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The Top 9 Email Encryption Solutions For Microsoft 365

Our list of the best email encryption solutions for Microsoft 365. Compare key features, such as encryption policies, ease of use, and more.

The Top 9 Email Encryption Solutions For Microsoft 365 include:
  • 1. SpamTitan
  • 2. Egress Protect
  • 3. Paubox Email Encryption
  • 4. PreVeil
  • 5. Proofpoint Email Encryption
  • 6. RMail Encryption
  • 7. Trustifi
  • 8. Virtru
  • 9. Zix Email Encryption

Email encryption software is an important tool for businesses to keep their communications secure. It makes sure that the contents of any email, including attached files, are only received and read by the intended recipient. While increasingly more companies need email encryption software installed as a legal requirement, not every email service comes with its encryption software built-in, or if it has, it sometimes fails to meet certain industry standards. Sometimes it’s just better to strengthen security to make it airtight or have more options to customize.

Microsoft 365 is one of the leading cloud-based email platforms for businesses. It does offer encryption for an additional cost but is prone to vary depending on subscriptions and sometimes isn’t always easy for businesses to configure. Owing to its popularity, Microsoft 365 is also a common target for attacks. Opting for third-party encryption can provide advanced admin controls, ease of use, or extra defense capabilities. Employing specialist, third-party encryption software in your email communications ensures client, customer, and own company information stays protected.

SpamTitan Logo

TitanHQ is a global network security specialist, offering email encryption within their EncryptTitan platform. EncryptTitan offers cloud-based, AES 256-Bit encryption with SHA256 Hashing Storage. It works as an add-on to Microsoft 365 that is both simple to set up and use. EncryptTitan is sold as a bundle with SpamTitan, a leading secure email gateway service that provides effective protection against spam, malware and phishing protection. EncryptTitan will first attempt to send mail via TLS Verify, though this will require the recipient’s mail server to support TLS version 1.2 or 1.3. If this cannot be achieved, emails will be automatically sent via EncryptTitan’s secure message portal. This TLS encryption falls in line with state and federal privacy regulations needed to protect customer information.

EncryptTitan Features

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant, using transparent TLS delivery
  • Cloud-based and scalable
  • Email messages are encrypted by the sender and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient on their device
  • Keyword policy based encryption
  • Outlook plug in which can be used with keyword encryption deployment

EncryptTitan Pricing: EncryptTitan’s pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: EncryptTitan is a full featured and comprehensive email encryption solution that offers airtight encryption and strong data loss prevention capabilities. Intuitive and intelligent, it delivers a range of policy filters that automatically encrypt emails after scanning for flagged keywords that are set by a systems admin. If these filters detect a keyword in the subject line, encryption is applied without user input, adding an additional layer of defense against human error. We would recommend EncryptTitan for small and midsize businesses, as well middle market companies. As Titan also offer a range of email and web security solutions, we would strongly recommend it to any companies already using their other software products.

Egress Logo

Egress is an email and data software specialist that offers security that is Privacy Shield Framework and Skyhigh CloudTrust certified. Egress’ encryption allows for total integration with Microsoft 365. Senders can send emails with a single click with automatic encryption, or opt for customized encryption levels. It offers AES 256-bit encryption, full auditing and reporting, and “Human Layer Security”.

Egress is an email and data software specialist that offers security that is Privacy Shield Framework and Skyhigh CloudTrust certified. Their email encryption solution, Egress Protect, allows for total integration with Microsoft 365. Senders can send emails with a single click with automatic encryption, or opt for customized encryption levels. It offers AES 256-bit encryption, full auditing and reporting, and “Human Layer Security”.

Egress Protect Features

  • Certified AES 256-bit encryption which offers push and pull delivery models
  • Automatic or sender-initiated email protection with user controls that restriction of forwarding and printing, disabling attachment download, expiry date and digital watermarking.
  • Can flag outbound risks such as incorrect content and attachments, conflicts of interest, and data exfiltration by using customizable policies
  • Detailed analytics on usage and abnormalities 
  • Provides algorithms that model user relationships within the company, allowing for the software to detect these anomalies in real-time.

