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What is Network Access Control (NAC)?

Network Access Control solutions allow organizations greater control over who can access their networks. These solutions allow admins to implement policies, that allow them to manage the users who can access corporate infrastructure. The solutions within this category allow admins to easily create and implement policies that control access, protect data from outside attacks and provide a dashboard to allow admins to centrally manage users and policies.

Why is Network Access Control Important?

These solutions provide greater network visibility for organizations and access management. Policies are enforced on all devices and users within corporate networks. It’s important for organizations to have a NAC to manage the number of endpoints, such as mobile phones, that now regularly have access to corporate networks. As the number of devices connected to a network increases, the more security risks networks are exposed to.

NAC solutions allow organizations to manage this threat, with access controls, increased visibility over all of the devices attached to the network, all of which helps admins to strengthen their networks overall security. They also help organizations stay in line with legal compliance regulations as often organizations will need to show they are actively taking steps to secure their corporate networks.

Key Features and Capabilities of Network Access Control Solutions

A NAC needs to have the capability to allow or deny network access to devices, quarantine devices and restrict access to devices. This helps to stop unsecure devices from putting networks at risk or infecting other devices on the network. Key features of these solutions include:

  • Policy Lifecycle management
  • Device and User profiling within a single dashboard for enhanced visibility
  • Self-service portals for guests connecting their devices to a corporate network
  • Device Security evaluations
  • Incidence Response
  • Integrations

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