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The Top 10 Alternatives To LastPass

Discover the top LastPass alternatives on the password management market. Explore features such as encrypted password vaults, secure password sharing, and auto-fill browser extensions.

The Top 10 Alternatives To LastPass include:
  • 1. JumpCloud Password Manager
  • 2. Dashlane For Business - Dashlane is an industry leading, zero-knowledge security provider.
  • 3. Bitwarden - An open-source password managing service for sensitive information storage and protection.
  • 4. NordPass Business - A proprietary password manager developed by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN.
  • 5. Keeper Password Manager And Secure Vault - A leading password security platform for supporting safe password management.
  • 6. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro - A feature-rich, easy to use password maintenance solution.
  • 7. Zoho Vault - An online password managing tool for teams to store and manage passwords in the cloud.
  • 8. Delinea Secret Server - A privileged access and passwords management platform for IT admins and security professionals.
  • 9. Bravura Safe - Am enterprise password safe with a robust central security manager.
  • 10. 1Password For Business - A scalable and secure password manager that’s easy to use, reduces risk, and improves business continuity.

The problem with passwords is that, for one to be effective, it must reach the right levels of complexity and length, and cannot be reused across multiple accounts. Unfortunately, most password users simply don’t have the time to conjure up intricate, hard-to-crack passwords for the average of 100 accounts they’re juggling at any one time.

Remembering that many unique, intricate passwords is no small task, so it’s no wonder 62.9% of users online only update their passwords when prompted and 65% admit to always or mostly using variations of the same password for everything. People know these behaviors are not secure, but 36% of people still choose to carry on with weak passwords and unsecure habits because they believe their accounts aren’t worth hacking. That’s like leaving your front door wide open just because you think your tech and furniture isn’t expensive enough to steal!

Enter password managers. A password manager is a software application that generates random unique passwords for each account and then secures those passwords in encrypted storage. This keeps your credentials and other valuable data in one secure place, where they’re easily accessible only to you.

Most popular password managers come with certain key features like secure storage for all your passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information, as well as secure sharing, security history, multifactor authentication, biometric logins, browser extensions, and a password generator that creates complex passwords on demand. However, there are some notable differences between solutions that might make some LastPass alternatives more suitable to your organization’s needs than others.

The best password management tools offer a solution to the problem of poor password hygiene. One of the big names in the space is LastPass, a leading password manager solution for both business and personal use. LastPass is a strong solution that is full-featured enough to suit the needs of large enterprises and scalable enough to be a good option for smaller organizations that need room for growth.

LastPass is a great choice for managing your team’s credentials, but no solution can suit every business’ need, so some organizations may find that LastPass is not quite the right fit. Luckily, there are plenty of other options out there that also do an excellent job of securing your passwords and may be a closer match to your organization’s individual needs.

JumpCloud logo

JumpCloud is a US enterprise software company, founded in 2012, which offers a variety of endpoint protection and access security tools designed to securely manage users and protect businesses. JumpCloud’s Password Manager relies on a decentralized architecture which is a hybrid between cloud-based and offline password management, securely storing user’s passwords in one convenient and safe location and effectively supporting safe password practices. 

JumpCloud provides users with a seamless user experience and centralized access control in order to eliminate attack vectors and keep important credentials secured. It differs from other cloud-based password managers by storing password and 2FA tokens locally on users’ devices, syncing the vaults between those devices using advanced end-to-end encryptions.

On their website, JumpCloud provides a helpful Pricing Calculator Tool, which allows organizations to tailor the services they purchase to their needs. If billed monthly, the JumpCloud Password Manager is $4 per user per month, and if billed annually it works out at $3 per user per month.

JumpCloud offers users a strong solution designed to securely and easily enable access while mitigating the risks associated with password complexity requirements, password rotation duration standards, and necessary password resets. Overall, JumpCloud is rated highly, with particular praise given to their easy roll out and implementation and their affordability. We would recommend JumpCloud’s Password Manager to organizations looking to take an active role in protecting themselves against malicious actors. 

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Dashlane logo

Dashlane is an industry leading, zero-knowledge security provider.

Founded in 2009, Dashlane is a subscription-based password manager and digital wallet that works to simplify the process of managing credentials for people and businesses. Dashlane’s easy-to-use, productivity-boosting solution boasts seamless deployment, straightforward employee management, and strong security architecture that has never experienced a breach.

