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The Top 8 Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

Explore the Top Human Capital Management (HCM) Software designed to optimize HR processes. Explore features such as employee lifecycle management, workforce analytics, and talent management.

The Top 8 Human Capital Management (HCM) Software include:
  • 1. ADP Next Gen HCM
  • 2. BambooHR
  • 3. Dayforce
  • 4. Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM
  • 5. Paylocity
  • 6. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • 7. UKG Pro
  • 8. Workday HCM

Human Capital Management (HCM) software helps HR teams to manage and optimize their internal processes—particularly those processes relating to their company’s employees. By integrating and automating a broad range of HR functions, HCM software enables HR teams to focus their time and resources on helping their organization grow and improving employee productivity and satisfaction. These tools also enhance the security of employees’ sensitive, personal data—safeguarding it against unauthorized access, and helping the organization to ensure compliance with data protection standards.

In this article, we’ll explore the top HCM software designed to help you optimize your HR processes. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including talent acquisition, workforce planning, learning and development, payroll, benefits management, time tracking, and analytics.

ADP Logo

ADP’s Next Gen HCM platform is a modern workforce management solution that delivers an integrated suite of core HR tools via a single platform.

ADP Next Gen HCM offers a global payroll system that enables accurate payroll services in various currencies, significantly simplifying the process for employers with a global workforce. This global accessibility is bolstered by the platform’s support for 13 languages. ADP’s solution promotes connectedness within an organization through its unique “connected talent” feature. This helps foster relationships among teams and streamline recruitment processes.

ADP Next Gen HCM also focuses on effective workforce management, with tools for scheduling and labor cost analysis, and the platform’s benefits and wellness administration features help boost employee engagement, whilst decreasing the administrative load on HR teams. To further save HR time and resources, ADP’s solution also employs analytics and benchmarking based on data from over 740k ADP clients (including over 30 million unique employee HR records and 2,400 normalized job types). This can help HR teams identify areas for improvement in terms of productivity across the entire organization.

Overall, ADP Next Gen HCM is a comprehensive human capital management system that’s capable of supporting multi-national enterprises. It helps simplify the HR workload, whilst providing rich, data-based analytics to aid decision-making.

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Bamboo HR Logo

BambooHR is a comprehensive human resource platform that combines employee data management, payroll, time tracking, benefits, hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluations. It effectively streamlines HR processes by integrating all these modules into one accessible platform, ensuring data accuracy while helping save HR time and resource.

BambooHR allows for efficient time tracking, benefits enrollment, and payroll management within the platform. It also offers an add-on payroll solution that automates data flow for efficient payroll runs, reducing the need for manual input and therefore the likelihood of double entries. Other key features of the core platform include comprehensive payroll reporting, full-service tax filing, and a robust applicant tracking system that ensures a hassle-free hiring and onboarding process, enhancing candidate experiences and first-day introductions for new employees.

BambooHR also offers tools for in-depth employee experience data analysis, reporting features, and automated workflows that help facilitate performance evaluations. It hosts over 125 integrations and emphases data security. Data is encrypted during transit and at rest, and the platform is subject to an annual third-party SOC II security audit.

Overall, BambooHR is a holistic HR management platform that offers accurate and secure data tracking, payroll and benefits administration, applicant tracking, and performance analysis tools. Its breadth of features, security, and diverse integrations make it well-suited to any HR team.

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Dayforce Logo

Dayforce is an HCM platform that handles payroll, HR, benefits, talent, and workforce management. This all-encompassing platform leverages a single data source and interface, making it easier for HR teams to streamline their operations.

Serving as a mobile and web self-service for payroll, benefits, schedules, Dayforce significantly reduces the manual workload for HR teams. In addition to digitization and automation across these areas, the platform utilizes AI to facilitate smarter hiring, workflow optimization, as well as efficient upskilling and reskilling strategies. This enables HR teams to deliver more personalized employee experiences.

In addition to streamlining HR tasks, Dayforce helps ensure operational integrity and compliance with data protection standards. The platform offers a flexible rules engine for regulatory changes, thorough global and local governance expertise, and fortified data security. It also offers seamless interoperability with other applications, making the platform straightforward to deploy and minimizing the need to copy data across multiple systems.

Overall, Dayforce’s unified platform empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions to optimize workforce management and promote talent development. Its efficient handling of administrative tasks, reliable real-time data, and robust support services make this a strong HCM solution.

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Oracle Logo

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is a holistic, cloud-based solution designed to streamline all human resource processes across an organization. The software aims to help HR teams create an engaging community setting for employees, fostering an environment where individuals feel valued and heard. With Oracle Cloud HCM, enterprises benefit from a single user experience, a unified data model, and smooth, AI-powered operating features.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM consists of modules for essential HR tasks such as managing core human resources, strategic workforce planning, and advanced HCM controls. It also offers capabilities for every step of the talent lifecycle, including talent sourcing and onboarding, performance management, career development, and succession planning.

