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What is Learning Management System (LMS) software?

The corporate world is becoming increasingly digital; organizations are adopting hybrid-remote ways of working and cloud technologies to support their new virtual office environments. But productivity applications are the only thing being digitized: digital employee development and training programs are becoming more popular, too.

Employees can take part in virtual (eLearning) and blended learning at any time, from anywhere. This greatly reduces training costs for their organization, such as travel expenses, while providing each employee with a flexible training solution that's easy for them to fit into their workday. eLearning also makes it easy to deliver consistent training across the organization, enabling continuous access to resoures to create a unified training experience for all employees.

There are two parts to supporting employee development with eLearning: choosing the content, and delivering it.

Learning management systems, or LMSs, are software applications that enable organizations to manage their learning delivery, from storing and creating vitual content, to delivering that content and tracking progress at an organizational and per-user level. LMSs help IT, HR and security administrators to deliver training more efficiently and effectively, as well as monitor their business' retun on investment (ROI) by tracking organization-wide achievement of learning goals against an identified baseline.

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