Dashlane provides the standard password manager capabilities and features, which include generating, saving and auto-filling passwords, as well as 2FA, password storage and password security auditing. Dashlane sets itself apart from competitors with its complimentary VPN, which they provide through a third party’s technology. Dashlane’s primary offering is their excellent password management, so their VPN is a basic one, but it is secure and provides unlimited browsing data.

Dashlane comes with two pricing options, both billed annually, which are Teams ($5 per month, per user) and Business ($8 per month, per user). Teams’ features include US-patented security architecture, policy management, a security dashboard, advanced reporting, group sharing and integration with active directory. The Business plan provides advanced password management, offering all Teams features as well as SAML-based SSO, SCIM provisioning with supported identity providers, and a free family plan.

Dashlane provides IT teams with the core features required to support business security without causing disruption to the workday, making them a strong alternative to LastPass. The solution is suitable for small- and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises, and we would recommend Dashlane to those looking for a strong password manager that allows you to pinpoint password flaws, encourage action with certain teams or employees, and track changes over time.

Bitwarden logo

An open-source password managing service for sensitive information storage and protection.

Bitwarden offers an open-source, secure and transparent password manager with one of the best free plans available on the market. The solution helps organizations to secure unique passwords from any location, provides enterprise grade security and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, Privacy Shield, CCPA and SOC 2 security standards. Bitwarden enhances the security of storing, sharing and receiving private data online and offers both mobility and flexibility by integrating with your user directory, as well as offering single sign-on features and multiple hosting options.

Bitwarden protects private information with secure end-to-end encryption and can be accesses from anywhere with any platform, in 40 different languages. A key feature of Bitwarden’s solution that sets it apart and contributes to its popularity is the open-source software, with source, features and infrastructure security continually vetted by their global community of cybersecurity experts who contribute to strengthening the code by reviewing, auditing and contributing to the codebase.

On offer are a range of different plans and options, both for business and personal use. Business plans include Teams Organization ($3 per month/per user) which lets you safely share private data with coworkers, across departments and the entire company, and includes features for all users, and Enterprise Organization ($5 per month/per user) which offers advanced functionalities including SSO integration, enterprise policies, and an Admin Password Reset feature, as well as complimentary families plans for all users.

Bitwarden serves a variety of clients from IT users to business leaders to open-source proponents, in any cybersecurity-conscious space, and is a solid option for those interested in a user-friendly password manager with an excellent security reputation.

Nordpass Logo

A proprietary password manager developed by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN.

NordSecurity is among the leaders in digital security and privacy solutions providers. Their business password manager, NordPass Business, works to boost productivity, mitigate risks, and helps organizations to meet cyber insurance requirements. The solution provides a security dashboard with detailed security insights, seamless onboarding that does not require extensive IT knowledge, and Google Workspace SSO to simplify and streamline employee sign-in procedures.

Useful security features of the solution include a Data Breach Scanner, which scans the web for potentially leaked data, Password Health, which allows users to identify flawed or old passwords, Password Policy for easily setting company-wide password rules in place to align all users with the required safe password practices, and company-wide settings with can be imposed quickly and easily, giving more control over things like auto-lock, password policies, and sharing logins outside of the organization. The solution also provides an activity log, quick and secure group sharing, license management, and has an easy account recovery process.

NordPass offers Personal and Business plans, with a range of prices and capabilities. NordPass’s enterprise offering includes two plans: Business and Enterprise.  Business (starting at £3.59 per user with a 2-year plan) includes up to 250 users and all standard capabilities, excluding SSO with Azure, user provisioning through active directory, support from a dedicated account manager, and a face-to-face onboarding service. The Enterprise plan (price subjective to custom terms) offers an unlimited number of users and includes the aforementioned advanced features, alongside the standard features found in both plans.

NordPass was designed with the latest encryption algorithm, XChaCha20, in mind, and operates with a zero-knowledge policy. Users rate the solution highly for ease of use and convenience. We would recommend NordPass to organizations of all sizes and across all industries who are interested in a secure and trustworthy password manager from a reputable vendor.

Keeper Logo

A leading password security platform for supporting safe password management.