Pricing: Pricing begins at £90 per year for one user, to £80 per year per user for ten to 25 users. For companies with over 25 users, pricing is available via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments: Egress Protect is an initiative and human-centric email encryption platform that strives to ensure your data and information is kept secure and the most important pieces don’t leave your network without clearance and verification. It integrates well with existing workflows and has no impact on productivity. Egress’ software contains a user interface that analyzes any emails sent, offering immediate advice to users when it detects “abnormal” behavior. Egress offers a powerful email encryption tool that has strong data leak prevention and customization abilities, making it a strong choice for healthcare companies, banks, and governmental organizations.

Paubox Logo

Paubox is a start-up that has quickly become a leading figure in HIPAA-compliant email and data encryption services. They offer a portal-free email encryption service that is HITRUST CSF certified. Their encryption interfaces well with most email service providers, including Microsoft 365. Paubox works with a zero-step encryption method; it doesn’t require any downloads or log-ins and doesn’t require users to access a portal. Encryption is also automatic, requiring no thought on part of the sender. Not only does the Paubox Email Suite strengthen outbound email security but inbound email security as well by flagging or blocking any suspicious incoming mail.

Paubox Features

  • Data loss prevention prevents users from sending unauthorized information like protected health information (PHI)
  • NSA-recommended encryption with up-to-date TLS protocols to prevent compromise
  • Encryption by default to safeguard against human error
  • ExecProtect feature prevents display name spoofing attacks 
  • Strong mail filtering capabilities
  • Extensive reporting for tracking of blocked threats and threat trends

Pricing: Paubox email encryption has three plans: Standard, Plus, and Premium. Pricing can start at $29 to $900 per month, depending on the plan and company size. For companies with over 50 users, pricing is available via a quotation request. 

Expert Insights Comments: Paubox’s beauty is in its simplicity. It’s easy to onboard, manage, and use. It integrates well with your existing security stack and doesn’t interrupt your users’ work. It offers strong email encryption, inbound email security, data loss prevention, and archiving while making it HIPAA compliant. It doesn’t require a portal or a passcode, ensuring your users’ productivity and satisfaction isn’t hindered. We would recommend Paubox to small to mid-sized companies that have HIPAA compliance as a legal requirement, such as those in the healthcare industry.

Preveil Logo

PreVeil offers cloud-based end-to-end email encryption software. It adds an encrypted mailbox to Office 365 inboxes, without requiring a change of email address and is easy to use. It can be fully integrated with most email service providers, and works with browsers and mobile devices, tightening security for those working away from the office.

PreVeil Encryption

  • Fully compliant with a wide range of regulations including SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-171, and CMMC
  • Email content and subsequent attachments are encrypted directly on the user’s device and are only decrypted on the recipient’s device
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Messages protected from phishing, spoofing, password, server, and admin attacks
  • Privileged activities only permitted after cryptographic approval from a set of predetermined admins
  • Encrypted mailbox added to Outlook accounts

Pricing: Business plan pricing is $20 per user, per month. For a “government grade” plan that is CMMC, ITAR and NIST data compliant, it is $30 per user, per month.

Expert Insights Comments: PreVeil’s encryption tool is a powerful yet accessible tool that aims to make encryption as straightforward as possible for users. While applying strongly secure encryption standards, it also provides an encrypted mailbox to your Outlook inboxes without changing your users’ existing email address. However, PreVeil’s strength lies in its elimination of any potential risk of sabotage or human error. Hijacked or rogue admins that have widespread access to company information can result in sensitive emails and files being accessed by hackers. PreVeil works around this by cryptographically distributing trust across multiple admins, so no one person can compromise the entire company. Admins can still have full access to company data when and where needed, but only after full authorization from a set of approvers has been granted. We would recommend PreVeil for any organizations that need to secure highly sensitive data over email, such as governmental, healthcare, educational, and financial organizations.

