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Kasm Workspaces Overview

The Kasm Team of cybersecurity experts has spent the last 20 years defending the US Government against the most advanced and persistent threats. It is through this experience that we recognized that there is no firewall, data loss prevention agent or endpoint protection tool that is capable of stopping a determined adversary from exploiting your hosts. That is why we created Kasm Workspaces Zero-Trust Web Intermediary.

Workspaces Web isolation moves the risk of browsing the web outside of the enterprise. All web interactivity is executed in docker containers running in an isolated environment with only a seamless rendering user interface being sent to the user’s browser. Your users will feel as if they are experiencing the web firsthand, however, since web content never directly interacts with the user’s endpoint, your enterprise is protected against malware and your data remains safe.

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Virtualization, Browser Isolation

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Virginia, US

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Available On-premise, VPC, public cloud, or hosted (SaaS).

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Matthew McClaskey
CTO And Co-Founder, Kasm Technologies
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