Keeper is a market-leading password manager which works to support businesses in implementing safe password practices, mitigating the risk of account compromise, and meeting the necessary compliance standards. Trusted by thousands of businesses and millions of individuals in more than 120 countries, Keeper provides enterprise password security by giving users the ability to generate strong passwords at random (for all company accounts and applications) and storing those passwords in a secure vault with end-to-end encryption.

Keeper’s password manager provides users with world-class security features, including private vaults for all employees for password, file, and private client data storage and management. With the platform’s secure file storage, all documents, sensitive files, photos, and videos are protected across unlimited devices. Role-based access ensures only verified users have access to certain things, with fully customizable permissions, while visibility into password security is provided by the solutions’ robust reporting and auditing tools.

Priced at £3.33 per user, per month and billed annually, Keeper Business comes with a range of useful password manager key features including team management, access from unlimited devices, security audits, activity reporting, basic two-factor authentication, and more. Keeper Enterprise (contact sales for pricing) includes all Keeper Business features, with additional features such as advanced authentication, email auto-provisioning, SCIM and Azure AD provisioning, SSO authentication, and more. Keeper also has a wide range of optional add-ons to choose from.

Keeper’s password management solution is a good LastPass alternative due to how easy and intuitive it is, as well as its enterprise-grade security. This solution is a strong choice for organizations interested in a full-featured, reliable password manager.

ManageEngine logo

A feature-rich, easy to use password maintenance solution.

ManageEngine is an IT management software provider with solutions powering the IT of more than 280,000 companies worldwide. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a complete solution designed to help you manage, control, monitor, and audit privileged access lifecycles. This web-based privileged access management solution is tailored for enterprises and facilitates the safe sharing of passwords, documents, and digital identifies, and the platform is available both on-premises and in the cloud.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a feature-rich solution with a comprehensive range of capabilities, including automatically creating secure passwords for each user, allowing employees to easily access their secured passwords—stored in a centralized password vault—on desktop or mobile, and allowing admins to set role-basses access restrictions to allow for continued productivity as well as security. The admin console has off-network access so policies can be set even when away from your desk, and admins can even oversee precisely who is sharing and receiving certain passwords, and for what reasons, using session recording.

There are three editions of ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to suit different needs and budgets. The Standard Edition starts at $595 for two administrators, unrestricted resources and users + AMS, and a long list of standard features. The Premium Edition starts at $1395 for five administrators, unrestricted resources and users, all standard features as well as additional premium features. The Enterprise Edition starts as $3995 for 10 administrators, unrestricted resources and users, and all standard and premium features, as well as a variety of more advanced enterprise-grade features.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is designed to support enterprises in automating their password security and management, with advanced password sharing and role-based access automation to enable the tracking of the use and access of privileged credentials. The solution is built for enterprise IT teams and would be well suited to organizations looking for a strong-featured solution with lots of visibility and customization.

Zoho Logo

An online password managing tool for teams to store and manage passwords in the cloud.

Zoho provides more than 75 million users worldwide with smart software to facilitate business growth and development. Zoho Vault is their online password manager which offers the kind of granular control needed to safely share passwords between team members, with user management, permissions, and password policy features.

Zoho Vault is a feature-rich solution, offering secure password management capabilities including storing, sharing and managing credentials with different access privilege levels. You can add notes, documents, credits cards, software licenses, SSH key and more to the vault. The solution lets you organize passwords and other sensitive data using folders and sub-folders, and provides a powerful security dashboard for giving clear insights into password security. Zoho vault offers single sign-on, lets you track all sensitive password operations continually with exhaustive audit trails, and provides extensive visual reports on all important operations performed in the vault.

Zoho has a free version for personal use, and three paid plans. The Standard plan is £0.90 per user per month and comes with all features listed in the free plan plus a list of additional standard features. The Professional plan is £3.10 per user per month, requires five users minimum, and comes with all free and standard features in addition to a range of added professional features. The Enterprise plan is £6.30 per user per month, also with a minimum of five users, and includes all features listed under the previous plans as well as several more enterprise-level features.

Zoho Vault integrates with third-party enterprise apps like Microsoft AD, Microsoft 365, Gmail, and Dropbox and has an API, so users can easily integrate with their own apps. This solution is geared towards teams, with its strong features and sometimes complex interface, and we would recommend Zoho Vault to teams of all sizes looking to manage multiple passwords safely with professional efficiency.

Delinea logo

A privileged access and passwords management platform for IT admins and security professionals.

Delinea is a leading privileged access management solutions provider, empowering modern organizations to secure their critical data, code, devices, and cloud infrastructure for enhanced security, reduced risk, and compliance purposes. Delinea Secret Server is a full-featured password managing tool available both on-premises and in the cloud, designed to support security teams in managing administrative processes, overseeing all password management-related operations, and maintaining compliance.

Secret Server provides an encrypted, centralized vault for users to store their privileged account details, documents and passwords, and gives visibility and control over corporate account access and security to admins by allowing them to identify and manage company credentials. Admins can enforce password policies and put in place automatic changes, password can be easily and regularly changed to reduce phishing risk, with automatic password backs and admin database monitoring to facilitate disaster recovery. The solution also provides real-time network monitoring and a browser extension that fills in password forms automatically.

Delinea Secret Server makes it easy for teams to identify and manage potential security risks, configure security and protection protocols across privileged credentials accordingly, and easily maintain logs, monitor, and handle privileged accounts and access rights. For pricing information, request a quote from Delinea directly.

This solution is primarily aimed at larger teams with a large number of users and passwords to manage, and complex admin security policies to follow. We would recommend Delinea Secret Server to organizations looking for a strong, easy-to-use solution that provides controls and visibility into privileged accounts and credentials.

Bravura Security logo

Am enterprise password safe with a robust central security manager.

Bravura Security are a recognized market leader with decades of experience, providing straightforward, user-friendly entitlements, identity and credential governance solutions that are designed to help organizations to manage and secure themselves more effectively. Their enterprise password management solution, Bravura Safe, is an easily implemented password safe that helps protect against cyberattacks by consistently and centrally securing decentralized passwords, files, and secrets.

With Bravura Safe users can store and encrypt all valuable credentials and data centrally in one high-security database, which provides easier management and improved visibility, while also enjoying simplified password storage with the option to access their passwords across all trusted devices. The solution has a centralized management console and can automatically generate strong passwords, removing the hassle of updating passwords and supporting good password hygiene.

Organizations can request a demonstration of the solution to better understand its capabilities and can also request a free trial to see if those capabilities are suited to the needs of the organization.

Bravura Safe is an easy to implement password safe that works to secure valuable data against loss, misuse, or theft, and integrates seamlessly with other identity security solutions from Hitachi ID. We would recommend the solution to organizations looking for support in managing the securing their decentralized passwords which exist outside of the corporate IT environment.

1Password logo

A scalable and secure password manager that’s easy to use, reduces risk, and improves business continuity.

Over 100,000 businesses, including several of the world’s leading companies, trust 1Password to protect their data and keep their employees safe online. 1Password’s password manager uses a secure virtual vault—locked with a PBKDF2-guarded master password—for users to store unlimited passwords, software licenses and other sensitive data.

What sets 1Password apart from competitors in how feature-rich it is, with standard key features such as password generation, unlimited storage, and two-factor authentication alongside more advanced features like clipboard management and auto-lock features, which support strengthened security, and the code validation features which ensure users can only enter sensitive data once 1Password has properly verified that the browser is working effectively and remains uncompromised. Watchtower is another useful feature, alerting users of a variety of vulnerabilities as well as indicating when a password has been used repeatedly.

Unlike other LastPass alternatives, 1Password does not have a free version available on either their Personal & Family plans or their Teams & Business plans, although they do offer users a free trial. The Teams & Business plans comes with three options, including Business ($7.99 per user monthly), which offers Advanced Protection and includes free family accounts; Teams Starter Pack ($19.95 monthly), which allows you to secure up to 10 team members for a flat monthly price; and Enterprise (contact 1Password for a custom quote), which includes all business features plus services suited to larger enterprises, as well as a dedicated account manager, tailor-made setup training, and an onboarding engineer.

1Password has an easy deployment and integrates smoothly with Slack, OneLogin, Okta and Azure AD, allowing you to automatically provision employees using already tired and trusted systems. We would recommend 1Password to organizations looking for a secure, scalable solution to support productive workflow and good security habits.

The Top 10 Alternatives To LastPass