Proofpoint Logo

Proofpoint is a highly respected and favored vendor in the global cybersecurity market, particularly for their email security solutions. Their email encryption tool, Proofpoint Email Encryption, is a straightforward solution that is easy for users and admins alike to use. Despite its simplicity, it still offers strong and full encryption. Messages and subsequent attachments are automatically encrypted. The solution is also highly customizable with admins able to set wide-reaching and pervasive encryption policies, and grant users certain encryption capabilities and permissions.

Proofpoint Email Encryption Features

  • AES 256-Bit policy-based email encryption
  • Targets business email compromise through use of machine learning
  • Detects and flags the use of impersonated supplier domains, reply-to pivots, domain spoofing, display name spoofing, and look-alike domains
  • Automatic encryption based on company policies
  • Streamlined and easy to use admin console
  • Compatible with Microsoft 365
  • Users can add encryption by adding a predefined tag in the email subject line
  • No-touch key management, with keys generated, stored, managed and made available through Proofpoint’s cloud-based infrastructure

Pricing: Proofpoint’s pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments:

The Proofpoint Email Encryption solution is a highly robust, secure encryption tool that is extremely policy driven. Policies are easily and centrally managed from a clean dashboard, with these policies enforced at the gateway. Proofpoint offers two plans dependent on company size. Proofpoint Email Protection is best suited for companies ranging from midsize to enterprise. The smaller plan, Proofpoint Essentials, is suitable for companies with <250 employees. Proofpoint Essentials also includes email protection, and archiving capabilities. We would recommend Proofpoint for SMBs and MSPs, especially those with strict policy and compliance guidelines and who need to produce audits quickly or provide sensitive data to affiliated parties when necessary.

Rmail Logo

A lesser known name on the list, Rmail is an innovative and leading company in the e-security, e-compliance, and e-signature sphere. RMail Encryption is a secure, cloud-based email encryption service that can be installed into existing email management systems, including Microsoft O365. It’s highly customizable, with a range of encryption methods, policy rules, compliance and delivery tracking options to configure. Senders can also receive a registered receipt email record, which provides proof of HIPAA and GDPR compliance. It is a cloud-based solution.

Rmail Email Encryption Features

  • Automatic encryption and best method of delivery enabled
  • Requires passwords if recipient doesn’t have TLS encryption
  • One-click option for the recipient to send an encrypted reply and upload attachments of up to 200MB
  • Compliant with strict regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and more with auditable proof of compliance through email encryption receipts
  • E-signing feature
  • Redact reply feature which removes text containing sensitive information after a reply
  • Disappearing ink feature allows for content to disappear after a certain amount of time

Pricing: RMail Standard (for <5 users) is $15 per user, per month. For any companies with over five users, pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments: RMail’s encryption solution is an overly robust and rigid solution that has no compromise on security. The solution offers numerous configuration possibilities, smart features to help enhance security such as the Redact Reply and Disappearing Ink features, and dynamic yet strong outbox-to-inbox protection. While there can be some barriers to retrieving encrypted content, depending on the recipient, RMail makes this as streamlined as possible for the user. We would recommend RMail for any sized company that regularly handles highly sensitive information, such as those in the legal, financial, and health sector.

Trustifi Logo

From market leader Trustifi is their cloud-based email protection service, the eponymously named Trustifi. It doesn’t interfere with day-to-day working life. It can be deployed on Microsoft 365 as an integrated add-on and requires no training for staff. Despite its simplicity and straightforwardness, it doesn’t compromise security. Trustifi uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, ensuring end-to-end protection – not even Trustifi can access the content. Senders and admins can revoke or change access, or even alter the content after an email has been sent. Encrypted emails can also be sent with multi-factor authentication if senders wish to add an extra layer of protection to any email sent.

