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The Top 10 Desktop Management Software

Desktop Management software allows you to monitor and roll out changes across all devices with ease. We’ll explore the top 10 desktop management solutions, noting their key features, and ideal use cases.

The Top 10 Desktop Management Software Include:
  • 1. Scalefusion
  • 2. AnyDesk Remote Desktop
  • 3. Atera
  • 4. ConnectWise Control
  • 5. IBM MaaS360
  • 6. ManageEngine Endpoint Central
  • 7. N-Able N-Sight
  • 8. NinjaOne
  • 9. Splashtop Enterprise
  • 10. TeamViewer

Desktop management solutions allow you to streamline and unify any network management tasks that need to be carried out on endpoint devices. Common tasks include the implementation of virus, or malware protection, patch management, helpdesk functions, and install/move/add/change (IMAC) tasks. Desktop management solutions will work not only on your PC desktop, but also your laptops, tablets, and other user devices.

Some desktop management solutions will also allow you to monitor and control identity and access. This ensures that your devices are being use by valid users, and that you can control this from a central, unified dashboard. Desktop management solutions can be configured in house or managed by a third-party provider. 

Desktop management solutions are closely linked to remote management and monitoring (RMM) solutions. While both types of solutions are capable of monitoring devices, analysing events, and performing management tasks, they differ in the way this is achieved. RMM solutions operate at scale across an entire network, and can encompass all of the servers, workstations, and network devices. They can manage software updates, identify hardware failures, and security threats. Desktop management solutions are more focused on managing individual desktop devices, with specific configuration needs. There is, understandably, a lot of overlap in this category; many RMM solutions work as effective desktop management solutions, too. 

In this article, we’ll identify the top 10 desktop management solutions, and cover their key features and use cases. We will offer our expert opinions on each solution’s stand out features and identify the type of organization that would benefit from each platform.

Scalefusion Logo

Scalefusion is a specialist in mobile and endpoint management, which helps organizations ensure that device policies are unified and security settings are rigorously applied and enforced. Scalefusion’s desktop management solution gives you visibility and control over various network devices. With this solution, you can roll out updates and patches to all (relevant) endpoints simultaneously. The platform gives you improved visibility over network events and device settings. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops.

One of Scalefusion’s strengths is the speed at which you can configure and deploy profiles to relevant devices. Even settings like the desktop layout can be controlled, leading to a unified user experience across an organization. Scalefusion’s tech support is adept and reliable if you encounter any issues. We recommend Scalefusion to SMBs and large enterprises looking for a solution that allows quick and easy setup and deployment of desktops.

AnyDesk Logo

AnyDesk is a Stuttgart-based company whose eponymous remote desktop solution is used by 170,000 customers to perform over 900 million sessions per month. The platform is lightweight and fast – the minimum frame rate for screen sharing is 60 fps. This means you can manage a remote desktop with imperceptible levels of delay. The platform is also secure; it uses robust TLS 1.2 and AES-256 security measures.

AnyDesk’s Remote Desktop solution is widely used and one of the most straightforward, effective solutions on the market. Remote management can be controlled from mobile or PC devices, giving you greater amounts of flexibility. The platform’s settings are customizable and can be deployed to a wide range of operating systems. We would recommend AnyDesk Remote Desktop for SMBs looking for a user-friendly desktop management solution, as well as mid-market enterprises with a diverse device fleet.

Atera logo

Atera’s RMM platform offers extended visibility and control over your servers and desktops. The platform allows you to monitor desktop events in real-time, ensuring that you receive updates as often as necessary. You can easily automate manual and repetitive tasks as well as ensuring that patches and updates are automatically installed. The platform’s remote maintenance features allow you to uninstall applications, run scripts, and manage patches across devices.

Atera’s RMM solution is a highly reliable and effective tool to ensure that policies are unified across a whole network. The solution has a particularly wide range of use cases, making it a valuable addition to your network’s infrastructure. We would recommend Atera RMM for organizations and MSPs of any size looking to offer their clients a completely remote support service.

Connectwise Logo

Based in Tampa, FL, ConnectWise gives organizations a robust platform to run and manage network operations. Control enables remote access to any device, at any time, with a flexible management console. The platform is configured in either Access or Support mode, each with its own feature set and set of use cases. Access allows you to connect with remote endpoints to improve support capabilities, while Support is designed to act as a help desk – it allows you to fix and triage problems remotely.

ConnectWise Control is an effective remote access tool. Engineers can access devices remotely to resolve behind the scenes issues, without interrupting the end user. MSPs can generate advanced reports to give them a comprehensive understanding connected desktops. The platform is reliable and allows you to solve issue more efficiently across your client’s network’s devices. We would recommend ConnectWise for small- to medium-sized MSPs who need a desktop management solution that has robust support and troubleshooting tools.

