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The Top 10 Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions

Discover the best Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solutions on the market. Take a deep dive into key features such as threat detection and analysis, tailored intelligence, and automated remediation.

The Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions Include:

Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions are designed to gather data and analyze trends, then provide your organization with actionable intelligence regarding cybersecurity threats. This information needs to be collated efficiently, ensuring that threat insights can be delivered in a timely manner. Once armed with this intelligence, organizations are better able to protect themselves from the threats that they face.

Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions tend to be designed with a very specific use-case in mind. It is, therefore, important that you ensure you select the right platform for your needs and uses. If your platform is not the right fit, if it focuses on intelligence that is not directly relevant to your organization, you may not be getting the most coverage from your platform.  The best threat intelligence platform will have a host of features to ensure that data is gathered effectively, and that it is analysed effectively. It can also be very helpful for alerts to be prioritized as this prevents admin from having to respond to insignificant notifications. Instead, your human resources can focus on their other tasks, knowing that they will be warned of any significant risks. 

Each solution will have a different configuration of AI, ML, human expertise, and automation combining to quantify the level and type of threat that your organization faces. Some might specialize in brand protection, while others will focus on threat-actor identification. Before selecting a solution, you need to have some idea of the type of threats that you face, and what you want your solution to detect. Taking the time to find the right solution is the first step to delivering robust and effective cyber threat intelligence.

When selecting a Cyber Threat Intelligence platform, you may wish to look for key features such as prioritized alerts, accurate and precise analysis, and actionable insights that suggest the best means of remediation. In this article we’ve selected the top 10 Cyber Threat Intelligence platforms across a range of use-cases, to help you decide which one is right for your organization. We have highlighted their key features and stand out capabilities too. 

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Cisco Talos is a threat intelligence unit that provides organizations with key insights into ransomware threats and emerging vulnerabilities. By harnessing valuable telemetry data, Cisco delivers actionable threat intelligence which strengthens defense measures. This intelligence is used to power Cisco solutions, as well as being shared with the wider cybersecurity community to facilitate collective responses to new threats.

Cisco Talos offers a range of incident response services, including emergency assistance, planning, playbooks, readiness assessments, and proactive services to bolster an organization’s security posture. Their incident response services are built to help organizations prepare for security breaches, respond to them effectively, and recover efficiently. Additionally, they provide custom-developed playbooks based on specific threats, tabletop exercises, and thorough compromise assessments to evaluate a network’s vulnerabilities and potential risks.

Through focused threat hunting and cyber range training, Cisco Talos ensures that organizations stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and expertise required to address any emerging cyber threats. They also offer Intel on Demand, a service which provides access to the latest threat intelligence and custom research directly from Talos analysts. Overall, Cisco Talos enables organizations to ensure they are ready to properly defend themselves against cybersecurity incidents and can proactively manage risks.

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Users Like: Fast, efficient, and easy to work with platform, that has robust security integrations and a well-designed admin console. 

UnderDefense is a global cybersecurity company that offers a range of cyber threat intelligence services to help businesses protect their digital assets. UnderDefense’s Security-as-a-Service platform automates accelerates the identification and investigation of threats by providing clear insights into their nature and scope. Users benefit from faster and more accurate threat detection, streamlined investigations, and more effective response actions, ultimately reducing the time and resources needed to manage cybersecurity risks.

UnderDefense provides Managed Detection & Response services that work round-the-clock with all major EDR/SIEM/Cloud providers. This service combines human expertise and technology to monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats in real-time. UnderDefense’s Incident Response service aims to help businesses investigate, remediate, and return to normal operations as quickly as possible following a cyber-attack. The solution’s Penetration Testing service assists in discovering security vulnerabilities, offering recommendations for fixing them, and confirming that all defects are addressed. 

With Underdefense, businesses can monitor and prevent breaches using automated security processes, integrate seamlessly with existing systems using over 45 native integrations, optimize security costs, and eliminate alert fatigue. UnderDefense MAXI also supports compliance reporting and assessments, aiding businesses in meeting regulatory requirements.

Coupled with its 24/7 MDR service, UnderDefense provides automated incident response, dark web monitoring, analytics, and support to help businesses stay one step ahead of potential threats. This comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions ensures robust, efficient, and simplified security management for businesses of all sizes. 

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Cyware provides a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) focusing on the automation of complete cyber threat intelligence lifecycle management. This platform supports real-time technical and tactical threat intelligence actioning, enabling, immediate threat analysis and proactive responses.

The Cyware TIP platform ingests multi-format threat intelligence from numerous internal and external sources, which includes open-source and commercial threat intelligence feed providers and internally-deployed response tools. It stores enriched and analyzed threat data indefinitely, allowing for long-term threat analysis and predictive scrutiny. It provides additional context on intelligence data and correlates with internal telemetry to provide teams with severity assessments and confidence scoring. The platform also automatically converts different intelligence data into a uniform, standardized format for streamlined analysis.

