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The Top 11 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allow organizations to deploy a managed, remote desktop solution that lets users log in from wherever they are. Explore the top DaaS solutions, their key features, and use cases.

The Top 11 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions Include:
  • 1. Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • 2. Citrix DaaS
  • 3. Cloudalize
  • 4. dinCloud dinHVD
  • 5. Itopia
  • 6. Kasm Workspaces
  • 7. Nutanix XI Frame
  • 8.
  • 9. V2 Cloud
  • 10. VMWare Horizon DaaS
  • 11. Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud

DaaS solutions are ideal for organizations that have a large number of remote users who all need access to the same applications and files. Rather than just saving documents in a shared cloud drive, DaaS solutions allow you to access the applications themselves, with all relevant patches and updates. From an admin perspective, this eases management through being able to monitor and deploy software remotely. 

From a user’s perspective, DaaS solutions give you more flexibility regarding your geographical location and the devices that you can work from. 

DaaS can either be persistent or non-persistent. Persistent desktops can be used like a normal desktop, where a user can move files and configure appearance settings to suit them. Non-persistent desktops, on the other hand, reset after each session. This makes them suitable for temporary or contract workers who need access for a limited period, but do not need to save their personal settings. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 DaaS solutions, covering their key features as well as suggesting who they are best suited to. The solutions mentioned in this article cover a range of use cases, from education sectors to computer aided design (CAD) and 3D modelling use-cases. The Top Desktop-as-a-Service Solutions Include:

Azure Logo

Microsoft has developed a comprehensive range of soft and hardware technologies for organizations of all sizes. Azure Virtual Desktop is a secure means of accessing desktops remotely. The scalable solution can effectively run multiple sessions from a single device. As the platform is developed by Microsoft, the solution is familiar to most users and likely to be compatible with your existing infrastructure. The solution proactively searches for threats and can take remediation action.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a reliable and robust solution that scales easily. Admins are able to install default applications for specific user groups. As the solution is developed by Microsoft, it will work well with the M365 Suite, making it easy to onboard and manage users. The solution gives you access to extensive computing power, flexible configurations, and, ultimately, the ability to increase productivity and efficiency. We would recommend this solution for organizations of all sizes that require a reliable and robust solution that is easy to deploy and manage longer-term.

Citrix logo

Citrix is a software group based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They have developed a range of flexible, digital workspaces that allow enterprises to operate a hybrid work model, whilst ensuring that processes are secure, and that connectivity is reliable. Citrix DaaS is optimized to regulate traffic and usage based on bandwidth and capacity. It also has automated security and user behavior analytics to identify security threats at the earliest opportunity.

Citrix DaaS lets you configure and customize settings to ensure that it matches your organization’s way of working. This can result in improved application response times, faster logins, and effective scaling. Citrix DaaS is quick to set up and deploy, ensuring that users can begin accessing the desktop quickly and securely. The platform is also quick and responsive for end-users when completing their routine tasks. We would recommend Citrix DaaS for large enterprise organizations that require a robust, effective, and reliable DaaS solution.

Cloudalize Logo

Cloudalize provides a full stack cloud GPU platform that can be used to access virtual desktops remotely. Cloudalize is an effective solution that provides quick and robust access for remote workers. The solution is particularly effective when dealing with data-intensive workloads. You are able to share cloud workstation environments with clients to showcase your latest work and gain feedback in real-time.

Cloudalize have developed a platform that is optimized to manage graphics-heavy workloads at high speeds, for use in machine learning, design, and 3D visualization. The platform allows for easy installation, with a responsive customer support team to assist when needed and fine-tune the solution to meet your needs. We would recommend this solution for organizations that need the bandwidth and the power to manage data heavy workloads in the design and engineering sector.

dinCloud Logo

Based in Tennessee, dinCloud provides virtual desktop solutions that prioritize flexibility, productivity, and agility. dinCloud allows users to access their desktops from multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as being compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. All company and user data is kept safe as the platform adheres to Tier III, SSAE 16, and Soc Type II security standards.

dinCloud offers a range of pricing and subscription options, making it possible for businesses with a wide variety of use cases find an option that matches their needs. You are able to add a hosted virtual server that will allow users to save and store their data and access it as needed. As this is a managed service, you can let dinCloud worry about upgrading infrastructure to ensure capacity and scaling needs are met. We would recommend dinCloud dinHVD to smaller organizations that are looking for a simple DaaS solution with all the basic functionality that you would expect.

Itopia Logo

Itopia is a virtual desktop provider focused on the education sector. Their platform gives users secure access to a wealth of applications and is accessible from any web browser. The solution also works well with graphics intensive applications for video editing and 3D rendering. Itopia is designed to integrate with Google Workspace and Classroom, making it well suited to teachers and other education providers that need to manage delivery of virtual applications within their classroom.