IBM logo

IBM provide a vast array of cyber technologies that cover communication, security, and network management. IBM MaaS360 is an AI-backed unified endpoint management (UEM) tool. It allows for robust and effective device management of all endpoints – from laptops to smartphones, IoT devices, and even wearable tech. IBM is responsible for managing over 10 million devices. The technology scales easily to ensure that you are protected as your organization expands.

The solution effectively manages your data, improving threat detection as well as identity and access management. IBMs platform is reliable and flexible; you can automate enrolment, configure flexible security policies, implement containerized architecture, and integrate with a range of technology platforms. We would recommend IBM MaaS360 for medium to large organizations that need a robust solution with granular configuration to meet your organization’s needs.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine have developed a suite of cybersecurity and management tools that cover a broad range of cybersecurity needs from device and network management to identity and access controls. ManageEngine Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) is their unified endpoint management and security tool. The solution provides granular device management functionality, patch management and software deployment, as well as asset and software licensing management, usage statistics, and ransomware protection.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a versatile and comprehensive management solution that fulfils a wide range of critical needs. Common tasks – like privilege escalation – are easily performed at the click of a button. The UI is clear and streamlined, allowing you to understand network events with ease. We would recommend ManageEngine for organizations of all sizes who need an effective and robust desktop management solution with a good level of functionality and diverse feature set.

N-able Logo

Based in Morrisville, NC, N-Able is a provider of software solutions that monitor, manage, and secure customer systems, data, and networks. N-Able N-Sight is an RMM solution that combines remote access, ticketing, and billing within a single solution. The remote management features allow you to perform asset discovery, inventory tracking, and patch management using drag and drop automation. The solution is a popular tool for MSPs; it allows you to customize and brand your portal, provides a mobile app for technical staff, and allows for further scheduling and tracking.

N-Able N-Sight is an effective solution for gathering information, providing analysis reports, and reviewing data across multiple sites. These reports can be configured to suit a variety of user levels, as well as clients. N-Able N-Sight’s entire functionality can be accessed through a single streamlined dashboard, thereby making it a very usable and efficient system. We would recommend the solutions for organizations of all sizes, particularly managed service providers that need a versatile and effective solution to manage client devices.

NinjaOne Logo

Based in Austin, TX, NinjaOne provide IT operations solutions to streamline, automate, manage, and remediate cyber events and workflows. Their remote monitoring and management solution has a comprehensive feature set – from asset management, to patch deployment, backup features, and remote access. The solution allows you to support users wherever they are, without the need for a company network, domain, or on-premises server.

For MSP users, NinjaOne allows you to fully manage your client’s desktops and IT solutions, without needing a large SOC or IT team. The solution allows remote workers to receive technical support, as well as deploy patched and update security configuration, seamlessly. Some remediation and scripted processes can be automated to improve efficiency. The platform provides users with a consistent and reliable service, allowing them to manage their desktops easily, giving them time to focus on more complex tasks. We would recommend this solution for organizations that have a smaller IT team but still require comprehensive coverage and a technically robust solution.

Splashtop Logo

Splashtop is a California-based remote access and support provider who have been in operation since 2006. Their enterprise support solution allows you to manage your endpoints, improve performance, monitor security, and automate service desk workflows. The platform is flexible and scales as your organization grows. Splashtop allows you to configure role- and user-based permissions (enforced by 2FA and AES-256) to ensure your accounts are kept safe.

The platform is simple to use, making it easy to reconfigure settings and maximise benefit. The tool itself is lightweight and easy to install. Splashtop also have a range of additional enterprise add-ons that include SIEM integrations, IP restrictions, RDP to VNC connectors, and augmented reality annotation. We would recommend Splashtop for medium sized organizations who need a reliable and flexible solution that provides good desktop access and monitoring tools.

TeamViewer Logo

TeamViewer is a German technology company that has developed a connectivity platform to manage remote access and control. It allows organizations to understand and troubleshoot on a range of devices, from desktops to mobile devices, even to industrial machines and robots. Today, the solution is used to manage over 2.5bn devices. The platform allows you permanent access for unattended devices, black screen for private remote access, and secure file sharing capabilities.

TeamViewer enables access across a wide range of device types and OS, managed through a streamlined UI. One of the key strengths of this solution is its collaboration settings; screen share, conversations, and annotations can all be shared in real time. We would recommend this solution for medium sized organizations who need a secure remote desktop solution to manage their endpoints and assist with troubleshooting and configurations issues.

The Top 10 Desktop Management Software