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What are Vulnerability Management Solutions?

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities across all internal and external assets and endpoints across your digital estate. Vulnerability management solutions are designed to manage this process from end-to-end, often automating vulnerability identification, assessment, and remediation with the use of AI and machine learning technologies.

To identify vulnerabilities, most vulnerability management solutions provide agent-based or agentless scanning capabilities. Once identified, many solutions can then assess vulnerabilities and assign a risk score to each to signify which are most critical and should be addressed most imminently. Some solutions might even enrich the risk-scoring process with threat intelligence and other contextual data, depending on if they have these capabilities built-in or offer integrations with third-party tools to provide those services.

Following assessment and prioritization, some solutions might have patch management processes built in, and even offer automated patching capabilities. Others might only offer guidance for how best to address each vulnerability and issue. Most solutions also include a central dashboard where security teams can track vulnerability status from end-to-end in granular detail and create reports to share with other members of the organization. The following solutions are mix of powerful cloud-based and on-premises vulnerability management solutions with varying features and capabilities.

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