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What is Security Awareness Training?

Many new email security threats are not technical security threats to an email network but are social engineering attacks such as phishing. These email threats target employees within an organization to attempt to gain access to a network or financial information. Training employees to become more security aware is a great way to combat this type of attack.

Security Awareness Training (SAT) platforms offer testing and training to help employees spot these phishing attacks. They also help ensure businesses are legally compliant for data protection. Security testing can cover a range of different campaigns. Many of the products in this category offer phishing testing. This involves simulated email campaigns being sent to employees to help gauge how well they can spot phishing attempts. Some products will also offer voice and SMS phishing tests. Some advanced platforms may offer simulated USB testing. The best products will allow the testing to be customized so that businesses can test employees against the type of unique threats they really do face.

Once testing has occurred, SAT platforms will offer employees training materials to help employees learn about awareness training. These usually comprise of a range of interactive materials, that ideally should be interactive and fun. Typical training materials are posters, presentations, quizzes, animations and videos that cover security threats and how to prevent them. Training is normally followed by further testing, so organizations can measure how well employees have improved with a range of reports and analytics.

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