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What Is Email Encryption?

Email Encryption platforms are used by businesses to secure their email messages and attachments which contain sensitive information. This may be for legal or regulatory reasons, or simply to mitigate the risk of confidential information ending up in the wrong hands. A business may choose to deploy email encryption when forwarding confidential personnel or financial information onto another organisation, for example. Encrypted emails can be accessed in different ways. The easiest method of encryption for businesses is when encrypted emails can be accessed within the email client, with checks that the recipient is the intended one. This normally means both parties are using the same email platform. Another method is holding encrypted emails in a web based email inbox, which recipients can access with a password to verify their identity.

The services in this category use either policy based encryption, in which admins define set policies, or utilise an Outlook plug-in in which allows end users to manually encrypt emails. Predefined policies can be set to automatically encrypt emails from certain senders, recipients or with certain keywords. Emails encrypted manually by end users often come with controls these users can set, such as forwarding restrictions and the ability to revoke mistakenly sent emails.

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