus MSP enables managed service providers across the globe to improve and streamline their client support offerings.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP’s incident and problem management features allow admins not only to solve problems within their clients’ networks, but also to classify and analyze them so as to avoid repeat incidents. From the management console, admins can discover, track and manage all IT hardware and software assets, including vulnerability management and compliance assurance. A CMDB repository allows admins to track all configuration items and map their relationships visually to help make better decisions and analyze the impact of any system changes. ServiceDesk Plus MSP generates both canned and custom reports to give admins insights into the health and performance of their clients’ systems. Finally, the solution features a “service catalog”, which allows the MSP to showcase their services with custom SLAs for increased end user satisfaction and better IT visibility.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP comes in three editions: Standard, which includes the staple help desk software; Professional, which also includes asset management tools; and Enterprise, which includes both asset and project management functionality. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is available in 29 different languages, making it a strong RMM solution for MSPs with a global client base and/or a largely remote workforce based in multiple countries.

N-able Logo

N-able is a cybersecurity vendor that specialises in providing monitoring, security and business tools that allow MSPs to better support their clients and manage their own businesses. N-central is N-able’s flagship solution; an RMM platform designed to maximize efficiency and offer continuous protection, even to organizations that are scaling up rapidly. N-central is compatible with all Windows, Mac, Linux and network devices, as well as virtual machines. As well as its core RMM features, N-central customers benefit from powerful built-in endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities.

With N-central, admins can use powerful automation tools to easily and quickly onboard, configure and patch hundreds of devices from a single interface, from any location. The network topology mapping feature allows admins to create a visual representation of their network and auto-detect any changes to it for clear visibility when troubleshooting. Clear, customizable reports give the MSP insight into the health of client networks, as well as demonstrate their own value to their clients. The solution also features a mobile app, which allows admins to identify problem servers, review alerts and provide IT management on the go. N-central also offers a range of security tools including a firewall, web filtering and, should all else fail, it includes backup and disaster recovery capabilities to help MSPs protect their users’ data.

On top of their core RMM features, N-able have recently added powerful EDR capabilities to their N-central solution. Policy-driven automation, forensic analysis an AI engines allow customers to detect and respond to threats such as ransomware even when endpoints are offline. N-central is a great RMM solution for any sized organization looking for integrated RMM and EDR. N-able’s collaboration with Microsoft makes this solution particularly popular amongst MS O365 customers who currently monitor their devices with Intune.

The Top RMM Solutions For MSPs