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The Top 9 Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

Discover the top mobile threat defense solutions with features like malware detection, app analysis, and device management to secure mobile devices from cyber threats.

The Top 9 Mobile Threat Defense Solutions Include:
  • 1. Harmony Mobile
  • 2. IBM Maas360
  • 3. Ivanti Neurons for Mobile Threat Defense
  • 4. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES)
  • 5. Symantec Mobile Threat Defense
  • 6. Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access
  • 7. Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense
  • 8. Sophos Intercept X For Mobile
  • 9. Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Mobile threat defense (MTD) refers to protocols and software solutions that create dynamic protection against cyber threats that specifically target your mobile device. Working at the network, device, and application layer, MTD solutions can apply a robust series of controls and checks on your device.

Long gone are the days when a mobile phone was just that: a phone. Now, smartphones are an integral part of our business and work lives with email, workplace communication, and monitoring apps all common place. Smartphones enable us to take the office with us wherever we go, all in the name of productivity. As mobile devices are so integrated in our daily life, they are an enticing target for cyber attackers who have a lot to gain from breaching your device.

In many cases, mobile phones and tablets can be used almost interchangeably with desktops and laptops for personal use. Smartphones are no longer a luxury or a “nice to have” but a crucial tool to navigating life. Due to their mass use, prevalence, and general convenience, these personal mobile devices, it makes sense to use them in the office environment. Employees use them to respond to emails, update work-related social media channels, confirm their identity via additional authentication methods, check messages, and send data. This empowers employees to work on the move or from remote locations.

For all their productivity benefits, personal mobile devices tend to be unmanaged, and, therefore unsecured. Most companies will supply their employees with a work laptop, but a work-mandated mobile phone is often only possible for the largest companies operating in the most sensitive sectors. Mobile threat defense solutions allow organizations to add a critical layer of security to employee-owned mobile phones.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best mobile threat defense vendors and their solutions on the market currently. In each case we’ll give a little background to the company, highlight some of the key features, then give our recommendation as to who the tool is ideally suited to.

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Check Point

Harmony Mobile, Formerly known as SandBlast Mobile, is a Check Point solution that helps to deliver comprehensive and robust defense capabilities against a wide range of mobile-borne threats. It helps protect your users and keeps data safe by delivering protection across potential attack vectors including OS, network, and app vector routes. It can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, mitigate phishing attacks, and block the download of unknown files and applications.

Harmony Mobile leverages Check Point’s Behavioral Risk Engine which can run applications in a controlled environment to identify any hidden malicious behavior. The platform utilizes ML, AI, sandboxing, anomaly detection, app reputation, and advanced static code flow analysis to make a comprehensive assessment of threat. There are even bot detection features that can identify infected devices and respond appropriately.

A centralized portal provides extensive visibility into network events, ensuing that admins have a good understanding of all mobile devices on the network. Harmony Mobile performs URL filtering, enables safe browsing, and provides protected DNS through the management and control of DNS preferences. The platform has a fast user adoption and does not diminish your users’ experience or their privacy. Deployment is streamlined through zero-touch enrolment for large numbers of devices with no need for end-user intervention. We would recommend this solution for enterprise level organizations.

IBM logo

IBM Maas360 is an adaptive mobile threat defense solution that protects endpoints through enterprise-grade threat management. It can protect iOS and Android devices with automated security features and protects applications by extending container capabilities. Users can access their corporate network from their device through a VPN module. The platform can automate responses, create strong customizable policies, and perform security analytics. The solution is delivered to Android and iOS devices without disruption to productivity or workflows. IBM Maas360 integrates well into your existing environment and can share intelligence with SIEM and SOAR tools to enhance security and IAM processes.

The platform provides Advisor Insights so teams can view almost real-time alerts on potential risks and vulnerabilities. Accessed via a security dashboard, admins can gain insight into granular reporting, automated report scheduling, comprehensive risk profiles, and risk scoring. A particularly useful feature is the on-demand location search which allows teams to find the location of a lost or stolen device. Other features include automatic blocking or wiping devices in instances of compromise, remote device locking, and user-based risk management. Robust and powerful, we would recommend IBM MaaS360 for large scale enterprises looking for a reliable and effective endpoint management tool.

Ivanti logo

Ivanti Neurons for Mobile Threat Defense is a forward thinking, cloud-based approach to protecting your mobile devices. It provides real-time zero-day threat protection for all devices–both work mandated devices and employee-owned ones. Threat intelligence analysis can detect, block, and remediate phishing attacks across all threat vectors that may affect devices, including email, text, SMS, and social media. Deployment and setup is fast and streamlined, and compatible with Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices. The platform has universal activation, ensuring that the platform reaches 100% of your mobile user base.

The platform leverages advanced threat intelligence capabilities; it includes machine learning algorithms and secure threat intelligence to detect and block instances of phishing, zero-day threats, and malicious web threats. The solution also includes Ivanti’s single sign-on features to improve password hygiene and reduce attack surface area. The solution also includes time of click analysis to identify malicious URLs and block suspicious requests. Admins can create and enforce granular, regulatory compliant, policies as well as preventing users from disabling or removing the tool from their device. This is a powerful and complex, cloud-based tool that we would recommend for large enterprises operating in the cloud looking for a flexible solution that can be customized for your organization’s unique requirements.

Lookout logo

The Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) solution from Lookout is a highly advanced mobile security platform that delivers mobile-based endpoint detection and response capabilities to your users’ endpoints. It uses telemetry and data gathered from all endpoint devices across its network. This ensures that threat intelligence data can be accurate and identify new attack trends quickly. The platform can detect advanced phishing attacks and instances of mobile compromise. It is an easily manageable solution, with fast onboarding and a small device footprint. Lookout rollout frequent updates to ensure the platform is as effective as it can be.