In addition, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM assists in aligning business strategies, reducing compliance risks, and deploying workforces with greater control. It includes integrated modules for absence management, time and labor, and workforce health and safety. It also offers global payroll processing.

In summary, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is a comprehensive, cloud-based HR management solution. It streamlines the process of managing a global workforce, while helping to reduce compliance risks and enabling HR teams to make data-driven decisions to drive business productivity.

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Paylocity logo

Paylocity is an integrated HR software designed to streamline HR-related tasks and boost productivity within organizations. This multi-functional platform automates a variety of HR processes, minimizing administrative burden while enhancing accuracy and ensuring compliance.

Key functions of Paylocity include time and labor management, HR management, talent acquisition, development, and—most notably—a customizable payroll system. Using the payroll tools, HR teams can design and modify check types, general ledgers, and reports, as well as automate data entry and process audits. This helps simplify tax compliance processes, regardless of the organization’s geographical location. Paylocity also provides an intuitive scheduling system, robust time tracking, and a modern mobile app with instant team chat that can be used to alert employees to shift modifications. The platform also offers effective benefits administration, offering HSA and FSA management directly through its portal, and a powerful HR process automation engine.

The Paylocity platform is very intuitive; its employee self-service system provides 24/7 access to payroll and HR data, making it easy for employees to manage their own data and minimizing the number of enquiries HR teams receive. Additionally, the integrated video capabilities throughout the platform allow for more personalized communication, fostering a culture of connection beyond traditional email or intranets.

Paylocity serves as a comprehensive HR solution thanks to its wide range of functions and detailed reporting. With its support for over 350 integrations and mobile accessibility, the platform is well-suited to any sized organization, and particularly those with a remote workforce.

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SAP Logo

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS). It integrates core HR and payroll functionality, talent management, sales performance management, and people analytics capabilities within a single user-centric, AI-driven environment.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite offers a flexible Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which handles core HR, payroll, and time tracking, along with offering document management for centralized access to employee data. The platform also offers a suite of talent management tools that provide access to global talent sourcing, and to help HR teams manage applications and compensation design, as well as plan succession.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite also enables HR teams to improve employee experience by delivering easy access to necessary tools and services, and by enabling them to monitor employee satisfaction and engagement over time. In addition to improving engagement, the suite’s HR analytics and workforce planning tools support data-driven decision-making and streamlined sales planning.

Overall, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is a comprehensive HR management solution that brings together key HR functions under an intuitive, AI-powered platform, enabling HR teams to better support talent management and employee experience.

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UKG Logo

UKG Pro is a comprehensive human capital management suite tailored for enterprise organizations. It provides a unified experience for managing personnel data, as well as undertaking complex payroll tasks, streamlines scheduling, and assists in attracting, nurturing, and growing talent.

UKG Pro incorporates multiple key features. The human resources feature allows HR teams to manage all personnel data and share important company information with their entire workforce. The HR service delivery feature automates manual tasks and enables self-service for employees, while the platform’s payroll feature ensures accurate payroll execution and provides deeper pay insights accessible from any device. It also includes intuitive tools for talent management – this facilitates effective goal setting, continuous learning, and employee engagement.

Additional strengths of UKG Pro include time and attendance tracking, strategic workforce planning, and improved compliance management with automated alerts and tax lookups. The platform also offers robust communication and collaboration tools to foster a sense of belonging among employees, and customizable reports and analytics that enable HR teams to make informed decisions to help boost productivity and engagement.

In summary, UKG Pro is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that enables HR teams to enhance payroll accuracy, boost scheduling proficiency, and foster talent.

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Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is an intelligent suite that uses Workday AI to offer flexible, interconnected HR solutions.

One of Workday HCM’s standout features is its “Workday Skills Cloud”. This feature utilizes machine learning to match talent with the right opportunities, helping to attract, engage, and retain frontline workers and optimize workforce agility. The solution also focuses on creating engaging experiences by offering platforms to collect employee feedback so that HR teams can work to deliver the experiences they ask for. Workday HCM also applies intelligent automation across the entire attract-to-pay process to eliminate manual tasks and enhance productivity. Its compensation and benefits tools offer flexibility in forming plans that accommodate diverse worker needs. Finally, Workday HCM also offers augmented analytics that generate insights from vast datasets and presents them in an understandable format so that HR teams can make informed decisions to help improve employee experiences.

Overall, Workday HCM is a comprehensive tool for workforce optimization, delivering compensation, payroll, scheduling, time tracking, benefits, and intelligent skills data. It empowers managers with insights and tools designed to keep employees engaged and supports smarter, skills-based workforce planning.

The Top 8 Human Capital Management (HCM) Software