Cyware’s TIP solution enables information to be shared internally with security teams and externally with other organizations. The solution integrates threat intel in real-time with various security technologies, including SIEM, EDR, MDR, and vulnerability management. This facilitates automatic triggering and execution of actions such as updating allowlists and blocklists and threat blocking based on pre-established rules and conditional logic.

Finally, the platform offers customizable threat intelligence dashboards that track and oversee the flow of threat data within an organization’s internal security landscape. This makes it easier for security teams to categorize the data. Overall, the Cyware Threat Intelligence Platform is a centralized, automated, and dynamic threat intelligence platform delivering improved security outcomes and robust defense processes. It’s an ideal tool for sharing tactical and technical intelligence from multiple sources, enabling real-time threat actioning based on high-confidence data.

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ManageEngine Log 360

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, offers a leading unified SIEM, DLP and CASB solution. ManageEngine Log360 focuses on detecting, prioritizing, investigating, and responding to security threats. It deploys machine learning-based anomaly detection, threat intelligence, and rule-based attack detection techniques to detect and respond to advanced security threats. All security threats detected and prioritized are dealt with through the incident management console.
Log360 is designed to offer a comprehensive security oversight across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. Its security analytics and monitoring capabilities offer detailed insights. Log360’s capabilities extend to log management where it collects logs from several sources including end-user devices, servers, firewalls, and IPS systems. After analysis, logs are exhibited on intuitive reports and graphical dashboards for identifying attacks, anomalies, and potential threats.
ManageEngine’s Log360 solution also caters for real-time auditing of critical changes in Active Directory, and provides visibility into cloud infrastructures for AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Google Cloud Platform. It ensures cloud data security by constantly monitoring changes affecting users, security groups, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and permissions among others. Further, for compliance management, Log360 offers audit-ready report templates and compliance violation alerts to stay in line with regulatory laws such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA, ISO 27001, and SOX.
Log360 incorporates a Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) engine. Vigil IQ, designed to aid in threat detection using real-time correlation, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The platform also provides Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities to compile all security data in a single console and expedite threat resolution through automated responses. Pricing information for Log360 is available upon request on ManageEngine’s website. We recommend ManageEngine Log360 organizations looking for intuitive advanced security analytics and monitoring capabilities.

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CrowdStrike is a global leader in cloud-based security, particularly in endpoint protection and advanced threat intelligence services. The Falcon X platform is designed to streamline threat intelligence by tracking and reporting IoCs in real-time, offering detailed actor profiles, automating threat detection and remediation, and conducting comprehensive threat and vulnerability hunting.

The Falcon X platform is available in three different packages – Falcon X, Falcon X Premium, and Falcon X Elite. All three provide automated incident investigation and response, while the Premium package comes with tailored threat intelligence reporting. Falcon X Elite includes the service of an intelligence analyst assigned specifically to conduct research and craft reports. CrowdStrike Falcon X is popular among Fortune 100 organizations and widely used in finance, healthcare, and energy industries, making it suitable for large enterprises in search of specialized, in-depth threat intelligence.

Some of the Falcon X’s key features include automated investigations, indicators of compromise (IoCs), access to detailed actor profiles, and seamless endpoint integration. Offering relevant, timely, and actionable threat intelligence, CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Elite service helps organizations stay focused on combating the threats targeting their organization directly. With a dedicated intelligence analyst, organizations can have personalized guidance, threat briefings, and tailored research.

IBM logo

IBM Security X-Force, a component of IBM Cloud Pak for Security, is a widely used threat intelligence platform for organizations seeking powerful threat management capabilities. With IBM Security X-Force, users gain access to numerous built-in features such as personalized Threat Scores, Am I Affected searches, comprehensive threat intelligence feeds, reporting capabilities, and end-to-end threat management. This integrated approach allows organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their threat landscape, prioritizing and addressing threats throughout their entire lifecycle.

IBM Security X-Force is designed to be a scalable solution that adapts to an organization’s infrastructure requirements. It offers two pricing options: enterprise-wide pricing, which is determined by infrastructure size, and usage-based pricing, which allows for additional feature implementation as needed. The platform caters to mid-market and enterprise organizations across various industries that require easy-to-use, all-inclusive threat management capabilities.

IBM’s X-Force team is comprised of hackers, responders, researchers, and analysts. Operating in 170 countries, the team offers services focusing on penetration testing, incident preparedness, detection and response, and crisis management. These services help organizations reduce the impact of attackers and make informed decisions based on intelligence-driven threat analysis. Overall, IBM Security X-Force provides businesses with the necessary insights and tools for effective protection against global threats.

Mendicant Logo

Mandiant is a prominent cybersecurity company specializing in threat intelligence and visibility. After separating from FireEye in 2021, Mandiant remains a key player in the global threat intelligence sector, offering its Threat Intelligence module as part of the Mandiant Advantage platform.