MES can apply zero trust policies to any device that has access to corporate data to prevent data exposure. It protects devices and data from vulnerabilities, can perform data backups, and instigates searches in the event of device loss or theft. It continuously evaluates the risk profile of all users and devices connected to your network through their session. Other features include a detection engine for telemetry analysis, integrated user behavior analytics, anti-malware antivirus protection, remote device wipe, and a system advisor. The platform can be deployed for both large and small sized organizations alike. We would recommend Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security for mid-market and large sized corporations.

Symantec Logo

The mobile threat solution from Symantec by Broadcom is a comprehensive and accurate platform that delivers endpoint security specifically for mobile devices. It leverages threat intelligence to predict a wide range of known and unknown threats. These capabilities is backed up with predictive technologies for device and server-based analysis. Together, this allows the platform to deliver proactive prevention from malware, internet threats, network threats, and app and operating system vulnerability exploits. Onboarding is fast, with native Android and iOS apps that are easy to manage and update.

The platform provides comprehensive protection from malware by defending devices from zero-day malicious apps and carrying out dynamic or static app analysis across a range of attributes including behavior, signatures, permissions, and source. It can detect, block, and remediate instances of malicious iOS profiles. Other notable features include Policy enforcement through UEM, VPN, and Exchange, as well as the ability to correlate device types, OS versions, and other system properties against the solution’s crowd-sourced threat intelligence database. The solution is lightweight and does not interrupt productivity and workflows. We would recommend this solution for organizations ranging from mid to large and in any industry that need a reliable and effective mobile threat management solution.

Palo Alto Logo

Industry giant Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect is a mobile threat defense solution that provides secure remote access for your hybrid user base and is part of their Prisma Access suite. It uses identity-focused authentication and client or clientless deployment methods. Advanced threat prevention capabilities can secure internet traffic, prevent credential theft, block phishing attempts, and quarantine compromised devices. It works well in a range of environments and has a minimal impact on user workflows. Devices are connected to Prisma Access through a secure IPsec/SSL VPN connection, offering full visibility into traffic, ports, protocols, and applications.

The solution can assess security posture and device health before allowing the device to connect to the network, thereby preventing sensitive data from being stolen or accessed without appropriate clearance or authorization. For unmanaged devices and BYOD policies, the solution can support an app-level VPN for security and privacy. The platform will automate identification of unmanaged devices and can facilitate customized authentication procedures. Third party, occasional users such as freelancers, contractors, partners, can be managed easily. The platform’s other features include URL Filtering with PAN-DB, data filtering, cookie-based authentication, and device quarantine. This powerful platform is designed to operate at scale; we would recommend Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access for mid to large sized organizations that are looking to migrate to the cloud.

Pradeo Logo

Pradeo is a software specialist based in Montpellier, France. Their MTD solution is a user-focused and intuitive product that works at the network, application, and device level to provide comprehensive security. Granular policies allow for the real-time blocking of detected threats. The platform comes with pre-configured agents for fast deployment, ensuring that adoption can be seamless. Pradeo Security has a focus on detecting attacks, blocking threats, preventing data leakage, and enforcing compliance with data protection regulations. It integrates well into all environments and is compatible with most leading UEM solutions.

The mobile application scanning feature can identify mobile app behaviors and vulnerabilities, highlighting any anomalous behavior or malicious code. From there, Pradeo will contextualize this information to reduce the number of false positives and ensure that risky or malicious apps are blocked. The platform can detect vulnerabilities in applications and devices as well as provide warnings of when users are connected to a risky Wi-Fi connection. This is an accessible and affordable solution that offers great security. We would recommend the Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense product for small to medium sized enterprises who need to secure their remote workforce.

Sophos logo

The Sophos Intercept X For Mobile platform is a powerful and extensive mobile threat defense solution that delivers robust device, network, and application security. The platform works well in a range of environments and can be deployed on Android, iOS, and Chrome OS endpoints. The platform leverages Sophos’ Intercept X deep learning engine: this helps it to block malware, ransomware, and unwanted downloads. It protects devices and users from malicious websites, unsafe downloads, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, phishing attempts, and malicious QR codes. Admins can also monitor device integrity to reduce attack surface area by instigating version compliance checks and device health checks.

From the unified Sophos Central dashboard, admins can easily create and roll out configurations and generate reports. Network connections are examined in real-time to identify live attacks and help mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks. Web filtering and URL checking capabilities block access to known malicious, risky, or harmful sites on mobile devices. The SMS phishing feature can spot malicious URLs sent in text messages. Some of the platform’s other notable features include rooting/jailbreak detection, app reputation, OS version check, secure QR code scanner, and SIEM integration. This is a robust, proactive, and responsive solution that we would recommend for large enterprises.

Zimperium Logo

The Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is a leading, enterprise grade mobile threat defense solution that secures endpoints so corporate data stays safe whilst being accessed by users. Zimperium MTD can be deployed in cloud, on-prem, and air-gapped environments. It adheres to data laws and specific regulatory compliance needs. Deployment is fast, with zero-touch deployment for users, meaning that no complicated activation steps are needed on behalf of users. It integrates well with other security solutions including SIEM, XDR, IAM, and UEM platforms.

The solution is powered by Zimperium’s ML-based engine that can detect known and unknown threats through the behavioral analysis of mobile devices. It can detect system deviations, malware infected apps, anomalous network traffic, and phishing attacks. This feature is delivered to the device, meaning that it will work even if the user is connected to the network or not. Through the platform, admins are granted a full view of the network’s mobile endpoint security; this helps them apply zero-trust measures consistently and carefully. We would recommend this solution for enterprises with a large user base and a sizable portion of remote workers.

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The Top 9 Mobile Threat Defense Solutions