Trustifi Features

  • “One-Click Decrypt™” feature which allows for recipients to decrypt emails without accessing a separate portal
  • Emails retrieved through Trusifi app, which can have multi-factor authentication added
  • Intuitive interface
  • Data loss prevention capabilities 
  • Extensive granular controls
  • Quick deployment with Microsoft 365

Pricing: Trustifi’s pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments: Trustifi is a market leader in the email security arena, with high quality solutions that protect email communications and information from all angles, securing your company from highly advanced email-borne attacks such as BEC attacks and account takeover. Their email encryption solution is no different. Aside from powerful security, it comes with a wealth of tools, features, and granular controls. This solution is a great option for managed service providers and end clients looking for a reasonably priced option that offers comprehensive data loss prevention and is compliant with PCI, HIPAA, and more. We would recommend Trustifi for businesses ranging from small to enterprise level.

Virtru Logo

Virtru is a global data encryption provider that offers email encryption add-on services for large corporations. Their Virtru Email Encryption solution offers extensive and pervasive control and managed access to sensitive data and information within your organization, including email, file sharing, and any other applications your users need. Highly compatible with Microsoft 365, Virtru’s intuitive and data-centric encryption solution offers end-to-end email encryption. Virtru comes with message access monitoring, message access control, content expiration dates, watermarks, and alerts for specific types of data, recipient domains, and keywords.

Virtru Email Encryption Features

  • Compatible with Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Outlook
  • Full auditing available quickly when required by third parties
  • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, CJIS, and EAR, amongst others
  • Comes with pore-defined data loss prevention abilities, with the option to further configure this as necessary
  • Extensive granular controls and customizable policies
  • Secure web portal
  • End-to-end encryption

Pricing: The Starter plan, for companies of up to five people, is $79 a month. Their Business plan, which is suited to companies of up to 25 people, is available for $249 a month. Pricing for their Enterprise package for larger organizations is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments: Virtru’s highlights include its ability to integrate into existing workflows well, ensuring no disruption to your employees’ work. It’s easy to use, with no training required. Users just toggle on the Virtru switch when they need to protect an email, selecting additional controls where necessary. Senders can track if the email has been forwarded and view who has opened the email. If an email is sent to the wrong recipient in error, users and admins can immediately revoke access to the message, putting full control in the sender’s hands. Their email encryption software includes strong data loss prevention policies which scan content for sensitive information. Also available is a signed Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA compliance for an additional fee. We would recommend Virtru for healthcare, education, and governmental organizations.

Zix Logo

Zix Email Encryption is a cloud-based encryption software service that merges with your existing email environment. It is a highly policy-driven solution, with admins finding they have extensive granular controls and can easily manage permissions and access. Zix works well with Microsoft 365, offering automatic end-to-end encryption via Outlook. Their patented Best Method of Delivery (BMOD) ensures messages are sent securely but easily, through transparent push and pull methods. This means an email is converted into an encrypted file, which is then attached to a separate email. The recipient then retrieves their email from a secure portal.

Zix Email Encryption Features

  • Policy-based email protection with data loss prevention capabilities
  • Content scanning supported by pre-set and configurable policy filters, which can scan for sensitive data and information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, and more
  • Compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, FINRA, and more
  • Multiple secure delivery options with best method of delivery possible
  • Proof of compliance and auditing features
  • Smart dashboard with over 30 reports to browse

Pricing: Zix’s pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights Comments: 

A firm favorite amongst health and financial organizations, Zix’s email encryption solution is a tool that is both strong in its security and easy to use. Zix strives to be as fuss-free as possible, for both user and admin alike with no training needed for the former. For admins, the dashboard and reporting features allow for extensive insights into security and user behavior, and any potential threats or anomalies. Zix’s ease of use and its filters – which are constantly being refined and updated – make it a good choice for any large company that is looking to fulfill complex feature requirements. We would recommend Zix for financial and healthcare institutions of any size.

The Top 9 Email Encryption Solutions For Microsoft 365