Mandiant’s Threat Intelligence is a comprehensive solution that handles the collection, analysis, curation, and distribution of threat data. The platform sources information from various channels like underground communities, incident analysis, infrastructure analysis, and threat actor profiling to inform the Mandiant Intel Grid. Users can obtain a well-rounded view of ongoing threats, supported by daily insights and expert analysis, enabling them to take action quickly and effectively.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence offers three subscription levels: Free, Security Operations, and Fusion. The free subscription allows users to investigate known threats, while the Security Operations option strengthens threat investigation and uncovers hidden threats. The Fusion subscription is the comprehensive as it includes reporting, vulnerability analysis, and dark web monitoring. Mandiant Threat Intelligence is particularly popular among large organizations, such as law enforcement agencies and governments, seeking a robust threat intelligence solution to guard against advanced threats.

Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto Networks, a California-based global leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions, offers Cortex XSOAR, a platform that combines Threat Intelligence Management (TIM) and SOAR capabilities. With automated workflows, the TIM platform allows security teams to manage the threat intelligence lifecycle by aggregating data, scoring Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), and utilizing automated playbooks for effective threat prevention and response.

Cortex XSOAR features threat data enrichment provided by Palo Alto Network’s expert Unit 42 research team, which consolidates global intelligence into a native repository, enabling teams to better understand, prioritize, and address threats. Over 850 partner integrations are available through the XSOAR marketplace, making it a versatile solution for organizations aiming to incorporate the platform into their existing ecosystems.

Cortex XSOAR TIM is recommended for enterprise-sized organizations in both public and private sectors seeking robust automation and seamless integration with their current tools. The platform delivers a comprehensive AI-driven suite of products to help SOC teams efficiently manage their security operations, unifying defenses, automating incident response, and monitoring all internet-facing assets. Palo Alto Networks continually focuses on product development and innovation, making Cortex a scalable and adaptable solution within the evolving threat landscape.

Recorded Future Logo

Recorded Future is a global threat intelligence provider that specializes in combining AI-powered data collection and human expertise to help organizations better identify, disrupt, and remediate threats. Their platform provides comprehensive open-source intelligence, including insights from the dark web and technical sources.

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform uses an Intelligence Graph alongside expert analysts to curate threat data. This spans over the past ten years and is constantly updated with billions of new entities. The platform’s natural language processing capability uncovers relationships and associations between data, allowing organizations to receive relevant, actionable intelligence.

The platform consists of several modules, including brand, SecOps, threat, vulnerability, third-party, geopolitical, identity, card fraud, and attack surface intelligence, along with optional add-ons for on-demand analysts and takedown services. This modular approach enables easy integration across different teams and roles, providing them with tailored intelligence for their needs.

Overall, Recorded Future’s Intelligence Platform is a useful solution for larger enterprises seeking extensive open-source intelligence from a variety of sources. It enables faster detection and response times, aids in prioritizing vulnerabilities, and integrates with existing security systems to streamline security strategies.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter

ReliaQuest GreyMatter Threat Intelligence (Formerly Digital Shadows Searchlight) offers users a powerful platform for cyber threat intelligence, data exposure, and brand protection purposes. ReliaQuest is a well-regarded digital risk protection company, with SearchLight as its managed service designed to streamline digital risk management, reduce attack surfaces, and deliver high-quality threat intelligence.

The platform collects threat data from diverse sources, including the surface, deep, and dark web, enabling users to configure assets, analyze risk, and respond to threats efficiently. It also provides access to a threat intelligence library that houses over a decade’s worth of reports and operational intelligence. For enhanced brand protection, users can initiate self-service takedowns or opt for managed takedowns for an additional fee. GreyMatter Threat Intelligence is an ideal solution for smaller teams across various industries seeking comprehensive threat intelligence and robust brand protection.

The platform streamlines the integration and prioritization of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and threat advisories from open-source and customer-owned commercial threat feeds. Users can customize their feeds by adding commercially available threat intelligence sources most relevant to their organization. GreyMatter Threat Intelligence also offers weekly updates and real-time alerts to keep users informed on the latest security threats and trends.

The ReliaQuest GreyMatter Threat Intelligence platform is a valuable solution for businesses looking to improve their visibility into threats both outside and within their perimeters, while leveraging a wide range of threat intelligence sources and advanced brand protection capabilities.

Zerofox Logo

ZeroFox is an effective provider of brand protection services, specializing in managed protection, threat intelligence, and takedown services across various public channels, including surface, deep, and dark web. The platform leverages AI, deep learning technologies, and a team of expert threat hunters to deliver relevant, actionable threat intelligence while providing efficient remediation.

The ZeroFox platform gathers data related to dark web, brand, fraud, malware, vulnerability, geopolitical, physical, strategic, and third-party intelligence. This data is stored in its “threat data lake” and analyzed using AI, machine learning, and human intelligence to produce valuable insights. Through this process, organizations can quickly analyze, triage, and contextualize alerts, enabling unlimited takedowns, disruptions, and enhanced threat hunting capabilities.

ZeroFox is well-suited to organizations seeking robust brand protection and effective takedown services. It is recommended for mid-sized to large enterprises in various industries that prioritize strong brand protection, high-quality customer support, and in-depth, AI-and human-powered insights. The platform offers a comprehensive view of the threat landscape across the surface, deep and dark web, providing accessible intelligence reports, on-demand access to threat data, and integrated intelligence feeds.

The Top 10 Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions