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What Is Email Archiving?

Email archiving software are products that aim to store emails in archives for long periods of time in a secure state where they cannot be edited or deleted. There are many reasons a business needs to archive email communications. It could be for compliance reasons, in that they need to be able to extract specific emails for legal cases. Or it could be to make sure data is retrievable and backed up in case of emergencies. Email Archiving can be invaluable for HR teams to build a complete picture of internal and external communications. Some archiving platforms go beyond emails, and will archive all communications content, including social media posts, instant messages and website chats.

As well as simply archiving emails to be stored for long periods of time, Email Archiving platforms must offer eDiscovery functions. These allow admins to search the email archive to find specific emails and communications and extract specific emails. It’s also important that this functionality is available for third party auditors, in case of a legal case in which they need to access certain emails. Many will also allow end users to access their own email archives. This allows them to seamlessly view old email communications.

All the vendors in this category offer cloud-based versions of their products.

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