Itopia can scale quickly and effectively, whilst ensuring that admins can retain effective management capabilities over the platform. to the platform’s integrations with Google Workspace and Classroom speed up onboarding and set up time, and users are able to login with their Google credentials, thereby making the process seamless. This makes the solution particularly effective and easy to deploy among organizations using the Google Workspace application suite. We would recommend this solution for larger educational environments using Google Workspace, which have a large number of users, or users who require desktop access from diverse locations.

Kasm Logo

Kasm is a Virginia-based technology company that delivers digital workspaces using open-source container streaming technology. The platform is highly configurable and includes a robust developer API that can be customized to suit your needs. Admins have granular control over data loss prevention tools and policies, as well as the ability to manage filtering through custom whitelisting.

Kasm Workspaces allows you to use persistent profiles for repeat users or desktops that reset after each session. The platform also has an enterprise-class orchestration tool that allows organizations to deliver containerized workloads seamlessly and efficiently. Usability is at the heart of this platform; with its extensive controls, speed, and ease of use, you can customize the platform to ensure it matches your needs. We would recommend Kasm Workspaces for ay sized organization that need a robust, yet versatile solution.

Nutanix logo

Based in San Jose, CA, Nutanix has developed a hybrid, multi-cloud platform that allows you to run and manage applications from anywhere. Users can access their virtual applications from any device via their chosen browser. The platform is optimized for graphic workloads through a public cloud GPU (NVIDIA and AMD). This enables Nutanix to deliver 4k resolution at 60 fps.

Nutanix XI Frame integrates with a range of identity providers including Azure, Okta, Ping Identity, OneLogin, and Google, amongst others. The Nutanix portal makes management and visibility effortless. This solution is best suited to smaller organizations that don’t have extensive experience managing DaaS solutions, thanks to Nutanix’s user-friendly interface and speedy configuration. logo is a Los Angeles-based provider of cloud desktop solutions that can be accessed from any device. This means that you can begin a project on one device, then edit it on your mobile as you commute, before making final changes on your home device. The solution will automatically back up your data to give you peace of mind.

One of the main benefits of is that you can effectively upgrade the capabilities of older devices using a virtual desktop solution. You are even able to treat your TV screen as a computer and complete workloads through it. This enables you to have access to complex and advanced computing infrastructure no matter what device you are using. can manage data-intensive workloads with ease – this makes it a suitable solution for digital designers and engineers who need real-time access to CAD and 3D rendering applications.

V2 Logo

V2 Cloud is a DaaS provider that focuses on speed and simplicity. The solution presents a streamlined management console where admins can monitor cloud resources, user controls, billing, and security settings, amongst other tools. This dashboard also allows admins to install and deploy changes or new applications. Each VM can facilitate 250 users, with their own desktop and private folders, whilst retaining access to shared folders. V2 Cloud also facilitates single-user desktops; these are ideal for installing applications that have a limited number of licenses.

V2 Cloud is quick to deploy, with native data loss and HIPPA compliant policies to ensure that you can maintain high standards. The platform is a reliable solution with a high amount of uptime, and it will scale as your organization grows. V2 Cloud offers helpful and informative customer support, allowing you to get the most out of the platform. We would recommend this solution for small to medium organizations that are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use solution.

VMWare logo

VMWare is a Palo Alto, CA, based provider of multi-cloud services empowering digital innovation, enterprise control, and network monitoring. Horizon DaaS provides a high-performance user experience, no matter how many users your organization facilitates. You can implement tiered role separation across the service provider, IT, and end user. The solution is straight forward to use, and you can reduce costs through self-provisioning.

Horizon DaaS provides a single management console that allows admins to configure and control deployment and usage from a single point. This ensures that the platform is easy to use and helps improve productivity. The solution allows easy access for VMs, making it a great option for users or organizations that need to work across both Windows and Mac devices. We would recommend VMWare Horizon DaaS for medium sized organizations that require a straightforward and flexible solution.

Workspot Logo

Based in Campbell, CA, Workspot helps to deliver cloud PCs, applications, and workstations to any device. Their Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform is designed to run Windows 10 or 11 and is easy to manage. Admins can self-provision hundreds, even thousands, of cloud desktops. Workflow automation and integration can be extended through Workspot’s APIs.

The solution is fast and robust; users can access their desktops remotely, whilst ensuring that the connection is secure. The platform also includes built-in data recovery features, as well as enabling you to adhere to compliance regulation with in-built access controls and audit reports. We would recommend this solution for organizations that are looking to collaborate with remote users, whilst maintaining a high level of security and efficiency.

The Top Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions