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Libraesva Email Archiver: Expert Insights Review

Expert Insights’ technical review of Libraesva Email Archiver.

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Expert Insights Score: 4.75/5  

What We Like:  

  • It’s easy to import legacy emails into the archiver in a variety of formats, search archives for specific information, and export original messages.  

What To Be Aware Of: 

  • Support documentation within the archiver itself is easy to find, but the online manual could be more informative. Also, the user interface and reports could be more intuitive.

What Are Libraesva Email Archiver’s Key Features? 

Libraesva Email Archiver stores emails as compressed ZIPs created every 4,000 emails or at the end of each day. Legacy emails can be imported directly into the archiver. By default, archives are stored indefinitely, but admins can customize retention periods.   Emails can be exported individually, en masse, or only under specific conditions. 

Email Archiver offers granular search functionality. Admins have full search access. and users can be given access to only their inboxes or those of other users.  

Archives are signed using RFC 3161, ensuring data isn’t modified after archiving. A searchable audit log records exactly who performed specific actions with certified timestamps. If a legal hold applies to an email, it cannot be deleted by anyone until the configured retention period expires. 

Libraesva offers an Outlook plugin and two-factor authentication. For single-tenant clients, admins can configure SSO through Kerberos.   

How Effective Is Libraesva Email Archiver? 

Admins can easily import legacy emails and volumes directly and build archiving and retention rules via the web-based dashboard. Advanced search options enable the use of granular search criteria, including AND and OR conditions. Searches can be saved for ease of use.  

The platform provides reports into archiver usage and connector information. Reports are easy to generate and can be received within five minutes of generation. However, they are only available in .xlsx format.  

Overall, the solution provides effective email archiving, but the interface can be challenging to navigate, and reports could be more sophisticated.  

How Easy Is Libraesva Email Archiver To Manage? 

Libraesva Email Archiver takes around an hour to deploy in Office 365 with a support engineer present; for non-cloud environments, an installation wizard expedites the deployment.  

Initial setup can be complex, but assistance from Libraesva engineers helps ensure smooth installation and configuration.  

Reports are easy to generate on-demand and send to any email address—even if the domain isn’t on Libraesva. They can also be scheduled to generate daily, weekly or monthly.  

While rule creation isn’t intuitive, it is comprehensive. All mail is archived by default, but several options can be used to build rules on what should be archived. Retention rules can be custom-built based on saved searches. However, the retention period can only be set as a number of days. 

Certain pages contain embedded help articles and a redirect to Libraesva’s documentation. While the embedded articles are helpful, the online manual could be more informative.  

Who Is Libraesva Email Archiver Best Suited For? 

Libraesva Email Archiver is a strong choice for large enterprises or educational customers with many users but limited financial or technical resources available.  

The flexible configuration options can tailor Libraesva’s solution to a business’ specific use case. The variety of hosting options enable the solution to be hosted on-prem, in the Libraesva cloud or on an organization’s own cloud platform, making it suitable for organizations that want the benefits of a cloud-based solution without relinquishing the control gained by hosting it themselves. The platform also enables users to control the jurisdiction of their email data, making it suitable for those that place a high level of importance on data sovereignty. 

Our Verdict 

Libraesva Email Archiver is a strong, cost-effective email archiving solution for large organizations that must satisfy compliance requirements or control their data residency. 

While implementation may be complex for smaller organizations, Libraesva Email Archiver is a suitable solution for organizations looking to provide hosted email archiving for a large number of users. The efficient search functionality helps ease the burden of ongoing management. 

Written by Caitlin Jones 

Tested by Laura Iannini 

Date of Testing: 24 February, 2022 

Date of Publication: 04 March, 2022