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What Is Identity And Access Management?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is broadly defined as a range of different policies, technologies and solutions that enable security teams to manage digital identities more effectively within a network environment. This includes the ability to control user authentication, such as enforcing the use of multi-factor authentication, privileged access management and single sign on. It also includes policy-based controls to configure identity governance policies, onboard new users and revoke access to old users, and gain broader insights into user roles and what level of access is assigned to different groups.

Identity and Access management is hugely important in the modern threat landscape. Data breaches today are commonly caused by poor identity policies: the use of weak passwords, lack of multi-factor authentication, and lack of visibility into which level of access each user has, putting important data at risk. Many highly regulated industries are requiring increasingly stringent identity and authentication policies for compliance reasons.

IAM technologies are also hugely important for regulated consumer facing organizations, such as banks, financial services, and technologies companies. Stringent authentication procedures to prevent data breaches, scams and identity fraud are essential for compliance and many IAM providers within this category cater to this specific use case, with frictionless, secure passwordless technologies leveraging modern authentication standards.

As IAM compromises a broad range of technologies, the vendors featured in this category are also broad. Key features often include:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Behavior analytics
  • Identity governance
  • Passwordless authentication

Vendors on this list sit outside of the individual categories for these features, because they go beyond one-use case, and instead provide a holistic management platform.

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