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What is password policcy enforcement software?

A password policy is a set of rules that help improve a business' data security by encouraging users to create strong passwords. The policy can either be advisory or enforced via the computer system, and will usually include rules such as requirements for password length and complexity.

Manually enforcing a password policy can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Password policy enforcement software enables admins to easily configure password policies for individual users and user groups, then automatically enforce those policies whenever a user creates a new password. This means that all users must create strong passwords by default, which greatly reduces the risk of identity-related breaches.

As well as enabling admins to set and enforce password policies, some password policy enforcement software solutions offer blacklisting features to prevent employees from using common or weak passwords that are easily cracked with brute force, and integrations with tools that monitor whether passwords have been leaked or breached, helping to mitigate the risk of credential stuffing attacks.

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