Compare The Top Secrets Management Platforms

Secrets Managers are tools and software designed to allow organizations, developers, and security teams to better manage their authentication credentials in the application development process. These important credentials, also referred to as corporate ‘secrets.’ These can include passwords, certificates, APIs, SSH, keys, encryption keys, tokens and more.

These secrets are hugely important, and very valuable to organizations, and it is critical they are kept safe and secure. Too often, however, they are left exposed in the development process, either shared between teams on unsecure channels, or hard coded in applications, allowing malicious threat actors to gain access to data and corporate information.

Secrets Management solutions are designed to negate this risk. They allow teams to securely store, manage and share access to corporate secrets from within an encrypted vault. This means teams can securely access and share credentials when needed, while admins can control secrets management policies and audit access to this data.

Key features of Secrets Management solutions in this category include:

  • Automatic onboarding of corporate secrets
  • Password manager capabilities
  • Logging, auditing and monitoring of secret vault access
  • Ability to securely share and access corporate secrets
  • Credential management
  • User management and access controls
  • Comprehensive policies and reporting

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